Best Hog Hunting Lights – Top Light for Boar Hunters

When searching for a Hog Hunting Light, there are numerous less expensive, less attractive choices available.

A portion of these are produced using cheap materials, bad on your weapon or simply do not function admirably.

You need a green light that will sit serenely on your decision of scope. Since pigs can't see the shading green in the case that you are hoping to hunt around evening time, this embellishment is an unquestionable requirement.

Best Hog Hunting Lights Available On The Market 2023

1. Orion H30 Green or Red Premium

In the case that you are searching for a green light with a lot of range, at that point the Orion Predator goes up to 273 yards, you will have the option to discover and focus on swines from an agreeable separation.

It is essential to not be left in obscurity, which is the reason the battery life of at least 4 hours of persistent use for the most grounded settings will be alluring to many.

The Orion H30 Green or Red Premium a genuine plenty of embellishments, including a barrel mount, rail mount, remote weight switch, batteries and charger and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

While contact with the hog is usually uncommon, some might be searching for a mountable light that is strong if there should be an occurrence of impact, the Orion Predator is known for being an intense and sturdy light, with its multi year guarantee and waterproof construction.

It is very effective in altering for practically any weapon as the mounting hardware that comes as standard can be changed in accordance with fit.

It also is accompanied by batteries and the charger for persistent use.

In the case that you are searching for a green light that out performs a lot increasingly costly models then the Orion Predator has an extraordinary range and nature of bar.


  • Ease of mounting to your weapon
  • Long Range
  • The weapon has various brightness settings


  • There are other models that are brighter than the Orion H30 Green or Red Premium
  • The range on this light decreases as the battery gets lower

2. Elusive Wildlife The Kill Light XLR250

In the event that you are one of the numerous hunters who are searching for a bundle and not only a light, you may appreciate the different adornments that accompany this Elusive Wildlife The Kill Light XLR250

This package incorporates a ton of gear including a degree mount, a barrel mount pack, a charger for batteries and batteries, tailcap and the sky is the limit from there.

The beam should arrive at a separation of around 250 yards, along with additional reports of eye sparkle from around 500.

The light additionally spreads to around 50 yards wide, meaning that in the event that covering a huge territory is imperative to you, this is a great component.

In spite of the fact that it is acceptable to have battery-powered batteries, any individual who wishes to purchase this item should take note of the fact that in order to completely charge the batteries, it can take 5-6 hours. It would be wise to know that before you are to leave for a hunting trip of some sort.


  • This light can reach up to 250 yeards
  • Many accessories come in this bundle.
  • This light is very bright.


  • The On and Off switch on may become loose occasionally.
  • The Elusive Wildlife The Kill Light XLR250 is known to take a while to charge.

3. Windfire WF-802 Green LED Coyote Hog Hunting Light Set

In regard to range, anything around the 250 yard mark is viewed as all that anyone could need and that is actually what you get with the Wildfire Green LED set.

Additionally, some portion of the bundle is the electric lamp, a barrel mount, battery-powered batteries, charger and a weight switch.

Delivered by Cree Green LED, this ground-breaking hog hunting light won't upset your prey since it does not utilize bad filters in order to control itself.

There is a strategic weight switch that can be introduced from the back . The switch is valuable for expanding your range slowly and sparing your battery.


  • The Windfire WF-802 Green LED Coyote Hog Hunting Light has a range of up to 250 yards.
  • This light is very convenient for mounting to your weapon
  • This light also has an excellent battery life.


  • This light leans more toward the heavy side in terms of weight.
  • The pressure switch may be difficult to install without a prior experience.

4. Comunite 501B 1000 Lumen Cree XML T6 LED Flashlight with Mount

The Comunite 501B 1000 Lumen Cree XML T6 LED Flashlight lights up the territory without upsetting prey, so in the case that you wish to build your odds of drawing nearer, this is an element that will profit your hunting experience.

It is additionally strong in an unfriendly climate. In the case that the conditions in your general environment are regularly on the stormy side, this hog hunting light can withstand water and still come out in an excellent condition.

When purchasing a light of any sort for hunting, numerous individuals simply need to have all that they have to get moving. Any individual who fits that portrayal will value the adornments that accompany the Comunite 501B 1000 Lumen Cree XML T6 LED Flashlight. It includes a spotlight, a hex vixen, a battery and divider charger, a mount, and a remote switch.

Some hunters may very well not care for the additional load of a light on their weapon. If so, then this is a good choice for hog hunting because of its little size and weight contrasted with numerous others in the market.

The battery life for this light is actually very amazing, particularly for an electric lamp that has 600 lumens.


  • The Comunite 501B 1000 Lumen Cree XML T6 LED Flashlight comes with many accessories.
  • This light has a very good battery life.
  • This light is also very compact, making it a mobile and easy fit for any weapon.


  • The remote trigger wire on this light may be considered to be a little too long.
  • This light is not as strong and bright as some of the other hog hunting lights on this list.

5. Ulako Green Light 350 Yards Spotlight Flood Light

In the event that an excellent scope is the thing that you are searching for, then the Ulako Green Light Flashlight presents roughly 300 yards of distance; this holds up very much contrasted with other hog hunting lights on this list.

There is a fast discharge mount in the event that you have to expel it rapidly just as a remote weight switch, giving you more choices on your chase.

The accompaniments are likewise welcome and incorporate the batteries and charger, fast discharge mount, pitcanny mount and the weight switch.

Running time is more than 4 hours when completely energized, giving you a decent measure of evening time hunting. The rechargeable batteries may also set aside you cash on the off chance that you chase around evening time consistently.

This is a trustworthy choice without being impressive and fits pleasantly on your weapon without burdening it.


  • The Ulako Green Light Flashlight has a very good scope.
  • This light is very easy to operate
  • The light comes with many good accessories.


  • The Ulako Green Light Flashlight is considered to be a little lightweight.
  • The light may also need tightening at times

Top Lights for Boar Hunting: Buying Guide

best headlamp for hunting

So what you need from your hog hunting light is a ton of range, yet additionally a light that performs well while pointing at separation. A portion of the more spending alternatives simply aren't equipped for getting such a scope.

The Orion Predator is unquestionably the most dependable for this despite the fact that the Kill Light gives it a run for its cash.

The nature of materials is likewise an interesting point. In the case that a hog hunting light is too lightweight, it very well may be effectively broken whenever dropped, so you will need something solid, particularly since it is possibly your fundamental wellspring of light around evening time.

Conclusion Which Hog Hunting Light Is Best

You may have assumed that our general victor is the Orion Predator (which is true); it isn't simply the best performing hog hunting light in the rundown, it is also made of the best materials with a superior frill bundle.

You will be unable to locate a superior quality green light for hog hunting and this light will not upset the hog as you approach it, giving you an expanded possibility of progress.

We highly recommend that your are aware in your decision of buying a hog hunting light and check out each one on our list. Be sure that you know what you are looking for prior to buying one.