Best Hunting Fanny Packs 2023 – Top Waist Pack Reviews

Fanny packs have seen a massive design overhaul in recent years. The unassuming pieces of clothing have a long, rich history dating back to Melba Stone of Australia in 1962. Kangaroo pouches inspired Ms. Stone, and at the time, she named her new creation BumBags.

In the 1980s and 90s, the fanny pack became an essential part of everyday fashion. The small waist pouches carried everything from money, cosmetics, to personal items. Through the decades, the little bag has endured and there is no sign of being cast off into obscurity.

Fanny packs are seeing a revitalization in outdoor recreation, especially hunting and camping. Waist Packs come in all kinds of fabrics, sizes, and configurations. With a burgeoning number of products now available, you must know precisely what the fanny pack will be used for, what you plan to pack, and for how long.

Modern Waist Packs are now an essential, versatile piece of gear most hunters can not do without. Strapping systems have become more sophisticated. The distribution of weight is vital to a successful hunt when carrying loads of equipment.

The Best Hunting Fanny Packs Reviewed

1. Badlands Monster Fanny Pack for Hunters

The story of Badlands began in 1992 in you guessed it, a storage locker in Utah. The company is now a premier brand in outdoor equipment with an extensive line of optics, camping gear, and fanny packs.

The Monster Pack is a full-featured fanny pack with over 1000 cubic inches of cargo room. The Monster features seven pockets around a lightweight Delron Flex Frame. The Monster frame offers plenty of support, adjustable harness and helps the upper torso from slouching.

Badlands gives the outdoor enthusiast two choices of camouflage patterns:

  • The Approach is a unique pattern that takes into account the animal's ever-changing eye patterns. Approach Camouflage is ideal for varying terrain and different seasons. Badland engineers built the Approach Camouflage to offer neutral color palettes which continually ensures the hunter remains hidden
  • Approach FX relies on existing technology to adapt to changing color patterns. The camouflage is built with multiple layers, to make sure the animal's eye cannot distinguish the Approach FX pattern from its surroundings. Continuous testing means the Badlands Camouflage is the most meticulously built pattern you can buy

The Badlands Monster Pack features an extensive collection of technologies

  • KXO-32 fabric is lightweight, water-resistant, and quiet
  • Aramid Bartaking on Stress Points; Aramid fiber can hold up to 100 pounds of weight and is extremely tough
  • C6 DWR is a water repellent that does not allow water to seep into Badlands fabric

Add in a hydration reservoir and some straps, and you have an unbeatable combination in outdoor packs.


  • Badlands stands behind its products with an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Excellent value


  • Straps tend to break
  • Zippers are not good quality

2. Huntvp Excursion Waist Pack for Hunting

Huntvp is a new company on the block, founded in 2014. The company features a full line of outdoor gear, tactical and enthusiast products.

The Excursion Waist Bag is an affordable storage solution for campers, hikers, and runners. Huntvp Excursion features six zippered pockets for everything from a cell phone to water bottles. Adjustable waist straps feature military nylon fabrics and are extremely lightweight at 0.66 lbs.

The adjustable metal hardware is of military design, and all outer fabrics are waterproof nylon oxford. Huntvp's Excursion is suitable for a variety of outdoor functions, including fitness, travel, shopping, climbing, and cycling. This traditionally styled fanny pack is easy to take care of with just cold water and hand washing.

Huntvp Waist Pack builds on the traditional designs of a fanny pack. The product is durable, lightweight to keep all your essentials close at hand. Huntvp offers a generous warranty and refund program.


  • Extremely Affordable
  • Very comfortable and durable
  • A lot of room for the money


  • Zippers are a significant issue with this Pack
  • Small
  • Stitching and cloth loops are poor quality
  • Paracord may be a little small

3. ALPS Outdoor Z Little Bear by ALPS Outdoor Z Hunting Fanny Pack

ALPS Outdoor Z began business in 2007 to deliver affordable performance-driven outdoor gear. ALPS Outdoor Z has dedicated itself to a full range of conservation efforts.

The Little Bear is an extremely affordable full-featured hunting pack. Little Bear comes in Realtree Camo and is designed for whitetail, turkey and predator hunts. The hunting pack features four pockets: two main front and two side pockets—the Little Bear shoulder harness releases for quick access to any of your content.

ALPS Outdoor Z has built the Little Bear to be compatible with a lot of its other gear, including the Binocular Pocket and Accessory Call Pockets. The Little Bear is made with a padded waist belt for added comfort. The Little Bear is lightweight at 1 lb. 9 oz., and gives the outdoor enthusiast 500 cubic inches of storage space.

ALPS Brand components are warrantied for the life of the product, depending on the users' wear and tear. ALPS Outdoor Z offers a full line of hunting and outdoor gear with four types of camouflage. The website is a useful resource for garnering the information you need on how to use their products.

Little Bear can be configured for a host of different uses, detach the harness, then add anything you want in the pockets such as ropes, knives, and water bottles. Storage is everywhere with the Little Bear Fanny Pack, such as the waist belt features two pockets of storage.


  • Extremely well built for the price point
  • Once adjusted the shoulder straps are very comfortable
  • Buckles on the Pack can be used to secure the Pack to your tree stand
  • Big rain-resistant zippers
  • Don't be fooled by the "little" in the title. The Pack holds a considerable amount of gear


  • A lot of straps and some can get in the way
  • Should be offered in more patterns
  • The Pack may be too small for long-range hunting and camping

4. ALPS Outdoor Z Pathfinder by ALPS Outdoor Z - Best Fanny Pack for Hunting

ALPS Brand of Products is fully into the hunting and outdoor lifestyle. The company believes in conservation while experiencing the joy of the outdoors.

The Pathfinder hunting pack features a Realtree Edge and Realtree MAX-1 XT camo patterns. You can use the Pathfinder for Whitetail and Big Game Hunts and is suitable for its meat hauling capabilities. For long hikes into your tree stand, the Pathfinder features a nicely padded waistband and highly adjustable straps for comfort.

ALPS Brands has built a full 1100 cubic inches of storage space into the Pathfinder. The Pathfinder features a total capacity of 2700 inches and weighs a sturdy 3 lbs—5 oz. Use the handy bow pocket to haul any number of different bows in and out of your hunts. Strap your bow in, and your hands are free. Extra fabric and additional straps give the hunter or camper plenty of flexibility to haul anything.

One of the great features of all ALPS Brand products is their compatibility with other pockets and accessories. Match the Pathfinder with a binocular or turkey call pocket for outstanding adaptability. Put your essential gear to the front of Your Pathfinder for easy access. The Pack is entirely compatible with ALPS Little Bear and Big Bear Packs.


  • The way the Pathfinder sits on the torso is excellent
  • Great Warranty
  • Expansion options are excellent when you need to add more storage as the season progresses


  • The Pathfinder has a few design problems which make it clumsy to use
  • Side pouches need to be divided, so the contents are kept separate
  • Materials may have some durability issues

5. ArcEnCiel Tactical Fanny Pack Made for Hunters

ArcEnCiel sells its products exclusively through the Amazon marketplace. The company features a full range of bags for fashion, camping, and mountaineering.

The Tactical Pack is constructed of high-density nylon that is scratch and wear-resistant. The Pack features durable, quick release straps and buckles. The ArcEnCiel folds up neatly for travel. The Pack has a main compartment that is large enough for Your iPad, cell phones, and water bottle. The storage compartment has an interlayer for more personal items, such as maps.

The Tactical Pack features a hidden rear compartment which is ideal for valuable personal items and money. There are three zippered front compartments for a variety of items. The ArcEnCiel Tactical Pack Is perfect for any type of sports, camping, hiking, and hunting. Use the durable Pack for any daily activity.

ArcEnCiel has built a personalized MOLLE System into the Tactical Pack. Attach water bottles, walkie-talkies, and other accessories to personalize the Pack. The Tactical Pack comes in two different camouflage colors, solid brown and solid black.


  • Extremely Affordable and durable
  • Much bigger than it looks in advertisements
  • Seams, zippers, and stitching are all very durable
  • Sits very well on the torso


  • Side pouches are hard to get to
  • Zippers could use an upgrade
  • Takes two hands to unzip the pouches

Waist Pack for Hunters Buying Guide

Established fashion companies and design specific vendors are now offering fanny packs in every shape and color. As an outdoor enthusiast, what should you look for if you see a need to purchase one of theses innovative waist packs? With anything you buy, the first thing is to consider your individual need for the product.

Here are a few tips to get you out and start shopping.

Consider the material for your Pack.
A hunter heading into their tree stand has different needs than a person going to a concert. The hunter needs something in camo, very sturdy, and lightweight while the concert-goer may need a pack with transparent plastic material. Another consideration for the hunter, the material should be water-resistant, and either nylon or canvas.

Size is a primary concern for any hunter or outdoor enthusiast.
You want a pack that is large enough to carry all of your equipment, but not so big that it overwhelms. Modern waist bags are offered in every size imaginable. Here is where it is essential to know the end use of a fanny pack. Are you carrying a Compound Bow and its equipment, or are you heading in for a just a few days camping? It may be a good idea to get a piece of luggage and start packing until you are comfortable all the equipment you need is packed.

Compartments may seem an afterthought; however, the number and size are significant.
Organization is one of the keys to a great hunt and time spent outdoors. Knowing exactly where your essentials are kept in a convenient location, helps you to keep moving forward. If you have a large variety of items, then you may need a lot of different sized compartments. Are you hiking into a tree stand and then hauling out the meat? Are you carrying a lot of different items or a lot of the same thing? Ask yourself questions to hone in on what is going to work for you.

Straps are a significant consideration
If the waist pack is going to be on your back and upper torso for long distances and time-frames, comfort is important. Traditional fanny packs have a single waistband, which is fine for short periods. Modern hunting waist packs now have padded straps across the waist and upper torso to take the pressure off the lower back. If you are hiking or hunting deep into dense woods, a padded chest strap and waistband system is what you need to look for. The material is also crucial for the strapping system. Lightweight material tends to come loose and rub the skin.

Construction Method
Miscellaneous items such as zippers and stitching should not be overlooked. A waist pack can be the best on several lists and review sites; however, flimsy zippers come loose in heavy rain. Look at the stitching for clues on quality and construction. Inferior material and stitching pull apart when stretched. Look at the inner lining of the compartments and the construction materials. Is the content a flimsy plastic or well-stitched canvas?

Conclusion - The Best Hunting Fanny Pack

The most significant advantage of hunting fanny packs, you no longer have to carry small items in your hands. All the things you packed away in a backpack or left in the car because it was just too small or awkward. The hunter's fanny pack has added a new dimension to packing the right gear for your hunt.

The waist pack is now an essential piece of equipment.

Consider each quality pack above when it is time to look for extra storage.

  • Badlands Monster
  • Huntvp Excursion
  • ALPS Outdoor Z Little Bear
  • ALPS Outdoor Z Pathfinder
  • ArcEn Ciel Tactical

We recommend the ALPS Outdoor Z Pathfinder, primarily for its materials and quality craftsmanship. ALPS Brand of products are made by outdoor enthusiast for those who love the outdoors. The Hunter's Waist Pack can be configured to accept other pack and pockets in the ALPS Brand product line-up.

Quality waist packs can be found at any number of superior retail stores, online at each manufacturers and several select websites such as Amazon. Make sure you research your wants and needs precisely, and pick the Hunter's Waist Pack that fill those requirements.

FAQ about Hunting Fanny Packs

What to carry in a hunting fanny pack?

Hunting packs are quickly becoming an essential piece of gear for any trip; however, trying to cram everything into one small piece of luggage defeats its purpose. The Hunting fanny pack should be used for quick access items and lighter gear.

  • Water should be at the top of the list; this is what makes a fanny pack great for hunting.
  • First-Aid Kits had to be stuffed away in a camping backpack and hard to get at.
  • Flashlights, compass, and knives are items that can be stored in the front and quickly accessible.
  • Dry-food and snacks can now be easily accessible. Pick snacks that are high in protein.

How to wear a hunting fanny pack?

The hunter's fanny pack differs from other packs in the way it is carried on the upper torso. The hunter's Pack is used for extended periods and at longer distances. The Pack should have a padded strapping system that takes the weight off the shoulders and distributes it over the entire upper torso. There is no worse feeling than a sore lower back, halfway into your hunt.

The straps should be strong, durable material. The belt is always the place to hang knives and binoculars. Consider quick-release buckles for convenience.

Are fanny packs comfortable when hunting?

A hunter's fanny pack can be a very comfortable piece of gear as long as you have researched and picked the right one. A loose-fitting, poor quality material can be a significant headache.