Best Base Layer for Hunting Reviews: Top 6 List With Buyer’s Guide

Nothing can beat the extreme cold of the winter than high-quality and durable base layers. And if you are a professional hunter, you surely know what I am talking about. The best base layers play a major role in providing the warmth and comfort needed during your hunting journey.

Without them, you will probably die freezing.

Moreover, these underwear garments have the ability to retain heat while wicking away moisture and sweat. This, consequently, keeps your body dry and warm.

Not to mention, that there are certain materials used that can help in regulating and retaining the natural body temperature depending on your level of activity and other exterior factors.

In this review, we have listed the top 6 Best Base Layers for Hunting. Our selection of the products is based on their quality, durability, comfort, and other advanced features. They are carefully selected to meet your needs and to provide the best layerings you can come across.

For further details on how to choose the best base layers for hunters, check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Top 6 Best Base Layer for Hunting Reviews

1. HECS Hunting – Energy Concealing Base Layer

If you want to enhance your hunting performance, especially during the late hunting season, then this Energy counselling base layer from HECS is exactly what you need.

The set comes in three pieces including a long sleeve top, bottoms, and Mossy Oak Country headcover. The suit is made from carbon fiber grid material that ensures moisture-wicking and heat retention. This HECS Stealthscreen fabric allows hunters to remain disclosed and ensure a 75% close up targeting.

Thanks to the HECS electric energy protection technology, which prevents animals from detecting your heartbeat and muscle movement, you will surely enjoy a better hunting experience. This base layer set is totally breathable, stretchable, and lightweight.


  • Machine washable, tumble dry.
  • Electric energy blocking technology.
  • Durable and lightweight material.


  • Sizes run small.

2. MEETYOO Men’s Thermal Underwear Set, Long Johns Base Layer

Men’s Thermal Underwear Set from Meetyoo includes a long sleeve top and a pair of buttons. The set is made from high-quality combo 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex materials. As a hunter, flexibility, versatility, and comfort are key factors in terms of conducting a good hunt.

This thermal apparel is made with 4 directional stretch condensation. This will allow you greater mobility and free movements. The last thing you want to experience is being bound and restricted to run and navigate through the different fields due to your garments.

The set also features a flatlock quality that will block and limit any kind of irritation, especially for people with sensitive skin. Style-wise, the set is lightweight and breathable. It is soft and smooth on the human body, and it will surely keep you warm during the cold season.

Due to the fact that hunting is a high-level activity, that requires lots of movement and actions, hunters are usually prone to sweat easily. Fortunately, this set will wick away moisture instantly.

It has a high level of dryness and moisture absorption qualities. Consequently, this will offer you greater comfort and warmth.


  • Quick-dry performance.
  • Non Bulky design.
  • Machine and hand washed.


  • The pants run short.

3. SITKA Men’s Merino Core 1 Long Sleeve Zip Tee

If you are looking for high-performance hunting garments, then this SITKA Men’s Merino Core 1 Long Sleeve Zip Tee should be included in your list. This is an ideal option for late-season hunting trips.

This long sleeve shirt is made from high-quality Merino wool. And as you may know wool material is a top-quality choice for maintaining and regulating the human body’s temperature and keeping it steady and consistent.

More importantly, the wool material will guarantee heat retention, which will provide you the warmth and comfort needed. As a hunter who is always in a constant move, this sleeve is exactly what you need to protect yourself from cold and freezing weather.


  • Odor resistant.
  • Moisture-wicking.
  • Ideal for the late hunting season.


  • A bit on the expensive side.

4. Scent-Lok Men’s Thermal Baseslayer Bottom

Animals are smart creatures, they sneaky and can detect the human scent from far away. And if you are not outfitted with the right and proper gear, your chances of chasing them away are high.

Scent-Lok Men’s Thermal Baselayer Bottom is a great option for blocking your scent. This garment features an upgraded Carbon Alloy technology formed smell obstructing fiber. This technology will prevent animals from identifying your smell.

These base layer pants are made from 100% polyester fabric, ensuring greater fit and comfort.


  • Maximized mobility and flexibility.
  • Carbon alloy technology.
  • Good quality polyester.


  • Expensive.

5. Mossy Oak Camo Long Sleeve Tech Tee Hunting Shirts for Men, Camouflage shirt

The Mossy Oak Camo Long Sleeve Tech Tee Hunting Shirts for Men is another great quality base layer in our top best select. Made from 100% Polyester advanced materials, this sleeve is breathable and flexible enough to offer great comfort and efficiency on the hunting terrain.

The stretching makes it exceptionally convenient for your outdoor activities. The camouflage print design enhances its hunting and athletic feel, ensuring a great closure to your target objects. The design is lightweight moisture resistant. It will keep you dry during the warm season.


  • Fade-resistant.
  • Available in different sizes and colors.
  • Ideal for hunting and other extreme outdoor activities.


  • The camouflage print can be improved.

6. Carhartt Men’s Force Midweight Classic Thermal Base Layer Long Sleeve Shirt

The last pick for the best base layer is this Carhartt Men’s Force Classic Thermal Base Layer Long Sleeve Shirt. This shirt is made of polyester material. it retains your body heat and natural temperature during the cold weather, providing warmth and comfort.

Featuring Rugged flex technology, this layer base will allow you to move flexibly and enjoy great mobility. It wicks away moisture and features quick-drying properties.


  • Anti-odor approach.
  • Flat-lock joints for enhanced comfort.
  • Hidden thumb loops.


  • Some find it rather thin.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Top Base Layer for Hunters

Ensuring that you are wearing the right base layer for hunting during the late season is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only are they super functional, but they will provide you with the warmth and comfort you will be during freezing weather.

Without further ado, here is what you need to be looking for when purchasing the best base layers:


It goes without a doubt that the first thing you will need to take consideration of is the material used for the base layer production. The materials used are an important factor as each one has its own way of delivering heat. Also, each comes with distinct properties. let’s take a look at some of the well known and best material you can consider:


Synthetic fabric is a popular alternative for those who are tight on the budget. Not only is it affordable, but it also gets the job done. The synthetic material will ensure moisture-wicking and a fast dry, ensuring comfort and sweat-free result.

Synthetic can be a great option for hunters as it is lightweight and will enable free and flexible mobility and movements.

The only drawback of this type of material is the fact that it may hold your body sweat scent and this can be unpleasant if you are doing an active outdoor hobby like hunting. It also does not provide you with the sufficient warmth you will need during cold and freezing weather. It is ideal for the early hunting season.


Cotton can be one of the most requested materials as it has an outstanding capacity to wick away moisture and maintain your body temperature under control.

It feels super soft on the body, which makes it an ideal option for those with sensitive skin. The only drawback of cotton fabric base layers is that they lose their shape after several washes. They may become loose and floppy.


Wool, this material may not be everyone’s favorite but it surely one of the warmest fabrics out there. The wool maintains the regulated temperature of your body and ensures that there is no excessive heating.

A base layer made of wool fabric includes little tiny perforation which receives the heat from the human body and retains it in the fiber, ensuring a constant warmth during the whole time. The best thing about wool is the fact that it has antibacterial attributes which imply that there will be no sweating scent or unpleasant smell.

The wool fabric has a soft feeling on the body. Therefore, it is an ideal option for hunters who have sensitive skin. You can also be wearing base layers that are made of wool fabric during the early hunting season since it features UV protection quality.


Silk is an excellent option for any hunter out there. With the right size, they will fit perfectly under your hunting garments gear. They are soft and smooth on the skin.

The best thing about silk base layers is the fact that they don’t get loose over time since they have strong and sturdy fabric construction properties.

They are durable, scent-resistant and cost-effective. Just make sure to take some of your time and hand wash it with water and soap for long-lasting use.


Last but not least is the bamboo material. This is an unpopular choice, and it may be hard to find it available on the market. However, if you come across it, you should definitely consider it.

The bamboo fabric maintains its shape and appearance for a long time. It is durable and eco friendly. Besides being abrasion-repellent, it is a good decision for people with delicate skin.

Lightweight fabric

Suitable for early hunting season, the lightweight base layers are easy and quick to dry. The wicks away moisture faster.

Heavyweight fabric

Suitable for the late hunting season, the heavyweight base layers are made for extreme weather conditions. They will retain the natural body heat and temperature, ensuring a constant and consistent warmth and comfort. They are also great when it comes to moisture-retention and superior heat insulation.

Sufficient comfort and warmth

The more comfortable you are, the better your hunting experience will be. When it comes to base layers for hunting, they should be made of high-quality materials, soft and smooth on the skin, and feel tight on your body for durable use.

These qualities will ensure greater flexibility and comfort for hunters as they can stretch and extend for excellent versatility and body convenience.

Warmth wise, ensure that the base layer is adequate for the hunting environment and expected temperature. Remember wool is the best option for any type of weather.


As a hunter, you want to look for something that is neither too tight on your body nor too loose. The base layer should have the right fit for your body dimensions. It should be flexible enough to accommodate your movement.

Loose layer base can be frustrating as they will not fit comfortably under your hunting garments. You will end up fixing it and tucking it every now and then.

Final Thoughts on the Best Hunting Base Layer

Our top selection for the best base layer for hunting is HECS Hunting – Energy Concealing Base Layer – Includes Thermal Shirt, Pants and Headcover followed by SITKA Men’s Merino Core 1 Long Sleeve Zip Tee.

Despite being a little bit on the expensive side, they are worth the investment. With quality material, moisture-wicking trait, heat retention, and flexible design, they are the ideal choice for the late hunting season.

Remember when choosing the best base layer for hunting, you should pay attention to the different factors mentioned in the buyer’s guide and make sure that is choosing one that fits with your needs, budget and your hunting season. With the sheer number of different brands and models, you will find the proper choice for you.