The Best Shotgun Case for Your Needs

If you’re looking in the market for a new shotgun case, you’re in luck. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of shotgun cases available and help you choose the one that’s best for your needs. We’ll also provide a few tips and guides on how to care for your shotgun case. So whether you’re a hunter or just like to shoot for fun, read on to learn more about the best shotgun cases out there!

Shotgun cases protect your gun. No matter how and where you travel, your gun should be in a case to protect it from the bumps and scratches along the way. Some states have rules about when a gun must be in a case in a car. And any gun you take on an airplane or train must be in a hard-sided, locked.

The Best Shotgun Case for Your Needs

Best Waterproof Case: Pelican Storm Long Gun Case

Key Features

  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Material: HPX resin
  • Capacity: One long-sized gun up to 52 inches

Notable Features
Pelican cases are tough and waterproof. Photographers and researchers trust them to protect their cameras and delicate scientific instruments. If you need to travel with your guns, these cases will keep them in one piece.


  • It is tough and resilient.
  • Seals are used to prevent keep out moisture and dirt.
  • Wheels make it easy to transport.
  • Floats


  • This plastic is weighty.
  • The item may be too bulky to fit in a bush plane.

The industry standard for plastic cases is Pelican cases. They seal so tightly they need a built-in pressure relief valve so they can open easily. The Storm case is made from tough HPX resin and is built to fall from conveyor belts, bounce and even go overboard. It has a convenient design, showcasing four padlock-able hasps and five latches to make sure your gun is still inside the case once you reach your destination.

Best Value Case for Air Travel: Flambeau Outdoors Double Coverage Single Long Gun Case

Key Features

  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Material: This is a product that has two layers of High-Density Polyethylene. The foam interior will protect your items, and the Zerust treatment will stop the item from rusting.
  • Capacity: One gun up to 47.5 inches

Notable Features
A double layer wall of plastic shells protects guns from corrosion. Zerust treatment helps to fight corrosion, and it is a reasonable price.

Flambeau has been manufacturing plastic products in northeast Ohio since 1948. Generations of anglers have heavily depended on Flambeau tackle boxes to protect their lures, but the company also makes solid gun cases. The Double Coverage case is made of two HDPE shells with an air space between them to protect your gun. Crush-proof posts isolates the shells, and a thick foam lining surrounds your gun. The case includes two locking points for padlocks and four latches. A gasket helps keep out dirt and water.


  • Double-layer protection will keep your device safe.
  • Zerust stops corrosion.
  • This luggage can be locked for air travel.


  • Shotguns that are not long hold targets will not last long.

Best Case for Duck Hunting: Drake Waterfowl Floating Side-Opening Padded Gun Case

Key Features

  • Capacity: Long guns up to 51.5” (30-inch barreled semiauto with extended tube)
  • Material: The nylon exterior and the interior filled with padded flotation material will help keep you safe if you fall into the water.
  • Closure: The Velcro top and side closure help keep the top of the sleeping bag closed. The top snap helps to keep the bag secure.

Notable Features
Waterproof gun cases are hard to dry. You need to air them out so that they will be ready to use again. Drake’s full-length side opening makes it easy for you to do this.

Floating gun cases are a must-have for waterfowlers. They have a zipperless top opening that is convenient and will not scratch wooden stocks. However, their biggest drawback is that it is almost impossible to dry out or clean the inside of this case. Drake’s unique take on this design features a full-length Velcro opening so you can air the case out or clean it if you have left a very muddy gun inside.


  • It floats on water
  • It dries easily
  • A padded shoulder strap is a strap that is padded with cushioned material in order to provide comfort and support to the shoulder.


  • Velcro will eventually let water in because it is not a perfect seal.
  • The accessory pocket on this bag is too small.

Best Case for Sporting Clays: Browning Fitted Luggage Case

Key Features

  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Material: Vinyl-covered wood with plush interior
  • Capacity: Break action gun up to a 34-inch barrel

Notable Features
This is a classic piece of luggage that you can use to protect your gun when you’re traveling to and from the shooting range or club.

The Browning luggage cases are a great way to protect your gun while you travel. The case has dividers that separate the different parts of the gun. The case is also padded to protect the gun from getting damaged. The exterior of the case is made to look elegant, and it has brass accents. The case also has four hinges that help it open smoothly and two locking clasps that keep it closed.

Although the case is hard-sided and locks, it is not built for the hard knocks of carousels and conveyor belts at the airport. It is designed to be compact and good-looking so that it fits into any car trunk. It will also secure your gun at the range. The case was made with Browning guns in mind, but it will fit any break-action target gun.


  • Convenient and efficient size
  • Soft-plush interior
  • Good looks


  • Not suitable for air travel

Best Sleeve: Banded Gear Packable Gun Case

Key Features

  • Material: 210D ripstop nylon
  • Capacity: one shotgun, any length
  • Closure: Velcro

Notable Features
A gun sleeve is a simple way to protect your gun and stay on the right side of the law.

This is a cheap and handy case that is perfect for the traveling waterfowler or any hunter who needs to keep water, mud, and dirt off their gun. It’s not the best case for your pretty O/U, but it will work well for keeping your gun clean during a muddy ATV ride to the blind or when you need to meet legal requirements in states that require guns to be cased when transported in a vehicle.

This ripstop nylon sleeve comes in three different camouflage patterns. The top can be rolled down to fit any gun, and it closes with Velcro. There is a zippered pocket for the ripstop storage bag. This makes storing in a blind bag or packing for a trip very convenient. The sleeve can hold shotguns of any length, and it has both a handle and a shoulder strap for easy packing on walk-in hunts. There is also a hang tab located on the muzzle end. For about $20, this sleeve is insurance against scratches and a possible violation for having an uncased gun in a vehicle.


  • Water-resistant
  • This bag is a good value because it includes a lot of features for a lower price.


  • It is not padded
  • Not waterproof – only water-resistant


I have traveled around the country and to other countries to hunt for the past 35 years. I have transported guns in planes, cars, ATVs, horses, boats, and on foot. The cases here meet specific needs for different modes of transport.

I compared them all based on the following criteria:

  • Protection: You need to use enough padding in your gun case to keep the gun from bouncing around.
  • Durability: Gun cases need to protect guns from damage and also be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  • Capacity: This shotgun holster will fit most shotguns. It has room for accessories.
  • Mode of Travel: What is the transportation method for the gun?
  • Hard vs. Soft: What kind of case is best for what purpose?
  • Value: Is the price right?
  • TSA approval: Can this case be taken on a commercial flight?

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Shotgun Case

Make sure that you are following the law when choosing a case. Shotgun cases for air and Amtrak travel must be hard-sided and lockable. Use padlocks instead of combination locks because sometimes you will have to give the key to your shotgun case to a TSA agent. Some states need guns transported in a vehicle to be stored in a closed case, so it’s a good idea to have a packable gun case.

A gun case isn’t the best place to store your gun. This is because they do not breathe, and if you do not use your gun for a while, the gun will start to rust. To avoid this, you should open the case every now and then, wipe down the gun with a clean cloth that has been oiled, and inspect it.

Make sure to choose the proper length case for your gun. That’s the internal dimension you would need. Shotguns with mounted optics or other accessories may not fit in shotgun cases and may require a rifle case. If you’re choosing a takedown model, measure to be sure it’s long enough to accommodate the gun’s barrel.

Best Shotgun Cases Reviewed

Shotgun cases protect your shotgun. It is important to keep your gun in a case no matter how you travel. This will help to prevent it from getting damaged. Some states have laws that say when to put your gun in a case while in a vehicle. And any gun you take on a plane or train must be in a hard-sided, locking case.

Not every gun case is good for every situation. You might need more than one case to protect your guns from all the dangers of travel. Even if you’re only going to the gun club for a short drive, there are cases for shotguns that can withstand the elements. You should keep your shotgun in one of our picks for the best shotgun cases whenever you are traveling.

1. Eberlestock Undercover Brief

The Eberlestock Undercover Brief is an excellent solution for someone looking for a bag to carry a handgun and other daily essentials like a phone, electronics, and wallet.

It is divided into three pieces. Wallets and pencils can be found in the front portion. The laptop or tablet fits comfortably in the rear part, cushioned for your comfort. There is also a hidden compartment in the middle that you can get to by lifting up the carry handle. Another cool feature of the bag is that it has a sleeve that goes over the handle of a rolling carry-on suitcase, so it’s easy to take your bag with you on an airplane.

The system has a lot of advantages. The main one is that it allows you to carry a larger handgun comfortably for hours at a time without getting tired of worrying about people seeing the gun.

This bag from Eberlestock is perfect for carrying a lot of things. The size of the bag means that it can be used for everyday tasks, but it might look out of place in some environments. The Undercover Brief is a great choice if you don’t mind people knowing that you carry many things.


  • Magnetic fasteners keep the concealed-carry compartment closed quietly.
  • A low-profile design gives it a non-tactical look
  • Excellent stitching, zippers, and materials provide durability


  • The bag can look out of place in casual non-work environments.

2. 5.11 36-in. Double Rifle Case

This rectangular bag has two compartments to handle a full-sized and scoped carbine. There are pockets at the ends of each compartment where you can hide the muzzle or buttstock.

The quick-release nylon buckles that secure the rifles in place are well designed. Their elastic handguard and buttstock straps have a bungee cord style to them. It is easy to replace the cord if it breaks. This double-rifle case is filled with thoughtful details like these.

There are many different types of soft gun cases on the market. Not all of them are made to be durable and handle a lot of wear and tear. This 5.11 rifle case is different because it has double rows of stitching that make it stronger, and the rip-stop style outer fabric is very tough.

Shoulder straps help you carry a bag with two guns more easily than if you only had a shoulder strap. This is one of the reasons this product is the best tactical rifle case.


  • Organized with ease of use in mind
  • For long-term use, the fabric and fasteners are of the highest quality.


  • Not designed to withstand large collisions.

3. Boyt Harness Signature Series Shotgun Case with Pocket

The main compartment can hold a shotgun up to 44 inches long. The dual zippers let you open and close the case easily. You can store tiny items like tubes and a wrench in the case’s external pocket.

There are some great shotgun cases out there made from canvas and leather. Boyt is a company that makes some good examples of these cases. They are designed to be tough and protect your shotgun from damage. You can also fold them up and hang them on a hook when you’re not using them.


  • Even if you’re wearing gloves, you can open the bombproof zipper with ease.
  • Designed to endure a lifetime thanks to meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality materials.
  • The main carrying strap maintains balance and is not bulky.


  • The leather hanging loop at the muzzle end can tend to come untied.

4. Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Shotgun Case

People have been using this item with shotguns and rifles. They say the finish and quality are perfect, and the bag is great for taking to the range. The bag is very long and can fit shotguns with scopes. It’s a really basic but useful accessory for pump and semi-auto shotguns.

The Bulldog shotgun range bag is a no-frills option. The shotgun’s water-resistant nylon shells keep it dry and weather-resistant. The shotgun’s large and wide carry handle makes it simple to transport. When carrying numerous long guns, the item is flexible. It can be folded down when not used, making it more convenient.

This product is perfect for protecting the finish on your shotgun while you take it outside. It also has a strap to make it more convenient to carry.

The Bulldog case is a great way to carry your shotgun to the range or hunting trips. It’s foldable, so it doesn’t take up much space, and it protects your shotgun from scratches.


  • Both sides are softly padded with closed-cell foam.
  • It can be used both with a scope and without one.
  • Soft, scratch-resistant inner lining made from brushed tricot
  • Convenient carrying handle, full-length zipper, and a soft case
  • The exterior shell is made of water-resistant ballistic nylon for long-lasting durability.


  • Unsuitable for use on a rugged or commercial aircraft
  • A simple design with no additional pockets or features.

5. Negrini UNICASE

This item has an amazing fit and finishes as well as high-quality construction. The extra accessory boxes are a nice touch, and the interior lining is very protective for the finish of a shotgun. The two compartments are also a nice feature. This is an excellent case for a premium shotgun.

Two-in-one storage comes in the form of Beretta’s Negrini unicase. An O/U case can be converted into a semi-automatic and pump-action case.

Shotguns are protected from the elements of this product. The velvet lining protects the shotgun’s polish. The item is lightweight and comfortable to carry, and it can handle two shotguns at a time.

The combination-based lock is extremely safe and cannot be tampered with. It is airline-approved and provides comprehensive shotgun security. Even if the journey is rough.

The Negrini Unicase is a high-end shotgun hard case. It costs more than other cases, but that’s because it is designed to hold two shotguns without them getting in the way of each other. The partitions make it easy to get to each gun quickly.


  • Double-shotgun carrying capacity with two accessory boxes for additional gear
  • A sturdy ABS hard case with a velvet lining on the inside.
  • Switchable between O/U, semi-auto, and pump shotgun modes of operation.
  • recessed hinges and a code combination lock to prevent damage
  • A lifetime warranty and certification are provided for international aviation travel.


  • High rib barrels should not be used with this product.
  • The shotgun should be stored in a takedown position.

6. SKB Cases iSeries 3614

People love this case because it is small, light, and has internal padding. It has plenty of room for the chokes and other implements and still has room for more items. This bag’s two front zippered pockets include shell holders and smaller interior pockets to aid in organizing all your items. The shotgun is well-protected within the interior’s soft padding. In addition, the case is lightweight and portable.

The SKB case has been designed specifically for breakdown shotguns. The deep compartments in the plush foam keep the shotgun and other parts secure. The front zippered pockets can store many extra items, including ammunition. Carrying handles and a shoulder strap is provided for the nylon cover over the inside hard case.

This shotgun case is an amazing deal, and it comes with a one-year warranty, making it even safer to buy.

The hybrid case is the perfect solution for carrying your shotguns. It is compact and secure and does not cost a lot of money. This case also allows you to carry extra tools and ammunition in one place.


  • Sturdy zipper closure and padlock loops
  • Two comprehensively designed pouches
  • Rugged and weather-resistant nylon outer
  • Specially designed for breakdown shotguns
  • Plush lined EPS interior with pre-cut compartment


  • Only for breakdown shotguns

7. New SheepSkin Leather Gun Case/Slip

People who have reviewed this leather case say it is very well-made and has high-quality construction. They also appreciate the soft interior wool lining, which protects the firearm. The case is also easy to carry and looks stylish.

This Equinez leather shotgun case is of great value. The craftsmanship is excellent, and it’s very comfortable to carry. The brass hardware prevents rust and corrosion, and the adjustable straps make it easy to secure the gun.

This bag is perfect for carrying shotguns or rifles. It is 51 inches long, so it can accommodate the longest guns. The soft inner lining will protect your gun, and the adjustable shoulder strap ensures a perfect fit for everyone.

This sheepskin leather gun bag is a one-of-a-kind work of art designed to safeguard your shotgun. It has an attractive design, adjustable to fit your shotgun snugly. Plus, the price is unbeatable.


  • Fits the longest shotguns with ease
  • Non-rusting brass buckle hardware
  • Durable and soft hand made the high-quality case
  • A stunning design with additional straps for a more secure fit


  • Not soft or pleasant for the shotgun or the carrier
  • There is no locking mechanism (if that bothers you at all)

8. IRON JIA’S Waterproof Long Rifle Case

People liked the convenience of the folding design of this case. It is easy to carry and store. The case floats well and keeps the firearm and other contents dry. However, it is not recommended to force it underwater because the quality of stitching is good, and it feels weightless.

This long gun case is waterproof and can protect your shotguns from water or other wet conditions. Unlike most other water-resistant cases, this one can be folded down to the size of a book. The inner foam lining will keep your firearms protected and help keep the case afloat in water.

This case is different from other hard cases. It is designed for hunting, rafting, and other adventure sports. It is long enough to hold a full-sized shotgun or rifle with a scope.

This waterproof case is a great alternative to heavy, waterproof hard cases for outdoor and sporting applications. It floats on water and has plenty of room to fit the longest shotguns. Plus, it can be folded down to compact storage and easy handling.


  • Large size is suitable for most long guns
  • Durable tarpaulin exterior shell keeps contents waterproof
  • Perfect for hunting, fishing, and other water-related activities
  • Thick foam padding protects the firearm and provides buoyancy
  • It can be compactly stored by rolling it up and fastening it with the buckle.


  • Limited applications
  • Keep away from sharp objects

9. VISM Soft Rifle/Shotgun Case

This soft shotgun case from VISM is one of the best-rated cases on the market. People like it because it is strong and can be used for short rifles and shotguns. It also has an extra pouch on the front, making it more like a range bag. The price is very low, which makes it attractive to buyers.

The VISM case is made from PVC, a strong, long-lasting, and reliable material. The inside has been padded to protect the gun and stop it from moving around. Carrying the case is easy because of the adjustable wide shoulder strap and flexible carry handle.

This shotgun case can carry shells, tools, chokes, and manuals. It can also hold other accessories. This case is good for youth or tactical shotguns shorter in length.

The VISM case is a soft case that is protective and inexpensive. It can be used for carrying shotguns and rifles. The double zippers can be secured with a padlock for extra safety.


  • Extra side pocket with ample space
  • Durable and lightweight PVC material
  • Strong double zippers can be secured using a padlock
  • Comfortable carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Inner foam padding offers protection and prevents wiggle


  • Doesn’t fit long shotguns (40″ +)

Final Thoughts

A gun is more than just a tool for hunting. It can also be a family heirloom that is treasured. You need to choose a suitable case for your needs so that you can keep the gun safe. Pelican cases are our top choice because they have a solid construction and a good reputation. They are also suitable for air, boat, and back-of-the-pickup travel.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Shotgun Cases

Do shotguns come with a case?

not as robust and may not be able to survive the trip. Your firearm will most likely be fine, but the case may not make it. Cases are useful for protecting your weapon while traveling and storing accessories like choke tubes and oil.

Can I put a shotgun in a rifle case?

You can put a shotgun in the rifle case if it’s long enough. Unlike most rifles, shotguns with longer barrels are available. It’s possible that the barrel on a shotgun is too long to fit in a rifle case. If this happens, your soft-shell bag may not be suitable.

Which is better, hard or soft case?

There are two distinct types of gun cases: hard and soft. The sort you pick is determined by how you will be transporting your firearm. If you don’t require the extra protection, a hard case is more durable but bulky and heavy.

How much does a Pelican gun case cost?

Pelican cases are some of the best in the industry. They come in different sizes, including takedown models and full-length cases that can hold two guns. Prices vary depending on size, material, and features, but they usually cost between $200 and $400.

Are Plano gun cases good?

This case is excellent. It’s well-made, and the foam is easy to pick out and form to what you want to put in it.

What makes a good gun case?

You will want to find a rifle case that protects your gun from water. The material should be solid and able to resist wear and tear. It is also helpful if the case has extra pockets to hold gear and accessories.

What is a shotgun sleeve?

The Krevis Shotgun Buttstock sleeve is made from a durable, heavy-weight elastic that fits snugly to the buttstock of your firearm. It installs just in seconds on most shotguns without slipping and is designed to withstand years of outdoor use.

Are Pelican cases good for guns?

The Pelican V600 Vault Case is a great gun case for traveling with multiple firearms, accessories, and other parts. It has five layers of durable, protective foam and a high-impact polymer shell to keep your items safe and secure during long trips.

What should I look for in a rifle case?

Some key features to look for in a good rifle case are its weight, the strength of its straps, and how water resistant it is. It’s also essential to consider any extra features that the case might have, such as pockets or compartments.

Do rifles come with cases?

A new rifle or pistol usually comes in a cardboard box when you get a new rifle or pistol. This is how it was shipped from the manufacturer. Sometimes the gun will also come in a case. I have one rifle that came in a plastic case and one pistol that also came that way. Other pistols and rifles simply came in a cardboard shipping box.

What do you put in a gun case?

You need a gun case that is both foam-padded and hard-sided to protect your firearm from abrasion. This will keep it from getting scratched. In addition, you need a watertight and dustproof case to prevent rust-causing particles from getting in. Pelican gun cases also have special pressure equal.

Which pelican rifle case is best?

The Pelican Protector 1700 Series Rifle Cases are the best option because of their tough exterior and the ability to create a custom case for your rifle. The cases are made in the USA and have been used by military and law enforcement agencies as well as traveling hunters across the globe.

What is a cased firearm?

A case gun is a type of gun that uses ammunition with the powder charge in a metallic case. It is larger than one inch in caliber.

What are gun cases made of?

I think Pelican cases are worth the money if you need the best protection possible for your valuable equipment. Pelican cases are suitable for expeditions, mineral exploration, or rugged filming locations.

Is a Pelican case worth it?

I think Pelican cases are worth the money if you need the best protection possible for your valuable equipment. Pelican cases are suitable for expeditions, mineral exploration, or rugged filming locations.