The Best Duck Calls for Beginners

Are you a hunter who is just starting out? If so, you may be wondering what the best duck calls for beginners are. There are many different types of duck calls on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of duck calls for beginners. We’ll also give you some tips on how to choose the right call for your needs. So if you’re ready to start hunting ducks like a pro, keep reading!

In order to be a good duck hunter, you need some skill and the right gear. As a beginner duck call, the best way to start is by learning how to use a duck call. Duck calls don’t have a complicated design, but in order to learn how to use them correctly, you will need plenty of practice.

You should get one of the best duck calls for beginners if you want to learn quickly, or even master it. You might be able to learn it more quickly just because you have the right call.

Different duck calls have different prices. Some are more expensive duck calls than others. Expert hunters buy the more expensive ones because they sound better than the cheaper ones.

For beginner calls, it does not matter which call you buy as long as you get one that you are comfortable using your first duck call.

The price of a duck call should not be the biggest factor when you are looking for the best one. Even a cheaper duck call can produce good quality calls.

4 Best Duck Calls for Beginners

1. Duck Commander DCCALL2011 Call for Beginners Review

The Duck Commander DCCALL2011 is a great beginner’s call. It has a triple reed system that is easy to use, and the body is made of durable polycarbonate. This call can withstand harsh weather conditions.

These Duck Commander Calls are ideal for beginners because it can replicate the sound of a mallard hen duck’s feed call, hail call, and quack. Mallard hen ducks are plentiful and vocal, making this tool a great option for the best beginner duck call.

This tool makes it very easy for a beginner to master the calls and catch a mallard hen duck. The triple threat is more expensive than some other modern duck calls, but you get what you pay for.

It is better to spend a little extra on a good duck call that can produce different-quality sounds than to get the best cheap duck call that cannot produce tone variations. The triple threat is an ideal duck call when it comes to producing quality tones, so for a beginner, this is a comeback call that can help you get started as a duck hunter.

2. Duck Commander DCCALL10025 Call for Beginners Review

The Duck Commander DCCALL10025 is made out of high-impact plastic that can resist any weather condition. As a beginner, you want to buy a duck call that you can use in any weather condition and is durable.

This call is perfect for hunting Mallard ducks. You can use it to imitate the sound of a Mallard drake duck. However, this particular call does not create the quack sound that other Mallard duck calls make.

Mallard ducks make a whistling noise, but they don’t quack. Male Mallard Ducks make this same sound.

The Mallard Drake call is easy to use and produces realistic sounds. This makes it ideal for beginners since it is easy to learn how to use.

3. Buck Gardner DN-WD Duck Call for Beginners Review

The Buck Gardner Double Nasty call is a great-looking call. It can make both low and high tones. It is perfect for beginners who want to show off their skills.

The Double Nasty uses Spit Technology. So it doesn’t matter how much spit you have, you will still be able to produce quality sounds with this call. This call is easier to master than the Triple Threat Duck Call. It should take you a short time to learn how to use it.

The Double Nasty call is made of polycarbonate duck calls for durability and it features a double reed and a tone board. This means that the call can be used in all weather conditions.

4. Faulk’s Game Calls WA-33 Review

The Faulk’s Game Calls WA33 Deluxe Duck call is made of heavy-duty walnut. It is tuned to produce a realistic mallard call. This call is easy to use because it is easy to blow and it does not freeze up in cold weather, which means you can go duck hunting even in cold weather.

Buyer’s Guide

As a beginner, you may want to get one of the right duck calls. They can make all the difference. If you have one, you’ll be more likely to enjoy duck hunting. But if not, then it might discourage you altogether

So before buying a duck call, do some research to find the best one for beginners. If you have friends who are duck hunters, talk to them and ask them for advice. They may be able to help you choose the right duck call and give you some tips on duck hunting in general.

If you are thinking of buying a duck call, there are some things you need to consider.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Duck Call

If you are a beginner, it is hard to know what kind of duck call to buy. Experts have a lot of experience and know what they want. But for beginners, the easiest thing might be to buy the nicest looking duck call.

This is not to say that the design and color are not important, but they are not that important. You want to duck hunt, and hopefully catch one. You need a tool that can help you do this successfully. It is okay if your duck call has an elegant design as long as it makes good sounds.

This is the first thing that you need to check: if the duck call can make good sounds. You need to find out if it can make sounds like a duck and how many different kinds of noises it can make. Duck calls are expensive and some people would like them for hunting. Hunters who want to hunt ducks should buy duck calls that sound low, soft, and short distance.

But if you need to call over a long distance, like an open lake, you will need to use a phone that can make loud sounds.


Duck calls have reeds that produce different sounds and pitches. A single-reed call can produce a wider range of sounds than a double-reed call. It is also more versatile than a double-reed call, but it is harder to master.

A double-reed call does not have a long-range and it takes more air to make a noise. But not all is bad news. Most double-reed calls can produce very realistic duck sounds.


Another factor you may want to consider is the material the duck call is made of. There are three types of materials duck calls can be made out of the wood call, polycarbonate, and acrylic. You might also find duck calls that are made from a different material.

Wooden calls produce low and mellow sounds. They are a good option if you are duck calling over a short distance, but not from far away. Acrylic duck calls produce loud and sharp sounds, but they work for long-distance calling ducks.

Acrylic calls are not as difficult to care for as wooden calls. They do not absorb water and swell up like wooden ones. Acrylic calls will always produce the same sound in any season, which is good!


Finally, the price. Many beginners think that a cheap call is not as good as an expensive one. But it’s not true.

A standard duck call costs $20, while a customized duck call costs $120. The difference between the two duck calls are small, but the customized duck call can produce better sounds.

When you are starting to learn how to play a musical instrument, it is best to start with the cheaper one. Then, when you have mastered how to use this instrument, you can buy the more expensive one.

Best Duck Calls For Beginners Reviews

To become a successful duck hunter, it is important to first learn how to use a duck call. This will help you attract ducks and make them come closer to you.

A duck call doesn’t have a complicated design, but you will need to practice using different duck calls.

It can be easier to learn and master duck calls when you have the right duck call. In fact, you may find that you can master the calls faster when you have a good duck call.

Different duck calls have different prices. Some are more expensive than others. More experienced hunters usually buy the more expensive ones because they have something appealing to them that the less expensive ones don’t have.

It doesn’t matter if you buy a $20 call or a $100 call when starting out in options trading. As long as you feel comfortable with the call, it is a good choice for you.

If you are looking for the best duck call, price should not be a major factor. A $20 duck call can produce high-quality calls just as well as a $100 duck call.

What to Look For

There are different duck calls, and some are better for beginners than others. Here is a brief review of the qualities of the best duck calls for beginners.

There are three main materials that duck calls are commonly made from plastic, wood, and acrylic. Plastic is the cheapest option, and acrylic is the most expensive. However, these materials can produce a good-quality duck call as long as they are constructed well.

It is important to buy a durable call. That is why you should avoid the really cheap-priced plastic calls. They will not last long enough for you to become proficient in using them. Read the reviews carefully and look for any blatant quality or durability issues.

Top Calls for Beginner Duck Hunters

1. Duck Commander Triple Threat

This triple reed call is easy to use and perfect for beginners. The polycarbonate body makes it durable and can last through many hunting seasons.

The Duck Commander Triple Threat is a good choice because it targets the mallard hen’s quack, feed, and hail call. The mallard hen is plentiful across the country and is also one of the most vocal of duck species. This means there are many opportunities to master this call.

Choosing the Triple Threat as a beginner is a good value for the investment. You could easily spend two or three times as much money on a mallard hen call that is much more difficult to blow.

One of the main reasons to buy a duck call for beginners is that ducks make different sounds. A cheaply made call can’t produce the same variations in tone and vibration as a good call. The Triple Threat is a good duck call because it can do that. As you get better at using it, you will produce even more variation in sound.

2. Duck Commander Uncle Si

The Duck Commander Uncle Si is another duck call for hunting mallard hens from the bearded guys on that reality TV show that brought duck calls into the mainstream.

The Uncle Si is a duck call that is easier to use than the Triple Threat. You only have to blow into it like playing the trumpet to make it work.

The Duck Commander Uncle Si duck call is designed for mallard hens and can be used nationwide. However, this call has a higher pitch and raspier sound that would be more effective in larger lakes than confined areas. This duck call is perfect for beginners.

3. Duck Commander Camo Max

The Camo Max is a mallard hen call that is very different from the other models. It is made from high-impact plastic and uses a double-reed design to produce a smoother and quieter call.

Some people like to have gear that is camouflage. The color is not important to them as long as the gear is camouflaged. You will want to make sure that your duck call can do more than just look good. Make sure the duck call can produce sounds that a beginner can learn quickly and master with practice.

This duck call is designed with high-impact plastic and camouflage skin. This makes it durable and ideal for use in a blind. The single-reed Uncle Si rasp is different from the Camo Max duck call finishing the call, making it great for beginner duck hunters.

4. Haydels DR-85

The Haydels DR-85 is a starter call that is meant to get beginning hunters used to get the attention of mallards.

It is important not to just think about how something looks when you first see it. This is especially true when you are comparing something to something else.

The Haydels DR-85 is not the most attractive duck call out there, but don’t let its simple, clear plastic build fool you.

If you are looking for a starter call that is low-cost and dependable, then consider choosing the “The Deceiver” DR-85 from Haydels. This call is durable enough to handle your abuse and perfect for attracting mallards.

5. Jase Robertson Pro

The Jase Robertson Pro Series duck call is research-driven. It is better than the competition because it has a double reed which provides the sound of a single reed call, but without the difficulty. It also has a wide range of vocalizations used in different situations. For example, it can be used to carry across open waters or to finish perfectly when the game is close.

The double reed friction fit system, patented by Phil Robertson, creates great harmony and pressure. It can also produce a wide range of sounds, from a high piercing tone to a low raspy one. This system can mimic any version of the mallard hen.

This system is easy to blow and can attract ducks from any distance or climate. The Jase Pro Series comes in wood and acrylic models with ten unique color options.

The wood models are made from quality wood with inserts of polycarbonate. They have an authentic stamp of approval from Jase Robertson. The shortened barrel and reeds need less air, making it an easy-to-blow call. The material never shrinks or swells, giving hunters accurate vocalization even in the most severe weather conditions.

The Jase Robertson Pro Series is a great duck call because it is innovative and versatile. It also works in many different climates, making it easy for hunters to use. It also has some great features, and it is very duck calls affordable. So it is no wonder that this duck call is the top choice for hunters today.

6. Pintail/ Widgeon 6-in-1

Duck Commander Pintail/Widgeon is a unique 6-in-1 call. Subtle changes to the high-impact plastic surface make the call even better.

The new sharper sounds can mimic six different birds. This edition can make calls that sound exactly like a Pintail, a Widgeon, a Morning Dove, a Bobwhite Quail, a Mallard Drake, a Green Winged Teal and wood ducks,

This duck call is a great choice for hunters. It offers many possibilities with simple whistles and sharp tones. It makes ducks feel more comfortable, even if they are normally shy.

The ease of use and accuracy make this a favorite among beginners. But it will help everyone get more action. This limited edition no-reed call comes in a nice yellow color and is perfect for waterfowl.

The Duck Commander 6-in-1 is one of the best beginner duck calls because of its multi-sound feature. This call is good for the late season when ducks are more suspicious. It is forgiving and difficult to mess up, making it easier for youngsters and beginners to hunt ducks.

7. Duck Commander Wood Duck

The Duckmen say that the Duck Commander Wood Duck Call will have you spitting feathers. The high-impact plastic is part of their special series and is great for making wood duck sounds.

The Wood Duck Call is a tough and durable call that allows you to hunt ducks in any climate. Its single-reed system makes it easy to blow and use, making it one of the best wood duck calls on the market.

This call makes some of the most realistic duck sounds on the market. Depending on the amount of pressure you apply, it can produce three different sound levels.

There are three ways to make a call. The first way is to blow hard into the call. The second way is to apply more pressure, and the third way is to put back-end pressure on the call.

When hunting wood ducks, you need to understand how to produce the sitting call. Wood ducks will not swim or fly to another flying duck.

The Wood Duck Call can create all kinds of duck sounds. You can use it to make the sound of a sitting duck or a duck that is flying. This makes the call very versatile for hunting ducks.

8. Echo Diamonwood

The Echo Calls Diamondwood is one of the most popular duck calls. It is hand-tuned and easy to blow, making it a favorite for beginner hunters. The call is designed to create echo calls precisely for close calling, making it a great choice for difficult situations.

Hand tuning makes this call accurate, consistent, and tough. It has built-in technology that allows for perfect blowing even when the call is wet. This feature is an asset to any hunter. It provides them with durability and effectiveness when problems arise. Not having to slow down and clean when your call gets wet keeps you in the game and attracts more action.

Arkansas-style duck calls are becoming the standard. They have five main parts that make them more functional and durable.

This product has a barrel, an insert, a tone board, a reed, and a wedge. These parts work together to create accurate and tough sounds. It comes in four great colors and is perfect for close-quarters hunting ducks.

9. Primos Original Wench Call

This call has a soundboard system that helps keep the reeds from sticking. It is easy to take apart and clean. The barrel is made of super-dense polycarbonate material, making it louder and farther-sounding.

This duck call is of great value. After some practice, it has a hole/stopper at the end to change the tone, and you can sound like other ducks. It is also very accurate, making it perfect for anyone who wants to start duck hunting.

This is an easy way to call in ducks. It is very loud and realistic. Many hunters use this call to get ducks close. You can use it to get ducks from a long distance away.

10. Echo Poly Timber

The Echo Polycarbonate Timber call is a popular choice for hunters. It produces a quiet sound that is perfect for hunting in wooded areas. They also come in double and single-reed models, which produce different sounds.

This duck call is popular and has few bad reviews. It is on the quiet side, which some hunters don’t like. But it is good for most common duck hunting situations, and the polycarbonate is tough and cracks resistant. It is made for durability at a low price point.

This is one of the calls you will see on many duck hunters’ lanyards. People have said that learning is tricky, but it isn’t too difficult. Once you learn how to use this call, you will attract ducks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Duck Calls for Beginners

Is a Single or Double-Reed Duck Call Better?

Single-reed calls have more range and are more versatile than double-reed calls. But they are also a little harder to use. Double-reed calls take some air from your lungs, but they do not have as much range as single-reed models. But most double-reed calls have a ‘sweet spot’ that sounds very realistic to passing ducks.

What Is a Duck Whistle for?

The goal of a duck call is to sound like a real live duck. This is so the ducks will think the decoys that they see are real ducks, and the sound that they hear will also sound like it is coming from a real duck.

How Many Duck Calls Should You Have?

If you’re a duck hunter, you should have 2-3 calls that sound like the different types of ducks. This will help you sound realistic and respond to the environment you’re hunting in. It’s also important to keep your call clean so it sounds good and lasts a long time.

Are Wooden Duck Calls Good?

This call is very durable and can be used to attract ducks. It is a single reed call and many hunters use it when hunting wood ducks. This particular duck call has been highly rated among hunters because of its ability to mimic the sound of flying or sitting ducks and its distance capability.

Are Single-Reed Duck Calls Louder?

Single reed calls can be louder than double reed calls. Double reed duck calls are user-friendly and produce accurate duck vocalizations that are forgiving when it comes to air control and mechanics. Duck hunters benefit from using both single and double reed calls.

Is a Single or Double-Reed Duck Call Easier?

Single-reed calls are more versatile than double-reed calls because they have a greater range. However, they are also more difficult to master. Double-reed calls take more air to blow and don’t have as much range as single-reed models, but most double-reed calls have a ‘sweet spot’ that sounds very realistic to passing ducks.

Can You Call Ducks Without Decoys?

Many people think you need decoys to go duck hunting. But this is not always the case. You can still get ducks without decoys, but it takes more work.

How Far Can a Duck Hear a Duck Call?

This call can be blown a long way without breaking. It also has a clear, sharp sound that attracts ducks. Carr can call to ducks up to 400 yards away when the wind blows in his favor.

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