The Best Choke Tube for Turkey Hunting

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When it comes to turkey hunting, having the right gear can make all the difference. One of the most important pieces of equipment is your choke tube. There are many different choke tubes on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. This blog post will discuss the best choke tubes for turkey hunting and help you choose the right one for your needs.

Turkey Hunting Choke Tubes

Hunting for turkeys is a lot of fun. When you don't catch a turkey, it's a disappointment. Because of their elusiveness, turkey hunting is a difficult sport. So, if you think it's simple to catch an adult turkey, you should reconsider. Even Teddy Roosevelt, a seasoned turkey hunter, struggled to bring in the birds.

In order to increase your chances of catching a turkey, you must have the proper equipment and knowledge. The majority of turkey hunters employ specialized firearms and choke tubes. In order to catch their first tom, beginners should follow in the footsteps of the experts.

If you want to go turkey hunting, you'll need the right choke tubes. Chokes must be purchased that are compatible with your shotgun and the purpose for which they will be used.

1. Carlson’s Choke Tubes 70120 Choke Tube for Turkey

Carlson's Long Beard XR chokes are designed specifically for turkey hunting and are available in two sizes. Choke systems for 12 gauge firearms include the Mossberg 500/835/935, Remington, Beretta/Benelli, Browning Invector, and Winchester 12 gauge models.

Shot-lok technology is used by the chokes to improve their overall performance. As a result of this technology, shot patterns are extremely tight, making it simple to hit your target from more than 50 yards away.

Some hunters are concerned about spooking their quarry if they get too close to their prey, so this is a remarkable achievement.

The Carlson's Choke Tubes 70120 are equipped with triple shot technology, which helps to reduce pellet deformation. Shooters will have an advantage as a result of this. This means that the pellets remain in the air after they have been fired from the gun. They are able to move more quickly and create better shot patterns as a result of this.

2. Primos Hunting 69405 Choke Tube for Turkey

These chokes make use of fluted ports and extended tapers in order to create a tight pattern and reduce recoil during operation. The accuracy of your shots from a distance of 40 yards will be improved as a result of this.

A black-t coating is applied to prevent corrosion, rusting, and other damage from occurring while the chokes are in use in adverse weather conditions. There are many applications for this type of coating, which includes industrial parts, firearms, automobile parts, and other items.

It's possible that the Primos Hunting chokes will work well with your Remington 870 shotgun if you have one. However, they are only compatible with a limited number of shotguns, which is a disadvantage.

This is amazing since some hunters are concerned about spooking their quarry if they get too close.

The Carlson’s Choke Tubes 70120 has triple shot technology that minimizes pellet deformation. This gives shooters an advantage. This means that the pellets stay in the air after leaving the gun. This enables them to move faster and create better-shot patterns.

3. TRUGLO TG185X Choke Tube for Turkey

The Truglo TG185X head-banger is a good option for long-range shooting. It is made of heat-treated steel, so it is durable. The Truglo head-banger employs multiphase technology to maintain a constant shot pattern.
The chokes are CNC machined to ensure accuracy.
The chokes work with Franchi, Benelli/Beretta, Stoeger, and Mossberg shotguns.

4. Kicks Industries GOBBLIN’ Thunder

The GOBBLIN' Thunder chokes from Kicks Industries feature fluted diagonal ports that reduce recoil and increase shot patterns. They are available in a variety of sizes. Due to the fact that they are CNC machined, you can expect consistent results from these chokes as well.

The Size of the Constriction

There are different types of choke tubes. The cylinder, enhanced cylinder, modified, improved modified, full, and skeet are the most frequent. Each type has a different size of constriction.

The size of the choke is different from the size of the barrel bore on a gun.

Chokes are devices that make the barrel of a shotgun narrower. This makes the shot pattern more accurate and precise.

The Type of Choke Tube

The different chokes are cylinder, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified, full, and skeet. They do different things because they are different sizes.
Shotgun barrels are choked. Or, the bore's diameter is reduced. As a shooter, this means more accurate and precise shots.
When you shoot, the pellets all come out together. They don't swarm. They stay together away from the gun. That way, more of them will get into your target.

The following are the standard choke tube constriction sizes and distances.


Skeet chokes for 12 gauge systems have a diameter of 0.005 inches of restriction. Compared to a cylinder with a diameter of 0.00 inches, the skeet is somewhat narrower.

These choke tubes work well for hunting small birds at close range. They create an efficient pattern at a distance of 20 yards.

Improved Cylinder

These chokes have a constriction size of 0.010 for 12 gauge choke systems and 0.007 for 20 gauge choke systems. This means that they are tighter than skeet chokes, and you can hit a more than 20 yards away target.

The ideal distance for these chokes is 30 yards.


The restriction size of modified chokes is 0.020 for 12-gauge choke systems and 0.014 for 20-gauge choke systems. The optimum distance to achieve an effective choke pattern is 30 or 40 yards.

Improved Modified

The upgraded, modified chokes are 0.03 for 12 gauge and 0.021 for 20 gauge. These chokes are not normally included with standard shotguns, so you must order them.
This means that unless you need these chokes for some reason, the performance difference is minimal.


They are excellent for shooting. A full choke in 12 gauge is 0.04, and a full choke in 20 gauge is 0.27. These chokes can create a shot pattern at 65 yards for long-range shooting.
Choke tubes are rated according to their ranges. This is to assist you in comprehending the function of each choke tube.
To complete the game, you must choose chokes that produce thick patterns that last long enough to allow you to complete it.

List of Best Choke Tube for Turkey Hunting

If you're thinking about turkey hunting this season, you'll want to think about your shotgun and choke setup. Wing shooting is different than turkey hunting. You want to deliver as many pellets as possible into a 10-inch circle or less at range with turkey hunting.

In this review, we'll discuss some of the best turkey choke tubes for getting tight patterns and helping you narrow down your search if you need to pick up a new choke tube this season.

1. Carlson's Longbeard XR Choke Tube

The Carlson's Longbeard XR Choke Tube is designed to work well with Winchester's Long Beard Ammunition. This choke tube was extensively tested to ensure it would work well for turkey hunting. The results are amazing!

When compared to traditional choke tubes, Shot-Lok Technology allows for extremely dense patterns at distances greater than 50 yards. The combination of the Longbeard XR Choke Tube and LongBeard Ammo results in a 10% increase in lead load penetration at ranges up to and including 50 yards.

2. Primos Jelly Head Choke Tube

The Primos Jelly Head Maximum Choke is designed to help you shoot turkey at long ranges. It does this by making the pattern tighter and reducing recoil, making it easier to take another shot if needed.

The Primos Jelly Head is constructed of stainless steel, which is both strong and corrosion-resistant in nature. It is also long-lasting, and it can be used with shotguns made by Remington, Mossberg, Browning, Beretta, and Benelli.

3. Carlson's Remington TSS Turkey Choke

The best turkey loads are the ones that help you get to the bird. That's why Remington Heavyweight Turkey Loads have a high number of pellets in both 7 and 9 shots. They also use our TSS bullet, designed for use at higher speeds than regular lead-based turkey shots. So whether it's a male or female turkey, there's no escaping these loads.

The Remington TSS Turkey Choke is a shotgun attachment that is useful for taking down turkeys. It has extra-thick walls to keep out the elements. This allows for a significant amount of gunpowder to be loaded into the choke. The pellets become denser as a result of the gunpowder. This means that when you shoot the turkey, the pellets will penetrate deeper into the bird, causing it to die more quickly.

A revolutionary new choke tube, the Carlson's Remington TSS Turkey Choke Tube provides the best possible performance when hunting turkeys. It is available in both black and green. The patented Flite Control Flex wad, which is made of a special material, allows for the greatest amount of flexibility and recoil reduction possible while shooting. Xtra-Full Long tapered constriction is used in the design of this choke tube, which allows it to deliver more pellets on target at 40 yards than standard full chokes.

4. TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Choke Tube

This choke tube is designed to help you hit your target from afar while reducing recoil. It also improves shot accuracy by up to 20%.

The Gobble-Stopper has good reviews and includes Fiber Optic Sights. This makes it ideal for newbies. It fits Remington, Mossberg, Winchester, Beretta, Benelli, and Browning shotguns.

This choke is great for turkey hunters, duck hunters, and anyone who wants to shoot winged birds like pigeons, English sparrows, or starlings. It's an all-inclusive choke that can be used on waterfowl or any other type of bird.

5. Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke

The Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke protects the shotgun barrel from corrosion. With steel shot and full power loads. It comes in A5 browning.670.

That's why Indian Creek created the Black Diamond Strike Choke. It's precision-engineered to have tight tolerances for more accurate shots. The tighter patterning improves target visibility and accuracy.

The Black Diamond Strike Choke is designed to be used in any weather condition or shooting style, and it does just that. Designed to be a hybrid choke tube that incorporates features of both a parallel and flush choke, the Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke is a popular choice. A 40 percent increase in pattern density means that you can shoot high-performance steel shotshells through your shotgun when using this shotgun.

Final Thought

Although choke tubes can help you improve your shot accuracy, you will have difficulty catching a turkey if you are bad at shooting. You will need a good turkey gun and choke tubes to do this, but it is not enough.

Becoming a good hunter will take time. It is important to learn the right skills and practice. Then you can have positive results when hunting for turkeys.

To learn more about the different types of choke tubes, click here

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Choke Tube for Turkey Hunting

Do You Really Need Turkey Chokes?

Turkeys are different than hunting pheasants. You need to shoot them with pellets in their vital areas, like the head or neck. You need a tighter and denser pattern, which means more pellets will go into the turkey’s vital areas.

How Far Can You Shoot a Turkey With a Modified Choke?

You will be okay if you pattern your gun to know how far you should shoot. A choke with a good load will kill a turkey at 30 yards.

What Is a Turkey Choke Tube?

A turkey choke tube is a piece that changes how your shot comes out of the gun. Some chokes are more constrictive than others. For turkeys, some are also made to reduce recoil.

Which Shotgun Choke Is the Best for Hunting a Large Slow Bird?

When hunting for birds, you want to ensure that they are not bigger than average. The full choke will be the best because it can get about 70% of the shells in a circle. It shoots at 40 yards.

What Shot for Turkey?

You can use lead turkey loads with #5 copper-plated lead pellets in a 12-gauge 3-inch magnum shotshell. This will give you good range and be lethal out to 40 yards. If you want even better range and lethality, you can consider using a tungsten shot.

Why Are Turkey Guns Shorter?

A gun with a 26″ barrel will give you higher velocity and better patterns than a gun with a 21″ barrel. For every inch up to 26″, you gain 7 1/2 to 15 feet per second in velocity.

What Choke to Use With Slugs?

A cylinder choke is recommended for shooting rifled slugs in a smooth-bore barrel. Sabot slugs should only be shot through our fully-rifled slug barrels.