The Best Scent for Deer Hunting Enshrouds You

Best Hunting Scent Eliminators

How often have you spent time grooming yourself before a date or night out? With Deer, your objective may be slightly different. You are not attempting to attract the attention of a deer–quite the reverse. Nonetheless, when you’re hunting, your sense of smell is even more critical.

A deer may smell sixty times better than your date. And the other patrons at the bar. So if you’re going to spend that much time selecting deodorant and perfume for people, don’t you think you should spend even more time smelling your finest while deer hunting?

Cover odors are a critical component of your approach to increase your chances of success while hunting. You conceal your physique with the appropriate clothing. With the proper cover-up, you can conceal your odor. For us, five professional scents accomplish this task admirably. Introduce yourself to the fundamentals of smell management, and then peruse our best picks to see which one sticks out to you.

Control your odor… Deer have a sense of smell approximately 60 times greater than humans.

Quick Picks:  Best Scent for Deer Hunting

Top Cover Scent

  • Hunter’s Specialities Wafers– “The wafer design distinguishes this cover smell from the competition.”
  • EverCalm Deer Herd Scent Stick– “It’s a top pick because it’s so simple to use.”
  • Nose Jammer– “This smell is a winner because of the penetrative aerosol spray.”
  • Buck Bomb– “It’s a wonderful pick because of its wide range of applications.”
  • Wyndscent Intruder Buck Cover Scent– “It’s difficult to beat the power and freshness of this perfume.”
  • Is It Necessary to Use a Cover Scent?

    The Deer’s sense of smell is one of the most overlooked hunting features. Deer’s primary defense mechanism is smell, so this is a tragedy.

    If you could completely eliminate all human odor from your body and gear, you wouldn’t need cover scent. But is it true? Soon after showering, you’ll start sweating again and producing those chemicals. Gear will pick up dust from your truck. Other items to keep include metal broadheads, rubber grips on equipment, and dusty book pages.

    In addition, your sense of smell is inferior to a deer’s, so even if you could eliminate all fragrance, you wouldn’t know. Using a cover scent is a good idea. As our best options show, even a high-quality cover smell isn’t too costly. Their hunting gear is fantastic.

    How to Hide Your Smell

    Cover it

    Scents for covers come in a range of shapes and sizes. An aerosol spray is the most prevalent. A spray allows you to effortlessly apply the perfume wherever you want it. And the aerated droplets easily catch the wind, allowing the aroma to reach the Deer’s noses before anything else. Another option for sprinkling the spray across a big area is available.

    Wax sticks are a variation of the spray concept. You apply the wax on plants, clothing, or gear like a deodorant stick. The wax has the advantage of clinging securely to anything you apply it to and slowly dissipating into the air.

    Wafers are one of the more unusual cover fragrance possibilities. They’re little, compact gadgets that don’t leak, and you can hang them up wherever you want to depend on your approach. Even better, you can put them to a lot of use.

    Control it

    Before you worry about the cover aroma, you should try to get rid of whatever stench you’re emitting. Of course, you should shower before going hunting, but not with rose petal coconut watermelon shampoo. Even more than your BO will surprise Deer. Instead, look for an unscented soap made expressly for hunting.

    After showering, apply deodorant to reduce the odor of sweat that you would emit after hiking through the woods in full gear. But, once again, this can’t possibly be mountain breeze mint. Some excellent scent-neutral deodorants are designed specifically for hunters that will not give you away.

    Finally, look after your wardrobe and equipment. You should use unscented detergent and dryer sheets while washing your clothes. Then, along with the rest of the gear you can’t put in the washing machine, use a scent eliminator spray to spray it all down.

    What Is the Best Way to Use Cover Scent?

    To hide your location from deer, employ cover fragrance. With their keen sense of smell, Deer can locate your location based on it. They can even detect your scent before you notice them.

    Cover yourself in cover fragrance in a roughly circular pattern. If you’re hunting upwind, double-check that the wind will carry it. It’s a perfect idea to sprinkle some along your walk-in trail to avoid leaving a lingering aroma.

    Cover your gear and stand with a cover smell, but only if you’re using a natural scent like soil or pine. Applying deer attractant or urine to your clothing or gear will draw attention and possibly cause you to notice you with other senses. Consider cover fragrance as a scent barrier between you and the Deer.

    Cover Smells vs. Scent Eliminators: Which Is Better?

    Neither cover smells nor scent removers are superior to one another. Both of these tactics are critical in your hunt. A cover scent won’t work if you don’t get rid of your own perfume first. Even if your body odor is as powerful as the fragrance you’ve sprayed around your stand, the Deer will detect it.

    Similarly, as previously stated, you can’t be confident you’ve eradicated all of your scents if you don’t employ a cover scent. It’s still possible that you’ll emit a noxious odor that will be detected.

    Making Your Own Cover Fragrances Is a Great Way to Save Money.

    You can always develop your own cover scent if you forget to pick up yours. Choose a scent that you want to utilize. This should be very common in the area you hunt, so the Deer won’t find it weird. It must also have a strong odor. It’s safe to assume that if you can smell it, so can a deer. Fresh pine needles, acorns, or leaves are examples.

    Gather a bunch of whatever fragrance you’ve chosen in your hunting location. Take it home with you. Fill an old pot halfway with water, then add as many acorns, pine needles, or whatever else you can think of. You must boil the water first, then reduce to low heat and cook for four to five minutes.

    When it’s done, filter the water into a spray bottle using a strainer. The intense smell is now in that water. Just like a cover smell, spray it around your stand and on your clothes.

    MR-FLIP demonstrates how to make your own cover smell.

    Alternatively, you can use smoke to mask odors on your clothing and equipment. Allow the smoke to soak all of your gear by hanging your clothes near a little fire you’ve prepared (but not too close!). You may have heard about the effectiveness of charcoal filters. Smoke works similarly. The deer nose is overwhelmed by the long-chain carbon molecules, which absorb odor. Everyone who has spent an evening around a campfire knows how difficult it is to smell anything else afterward.

    Andrew Morris Outdoors shows how to use smoke as a scent cover.

    Details on Our Top Picks

    Hunter’s Specialities Wafers

    The Hunter’s Specialities Wafers will almost probably stun you at first. It’s hard to believe that so much perfume can fit into such a small container. You have to be curious as to how they do it. When you open one and take a whiff, you may rest assured that your scent won’t alert any deer.

    The wafer pattern is a great advantage for this perfume. It’s little and compact, yet it has a strong odor. It’s also adaptable. To soak it with the aroma, hang it from branches near your stand or pack it with your gear ahead of time. Better yet, you can combine the two. The aroma lingers and is picked up by the wind passing through the wafer.

    The best part is that these wafers are re-usable. When you return the wafer to its container, it will re-scent itself. They’re already a budget-friendly option, so this makes them much more so.

    The wafers are available in four smells, including earth and three different types of trees, so you can match them to your surroundings. They all have strong odors and can be a good way to shield yourself from the Deer’s keen sense of smell.

    What We Liked:

    • Design of wafers
    • Long-lasting sReusable
    • Versatile
    • There are four distinct fragrances.
    • Low-cost range

    The Outdoorsman introduces a new Hunter’s Specialties pack. Wafers of the Earth

    Conquest EverCalm Deer Herd Scent Stick

    Conquest produces a variety of scent sticks, but their EverCalm cover aroma is particularly noteworthy. It’s one of the few smells that use the odors and secretions that deer leave behind in their bedding regions.

    As the name implies, this perfume calms Deer and helps them feel safe, making them less prone to spook. It goes a little beyond a cover aroma and attracts Deer because Deer are highly gregarious and seek a herd.

    We like the wax formula of the EverCalm stick for the most part. The aroma is readily applied thanks to the wax. It can be placed on trees and shrubs, as well as on your stand. You can even put it on the bottom of your boots to avoid leaving a trail of human odor as you go to your stand.

    Furthermore, the wax remains. It will last at least a few days, and you may only need to use it once per season, meaning you get a lot of bang for your buck. The wax’s sole drawback is that it can melt in hot weather, so don’t leave it in your truck for too long.

    Even though EverCalm includes natural deer smells, it can be used all year. It’s ideal for hunters who want to hunt in various locations during the season because it’s so simple to use.

    What We Liked:
    • Formula for wax
    • In addition, it attracts
    • The application is simple.
    • The scent is versatile and lasts for a long time.
    • Long-lasting


    • Wax has the potential to melt.

    The Conquest EverCalm Deer Herd Scent Stick is featured in an episode of Phenomenal Whitetail.

    Nose Jammer

    Although Nose Jammer appears to be a very aggressive approach, its concept is quite simple. It works by using chemical compounds present in typical flora in wooded regions to hide any human odor you might be emitting. Instead of detecting you, the deer sniff the woodland aromas they’re used to. This calms them down.

    This aroma comes in an aerosol spray container for easy application. You can use it to spray your stand or your clothing. You could even place your equipment in a box that had been sprayed with it. 

    But, more crucially, you can spray it in a wind-catching cloud. Because it’s aerosol, the droplets are easily carried by air. It obstructs the Deer’s sense of smell by penetrating it.

    Be advised that spraying Nose Jammer on your clothes or stand may leave a sticky residue. It’s inconvenient, but it can also be noisy if something becomes trapped and needs to be hauled off. Follow the directions and apply the correct volume of spray.

    Consider this smell to be a forcefield. It’s a wonderful alternative to cover up any stench you might have left behind if you’re worried you haven’t cleansed yourself or your clothing thoroughly enough. You can even have one in your stand to use if you suspect a deer is following you.

    What We Liked:
    • Forest chemicals in their natural state
    • Spraying is simple.
    • catches the breeze
    • The smell is penetrating and works quickly.


    • Sticky residue

    Big Dave field tests Nose Jammer.

    Buck Bomb

    The Buck Bomb comes in various scents. Still, the Ambush Bomb is meant to be a cover scent all season. It has a strong, distinctive American scent. Nothing strange in it, and it’s made entirely of deer urine.

    This perfume’s design is highly adaptable. It works like a regular aerosol spray can on your clothes, stand, or nearby plants.

    You can also use the Buck Bomb. Spray the container with an aerosol spray to keep it open. This is an easy way to quickly scent a large area. Because the spray has multiple functions, it is more prone to failure.

    Use a spray to get a long-lasting scent. It’s meant to be used as a mist bomb only once. Some hunters may find the one-time use pricey. Of course, in exchange for your money, you get a cover aroma that ensures no deer are startled.

    What We Liked:
    • Deer urine is 100 percent pure.
    • The design is versatile and simple to use. It also draws people.
    • Mists cover a broad area.


    • Risk of malfunction

    Wyndscent Intruder Buck Cover Scent

    The Wyndscent Intruder Buck Cover Scent manages to be the most appealing to Deer of all the cover scents on our list. It’s specifically designed to distract pre-rut bucks, which it may accomplish in conjunction with the scent of a new buck in the region.

    They won’t notice any human fragrance you leave behind because this scent is so powerful.

    It can also be used in a variety of ways. You can use it to make a drag or use it around mock scrapes. It has a smell dispersion time of 40 hours.

    Unfortunately, this smell is only meant to be worn throughout the pre-rut and early season. It may deter other bucks later in the season. Due to its intense and unique design, it is also more expensive than many other perfumes.

    Above all, Intruder Buck is renowned for its strength and freshness. It is compelling. It’s a scent that J&S Scents is particularly proud of.

    What We Liked:
    • Deer are attracted to it.
    • Versatile
    • Scent dispersion for 40 hours
    • Strong
    • Fresh


    • Primarily for the beginning of the season
    • The price range is quite high.

    Review of the Best Cover Scents For Deer Hunting

    Deer are skittish animals that are very sensitive to their environment. One smell can scare them away. If you want to increase your chances of bagging a deer, use a good deer scent.

    What is the best scent to use for deer hunting? Let’s look at five of the best cover scents and see which one is right for you.

    1. Scent Killer 559 Wildlife Research Super Charged Spray

    The Scent Killer 559 is the best deer cover spray. The 24 oz bottle fits in your pocket for quick scent refreshment.

    This scent-eliminating spray’s odorless formula effectively removes the human odor. This will make you smell like the woods and attract deer.

    This Wildlife Research scent killer spray also lasts almost ten days on your clothes. Use the spray before hunting and let your clothes dry. You’ll have a successful hunt if you do this.

    This spray is ideal for deer hunting. The spray masks any odor, enticing deer to your trap.

    • This scent-eliminating spray by Wildlife Research never lets your hunt go wasted.
    • The super-efficient formula will suppress the human smell for up to 10 days.
    • You don’t have to worry about the wind direction.
    • Besides the human odor, it removes all other smells too.


    • The scent-eliminating spray feels greasy when wet. So, it’s better to let it dry.

    2. Tink’s Estrous Gel Stream #69 Doe-in-Rut | 5 Fl Oz Spray Bottle

    The Tink’s Estrous Gel Stream spray bottle is a great cover scent for whitetail deer hunting. It is perfect for the pre-rut and rut season and will help you have a successful hunt every time!

    The bottle for this deer hunting scent comes as a spray, but some gel will come out when you spray it. This is different from other liquid cover scents. The gel is smooth and does not cause any contamination. So, you don’t have to worry about any mess.

    The best part of the Tink’s Estrous gel spray bottle is that it can shoot 10 feet. This means you can easily spray from a distance, which is helpful if you want to stay away from the smell.

    • The gel stream is super easy to use.
    • Unlike liquid sprays, this one won’t spill in your bag.
    • Its works well in the rain and wind.
    • The gel is highly adaptive and stays wherever you put it, whether it’s the clothes or woods.


    • At slightly lower temperatures, the gel can become hard in the bottle.

    3. Conquest Scents EverCalm Deer Herd Scent Stick

    The Conquest Scents scent stick is the best product from its EverCalm series, making it the best deer hunting scent blocker in the market. This blocker doesn’t make you smell like mud or trees. The ingredients and compounds in it can calm a deer.

    The deer scent stick will help you relax the deer. When the deer feels relaxed, it won’t feel any danger, and it might stay in the same spot. This will make it easier for you to hunt the deer.

    Another unique feature of the Conquest Scents scent cover is the stick version. The wax comes in a stick form, making it easy to apply to your clothes or nearby trees. As wax is sticky, you don’t have to worry about washing away with rain.

    • The wax stick is easy to use and doesn’t spill like liquid sprays.
    • It attracts the deer by making them calm.
    • The smell is strong and makes it easy to hunt younger deer.
    • It works well and can last for some days.


    • The wax can melt at high temperatures.
    • When melted, the wax may get applied more than you want it to.

    4. Scent Killer Gold 2030117 1247 Wildlife Research Antiperspirant & Deodorant

    The Wildlife Research scent killer deodorant comes with a new and advanced formula that eliminates human odor. This is important while deer hunting, as it can be a nightmare on hot summer days with too much sweat. The deodorant also does not come with any deer attractants, but it works by eliminating human odor.

    You can use this cover spray to block your scent when hunting. It will quickly block the smell, making it easier for you to hunt. The bottle is small, so you can keep it in your pocket and use it whenever you want.

    Overall, this deer hunting cover scent is an affordable and helpful product for all hunters.

    • This scentless deodorant efficiently removes bad odor from the armpits.
    • It does not let you sweat while hunting in summers.
    • Deer don’t get a clue of your presence as your odor is masked.
    • It keeps you fresh after long hunting hours.
    • It works well for many days.


    • The covering is not of high quality.
    • It might not be comfortable for people who use gel deodorant.

    5. Code Blue Whitetail Doe Urine

    The Code Blue whitetail doe urine bottle is a helpful product for hunters. The bottle contains urine from a single whitetail doe. The liquid in the container will attract deer because they have a good sense of smell.

    This liquid does not eliminate human odor. The deer will then get close to you because of the smell of the whitetail urine.

    This cover scent is perfect to use in all seasons. It has a strong smell that will calm the deer as it approaches you. The sealed bottle minimizes the chance of it spilling, and the amber glass protects the liquid from UV rays. So, this cover scent is ideal for taking with you while hunting on hot summer days.

    • This liquid smells exactly like pure doe urine.
    • It works as advertised and attracts deer.
    • It is a high-quality product at an affordable price.
    • The smell is super-strong.


    • It does not come in a spray bottle.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Best Cover Scent for Deer Hunting

    Do Cover Scents Work for Deer?

    Do cover scents work? Yes, they do! Deer have a strong sense of smell, so using a cover scent while deer hunting will help you stay undetected. And when competing against animals that have senses that are much better than ours, we need all the help we can get.

    What Do Hunters Use to Cover Their Scent?

    Hunting companies sell all kinds of scent cover, attractants, and spray to help you during a hunt. You can choose from natural cover sprays like pine, acorn, apple, and earth or scents designed to smell like a raccoon, fox, or skunk urine.

    Is Vanilla a Good Cover Scent for Deer Hunting?

    If you want to cover up the smell of your home, you can add a few teaspoons of vanilla extract to a spray bottle filled with distilled water. Deer will often be curious when they encounter homes with this type of scent, which will hopefully keep them from coming too close.

    What Smells Attract Deer the Most?

    The most common attractant scent used by deer hunters is deer urine. Deer urine calms the Deer’s nerves and makes them curious. It also smells like other Deer in the area, so it does not scare the Deer.

    What Is a Bucks Favorite Smell?

    In October, you can try using the Code Blue Grave Digger Scrape Mate to get a buck’s attention. It contains soil that is impregnated with the urine of an individual buck. This will trigger a territorial response from mature bucks.

    How Do You Cover the Smell of Deer Hunting?

    Drying your clothes has two ways – outside or with a dryer sheet. Some companies make sheets that help remove odor or add a cover scent. You can also store your clothes in sealable plastic bags.

    How Far Can Deer Smell Human Scent?

    Normally, a deer can smell a human from at least 1/4 mile away. If the conditions are perfect, it can even be farther.

    How Important Is Scent While Deer Hunting?

    Deer use their sense of smell to protect themselves. They can communicate with each other, sense danger, and understand their surroundings. If they smell human scent nearby, it means there might be a threat. If they often smell humans in an area, they will avoid that area during the day.

    Does the smell of coffee bother Deer? Coffee will not alert Deer. The smell of coffee comes from when you brew it, which happens long before hunting. The smell of coffee in a travel mug will be much weaker.

    How Far Can Deer Smell Peanut Butter?

    Just be careful. Ranchhand can smell peanut butter from a long way away, so if you see him eating it, don’t shoot him! I know from experience.

    What Can I Put Out to Attract Deer?

    Some plants typically attract Deer. These include red clover, chicory, and orchard grass. The Deer also like to eat high-protein crops such as peas, soybeans, turnips, alfalfa, sorghum, kale, and corn. In addition, the Deer enjoy nutritious nuts that come.

    What Smell Do Deer Like the Most?

    The most common attractant scent used by deer hunters is deer urine. Deer urine calms the deer’s nerves and makes them curious. It also smells like other deer in the area, so it doesn’t scare them away.

    How Do You Scent a Deer Cover?

    Aromatic plants make the best cover scents because they release more oils and resin when cooked. This usually means evergreens like balsam fir, spruce, pine, and cedar. However, you can use deciduous leaves or forbs like sassafras, sage, or goldenrod.

    What Flavor Do Deer Prefer?

    Apple-flavored attractants have been around for a long time. People say that deer love these attractants more than anything else. There are many apple-flavored attractants, including apple-scented corn, apple-scented liquids, and apple-scented blocks.

    Is Doe Pee Good Cover Scent?

    Generally, doe urine attracts does and bucks. Buck urine attracts bucks, but not as much. Also, it can be used as a cover. The scent when walking to your tree stand because it is common. It becomes a more powerful attractant.

    To learn more information about deer hunting, click here.