Quick Picks:  The Best Game Bags for Hunting


There are numerous varieties of game bags available on the market nowadays. Each one has its benefits. When choosing a game bag, there are several factors you need to consider. The most important factors are:

  • Dimensions and Fit (bone-in or bone-out)

  • Quality (stitching, strength, etc.)

  • Material Weight (cotton, nylon, hybrid)

  • Capability to keep flies away from meat (how porous? Form-fitting or oversized)

Cost of additional features such as a drawstring and reflectors

This review tells you about the top game bags available on the market. It includes information about the good and bad features of each bag.

Caribou Gear Game Bags

These game bags are light and bigger than necessary for the quarters it is meant to carry. But that also makes it strong. It is made of a nylon blend that feels like a high-quality bed sheet. You can buy these bags individually or in a set with everything you need when dressing and packing your game.

If you purchase Caribou Gear Bags, you will not be disappointed. These bags are designed to help you when you’re boning out your meat. The T.A.G. bags are ultra-light and perfect for carrying a lot of de-boned meat.

Features of the Caribou Gear Game Bags:

  • Washable
  • Heavy duty double stitching
  • Seam down three sides
  • Sized big for a loose fit
  • Lock loops
  • Drawstrings
  • Light reflector tabs
  • Breathable carry case


This game bag is beautiful and has a lot of features. It has the Kuiu reflective logo and orange panels to make it look more attractive. The bottom of the bag is designed like an elk quarter, so you can easily transport your elk meat in it. This game bag is also costly, but it is worth the money because it is made with high-quality materials and looks great.

Kuiu Offers Four Different Sizes:

  • Small (small deer) Medium, 15in x 25.5in flat, 2.1 ounce, 1500 cu in (large deer) Large, 19in x 32.5in flat, 3.1 ounces, 3200 cu in (elk) Extra Large, 23.5in x 42.5in flat, 4.5oz, 5500 cu in (moose) 7.2 ounce, 11,000 cu in, 28in x 59in flat

Kuiu also offers bags that have the meat taken out of the animal. We have not yet reviewed those. Thus we have excluded them from our review. We only checked Kuiu’s large bags.

Features of the Kuiu Elk Game Bags:

  • Washable
  • Breathable
  • No bottom seam
  • radiused bottom
  • double stitched
  • Orange reflectors
  • Breathable
  • Cinch closure with heavy-duty cord and cord lock
  • Side panels in orange
  • Reflective material on the drawstring
  • Webbing loops attach Kuiu detachable accessory straps.


The Ovis Sacks Game Bags are an excellent choice for packing out quarters. This game bag is sold as a set and is one of the best synthetic game bag bargains available. Each kit contains four quarter bags, one meat parts bag, a 40′ roll of flagging tape, two pairs of Latex gloves, a 5′ x 3′ plastic sheet, and one storage bag. The entire package weighs 1.65 pounds.

These game bags are light and a good fit for an elk quarter. The only downside is that the XL bags are smaller than the Caribou Gear Game Bag, so they are a tighter fit. The stitching on the pack we bought was not as good as on the Caribou and Kuiu bags. These bags are constructed of nylon. They are excellent game bags that are reasonably priced. Because of the cost and what you get, you should consider getting these Ovis Sacks Game Bags.

Features of the Ovis Sacks Game Bags:

  • Washable
  • Heavy duty double stitching
  • Seam down three sides
  • Sized big for a loose fit
  • Lock loops
  • Drawstrings
  • Tabs for light reflectors
  • Carrying a case that breathes
  • The bags bear the Ovis Sacks emblem.

Alaska Game Bags

They are made of a nylon mesh material that is similar to cheesecloth. It gives the bag a lot of flexibility and allows it to extend across an elk quarter. Alaska Game Bags are simple to use and roll over an elk quarter.

These game bags come in four sets, every 48 inches by 30 inches in size. They are ultra-light and a little oversized for the type of quarter each size is used for. Furthermore, the construction quality is excellent. These game bags are made of synthetic nylon with the feel of a high-quality bed sheet.

You can buy these bags singly or in a bundle that includes everything you need for field dressing and packing your meat. You will be happy with the Caribou Gear Game Bags. If you take the meat off the bone, check out the T.A.G. game bags; they are light and designed to hold a lot of de-boned meat.

Features of the Alaska Game Bags:

  • Washable
  • Breathable
  • No Seams
  • Form Fitting yet flexible
  • Lightweight

Bags from T.A.G. BOMB Pack: Our Number One Choice for Bone Out Bags

These game bags are perfect for the hunter who wants a lightweight option for packing out meat. The T.A.G. bags are ideal for those who like to bone out their game. However, remember that they will not function as quarter bags. Each package has four 14″ x 34″ meat bags, two 14″ x 20″ meat bags, and one storage bag to house everything.

These bags are made to prevent the meat from bunching at the bottom. However, due to their small size, you may need to bring a few extra if you slaughter a giant cow or bull. Furthermore, given their modest size, these bags are a little costly.

Features of the Alaska Game Bags:

  • Washable
  • Breathable
  • The long, narrow shape prevents the meat from bunching at the bottom of the bag.
  • Carrying a case that breathes

Best Hunting Game Bags

Before heading out into the field, a well-prepared hunter sets the setting. A good set of game bags is one piece of gear that will help ensure a successful harvest. You must protect the meat from getting dirty, bugs, bacteria, and temperature changes that could spoil it. Before embarking, it is critical to cover all bases, which is why we put together this comprehensive guide to the best game bags in the world today.

We have a list of bags that will work for any hunter. The bags are durable, breathable, and reliable. They come at different prices so that everyone can afford them.


A game bag is must-have gear for hunters. It protects the meat from dirt and bugs, and it also helps to keep the heart cool. There are different game bags, so you must find the best one for your needs.

When you go hunting, using game bags can help you avoid having bugs and larvae get on your kill by protecting it from the elements. Another reason is that the meat will stay cooler if you put it in a game bag. When an animal is killed, it has an internal temperature of around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If the animal dies from a shot, the blood stops flowing, and the meat remains close to 100 degrees for several hours.

If you imagine leaving a steak out in the sun in 100-degree temperatures, you can see that the steak would spoil very quickly. That is why it is essential to field dress immediately and get the meat temperature down as fast as possible.

Game bags allow the meat to breathe and cool without being exposed to insects or the elements from the time it is taken off the bone until you get back to camp. So, the preservation qualities of a game bag are arguably one of its most essential features.


Game bags help keep your meat safe from the ground, insects, and other things in the environment. You quarter and debone your kill, put the meat in the bag, and then strap it to your backpack or rucksack. It will allow you to transport the meat safely and comfortably from the field.

The game bags help keep the meat clean and cool. It is done without flies or dirt landing on the meat. It saves cleaning time and lets you focus more on trimming and packaging the meat.

Keeping meat clean is very important. You need to clean the meat from when you pull it off the bone to when you put it in the freezer. It will help keep the meat clean and free of dirt or hair.

Keeping your meat clean is essential. A game bag will help keep the meat clean and stop flies from getting to the meat. Flies attract fresh meat, so if you have a game bag, there won’t be any flies or fly larvae.

If you want to avoid losing meat to larvae, you should put the meat in your game bag as soon as possible after removing it from the animal. Maggots can quickly grow and infect the meat, making it unsuitable for human consumption.

It’s a shame to let your animal spoil because you didn’t take the time to prepare appropriately. Make a small investment in a game bag to ensure your animal is preserved correctly.

5 Best Hunting Game Bags

1. BlackOvis Lightweight

These bags are the best value because they are reusable, reliable, and tough. This set includes five sacks to keep your meat from getting shaken up. The sacks are super compact, lightweight, and do well at keeping the bugs away.

2. Caribou Magnum Pack M.O.B.

These game bags are perfect for holding moose or bison quarters. They will work well during long-distance backcountry pack-outs. The bags will keep the meat from getting bugs and make it easier to carry the meat out. They are not the cheapest game bags, but they are worth the investment if you are hunting in an area with many bugs or if the haul-out is difficult. It might take a lifetime for many individuals to draw a moose tag, so you don’t want to skimp on taking care of that delicious meat and valued trophy.

Bring an extra XL bag if you plan to take the cape with you when hunting bison or moose. It will help keep the cape in good condition and prevent it from getting ripped up or damaged.

3. Argali Highcountry Pack Ultralight

When backcountry hunting, we must be careful about how much weight we carry. We need to be creative when choosing what gear to bring. These Argali game bags are a good choice because they are lightweight and take up very little space in our backpacks.

4. Allen Lightweight

Allen is a well-known company that makes high-quality hunting gear. This set of meat sacks is an excellent example of why. They are not as light or easy to pack as the Argalis sacks, but they are reliable and durable. They weigh 2.3 pounds and are a bit heavier than the other sacks. However, they can hold big quarters with a 40″ x 20″ bag size.

5. Allen Backcountry Full Carcass

These carcass bags from Allen are tough and perfect for hauling out an animal. They are strong enough to hold a whole bull elk and delicate sufficient to keep your cape safe. There are two sizes; the longer one is good for elk or caribou, and the shorter one is great for deer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Game Bags

How Many Game Bags Do You Need for an Elk?

It would help if you always carried four-game bags with you when hunting. It will ensure that you have enough meat to last you through the entire hunt. Make sure to distribute the weight evenly by putting some meat on the front shoulders and using a backstrap, neck meat, and loin or two.

How Do You Transport a Small Game?

At each cord’s end, knot a loop. When you have a game to haul, slip a loop of line through one of the knotted loops and let the pack weight of the game keep it tight. Put the next one on the other end so the weight balances. You can carry some animals equal to twice the number of cords you used.

Are Game Bags Reusable?

There are also some good canvas game bags on the market. The downside is that they can be bulky and not as lightweight. There are some cheaper models of reusable bags, but not all game bags are good. Once you use them, you must throw them away and return them to the store.

What Are Argali Game Bags Made of?

The Argali Ultralight game bags (sold in both a boned out game bag set, the Argali High Country Pack, and the meat on the bone – M.O.B Large Set) are designed by Argali Outdoors with a unique nylon blend.

How Do You Transport a Small Game?

Tie loops at the end of each cord when you have the game to haul. Put one loop over your shoulder and the other around the game. The weight of the game will keep the lines tight. You can carry as many animals as you have cords.

Why Do You Need Game Bags?

A game bag is made of mesh material that allows the meat to breathe and cool. It also prevents bugs from getting to the meat.

What Is a Game Pouch?

A pouch is a bag that you wear on your back. People use it to carry things, like when they go hunting.