Holographic Sights

If you are a hunter, you might have heard about holographic sights. These sights are unique because they show a three-dimensional image. Many hunters are now using these sights to make it easier to hit their targets. Continue reading if you want to understand more about these sights before deciding whether or not to acquire one.

Conventional Sight vs. Holographic Sight

When you use a conventional scope, the reticle will be over your target if your eye is perfectly aligned with the scope. However, if your head is not perfectly aligned, the reticle might not be pointing at the target in the same spot as your gun.

A holographic sight makes your target always stay in the middle of the scope, no matter where you move your gun.

Why Use a Holographic Sight?

Holographic sights are better than regular red dot sights. They help you find your target faster to shoot it more easily. People use them in competitions, when hunting, and when they practice shooting. Holographic sights have a bigger view, so they are popular among hunters and competition shooters.

Terms To Remember Holographic Sight

It is critical to understand the various pieces of a holographic sight and what they function before purchasing one.

Eye Relief

When you use sight, it is essential to be a certain distance away to see it well. This is called “eye relief.” It is called ” short eye relief when you are too close to the sight. is called “short eye relief.” Fortunately, there is no specific margin to eye relief with a holographic sight. This infinite eye relief allows you to aim while standing at any distance from the sight.


The reticle is the small circle or dot on your sight. It helps you aim better at what you want to shoot. Almost all holographic sights have a laser light reticle, which means you can see clearly even at night.


You should adjust a holographic sight’s reticle once mounted like any other sight. The spot where the reticle points are where the bullet will hit. So it is essential to adjust the reticle properly so that you shoot correctly. Horizontal adjustments are also called windage, while vertical adjustments are also called elevations.

There are many different types of holographic sights available on the market today. They are becoming more affordable and compact, which makes them more popular. The following are some of the best holographic sights available:

Top 5 Holographic Sights Reviews

1. EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTech was the first company to commercialize holographic weapon sights. Everything is designed and manufactured in the United States. Customers will be more interested in their items as a result of this.. Holographic sight technology was invented by them, and they are one of the most popular brands in the market. The EOTech 512.A65 sight is designed exclusively for short-range shooting and is used by the military, tactical shooters, field agents, and many customers worldwide.

The 512.A65 weapon sight is a high-quality tactical sight for consumers. If you’re someone who loves close combat encounters, then you’ll find this product very useful. The sight is very light, weighing only around 10.9 ounces. It has shatterproof material in the rear-facing window.

The internal lens is designed to stay waterproof and fog-free up to 10 feet. The superior quality aluminum body provides ultimate protection for internal electronics. The EOTech 512.A65 is shockproof and durable, perfect for tactical weapons. One of its main highlights is this site powered by just 2 A.A. batteries.

The sight offers two key benefits: precision performance and accuracy. This makes it one of the most popular holographic sights for close-range shooting. Being able to quickly acquire targets, shoot accurately, and maintain consistency is crucial for success in the close-range shooting.

The 512.A65 provides the best brightness levels possible, which gives you an advantage in short combat encounters. With a brightness level of 20, it is one of the most luminous products in the market. This product’s extensive brightness level provides enough eye relief during long encounters.

The camera will work well in low light or bright conditions. The battery level is constantly monitored by a microprocessor, so you can focus on taking pictures instead of worrying about your battery running out. The automatic shut down feature will turn off the camera if the battery gets too low to save power. You don’t need any tools to adjust this setting; it can be changed with just a few clicks.

This is a holographic sight. It doesn’t have magnification properties, but it is of good quality. The reticle (the thing that helps you aim) is not always the same, and some people might find that frustrating. But overall, the product is good. Another downside of this site is that it doesn’t work in the dark. Holographic sights are not meant to work in the dark, but 20 different brightness levels will help you see targets better under low light conditions.

The EOTech 512.A65 holographic sight is popular with law enforcement officials for personal and professional use. There are many fake versions of this site on the market, so be sure to buy from an authorized retailer or dealer. There is no better holographic sight available right now.


  • Superior quality military-grade design and construction.
  • Precision performance is electronically aided.
  • Lightweight.
  • Perfect for close combat situations.
  • Waterproof.
  • Shockproof.
  • Multiple brightness settings.
  • The optic is shatterproof.
  • All that is required to run this site is a set of 2 A.A. batteries..


  • Lack of night vision.
  • Inconsistencies in product quality as reported by many consumers.
  • Many fakes are floating around.

2. EOTech XPS2-0

EOTech is a well-known company that makes optics for weapons. They designed and created holographic weapon sights, which became popular and used by shooters in the U.S. and other countries. They continue developing new optical accessories for weapons and have a wide range of products. If you want to buy a holographic sight, EOTech is the first brand you should consider. One of their best combat sights is the EOTech XPS2-0.

The XPS2-0 holographic sight is a compact sight that uses a square lens design. It is one of the best sights available, and it is second only to the XPS2-2 in terms of performance.

This device provides lightning-quick target acquisition and precision shooting. It is very lightweight, only 9 ounces, and the objective lens size is the same, so it is very accurate. This sight is shorter and more compact, but it costs more.

This sight will be beneficial if you are often worried about having enough rail space on your gun. It takes up less space on the rail than other sights, so it is perfect for people using a magnifier or other iron sights.

EOTech has made its optic smaller and lighter by using a single 123 lithium-ion battery. This makes it lighter, but the battery is more expensive than A.A. batteries. It also has a lesser 400-hour battery life.. However, on average, you will get 600 hours of battery life in medium brightness mode, which should be fine for most people.

The optic lens is surrounded by a protective layer that eliminates glare in bright light conditions. The optic is clear and offers a wide field of view, providing excellent precision and accuracy. The external 65 MOA red circle reticle, centered on an internal 1 MOS red dot, allows for quick target acquisition. This site is easy to use, and new shooters can get hold of it right away.

The XPS2-0 sight is designed with military-grade aluminum. This makes the sight very strong and able to handle powerful weapons. The three main drawbacks of this site are:

  • The lack of night vision.
  • The high cost of replacement batteries.
  • The high price tag.

Despite these drawbacks, the XPS2-0 is still one of the best holographic sights for combat shooting applications.


  • 20 brightness settings.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Waterproof.
  • Automatic shutdown function.
  • High-quality design and construction.


  • Not night vision compatible.
  • Pricier.
  • 123 lithium battery is more expensive and is not readily available.

3. Dagger Defense DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight

Dagger Defense is a company that is owned and operated by a veteran. This company makes all kinds of weapon accessories and optics to make it easier to hit your target.

They also have products for people who want to be better shooters in the future. These sights can help you become a pro shooter one day because they are accurate, durable, and high quality.

The DDHB red dot sight is currently the most cost-effective and high-quality reflex sight on the market. This product will save you money and allow you to purchase multiple firearm accessories. The tough aircraft quality and durable aluminum construction give it the durability needed to handle all of the harsh conditions on the field. DDHB is small and does not take up much space on your weapon rail.

This site can help you shoot your target better. It is perfect and enables you to see where you are shooting. The Dagger Defense company made it very light but still firm. You can see in the dark, and it has a 4 pattern reticle. You can also adjust the brightness from dim to bright.

This red dot sight can be easily installed on many firearms, like AK47s, AR10s, AR15s, and even pistols and rifles. If you are looking for the best AR scope, you consider using this one. You can install it on firearms that come with rail space. This site will make your tactical rifle look good, and it will be easier to find your target and have successful encounters.

This is the red dot sight you should get if you’re seeking for an excellent one. It is a good choice for someone looking for their first red dot sight. This product has many good features, like brightness adjustments that can be locked on using locking screws. This prevents the sight from getting worse over time. It is accurate and efficient, with a 33mm aperture and a 15.8mm field of view at 100m.

The company offers a limited period warranty. If you find any faults in the product, contact customer service to get it replaced. One of the most important features of DDHB is its reticle, which allows for reticle adjustments, red or green reticle lighting, and other configurations. It’s not waterproof, but it’s water-resistant, so you may use it even when it’s raining or cloudy outside.

The DDHB red dot reflex sight from Dagger Defense is a high-quality, affordable reflex sight. Many customers appreciate the product quality for the price paid. However, some people think that the brightness level could be better.


  • Best value for money.
  • It can be mounted on any rifle.
  • High quality, durable and shockproof.
  • Brightness adjustments.
  • Best target acquisition.t target acquisition.
  • Excellent customer support.


  • No magnifying properties.
  • Brightness can be improved.

4. BeamQ Reflex Holographic Rifle Scope Dot Sight

The beam company makes a lot of different laser sights and accessories. They have a wide variety of lasers and accessories. As for red dot tactical sights, the company offers around five products. We will talk about one of them – the BeamQ reflex holographic rifle scope dot sight. BeamQ’s holographic sight is better to those made by other one-of-a-kind holographic sight companies.

The best red dot holographic scope dot sight might be expensive, but this product offered by BeamQ is a good value. It has many features and is cheaper than other sights. If you are looking for a good sight that is also affordable, then this product is a good option.

This site has many features that may appeal to you. Before you make your purchase, be sure to learn about all of them. For example, you can choose from 8 different reticles. And the sight is available in both red and green colors.

Different reticles (or sights) mean different sight options. Everyone has a different preference, so this sight lets each person adjust it to their liking. This site will work well for a rifle used by multiple people.

This site offers a wide range of brightness adjustments. Depending on the light conditions, you can change the sight’s brightness or dark. The controls are easy to use, so you can make these adjustments quickly.

Durability is not something we would usually associate with a cheap product. However, the BeamQ reflex holographic rifle scope dot sight is different. It is made from tan metal, making it very strong and able to handle harsh conditions. It may not be waterproof, but you can use it in the rain or fog without any problems. It also uses CR2032 batteries, which you will need to buy separately. The quality of this product is much better than other cheap holographic sights, making it a good choice for people looking for a bargain.

The beam reflex sight is an excellent buy if you look for a good, cheap sight for your firearms. It is highly durable, and many cost-conscious shooters love it. It has multiple dot sight settings, which attracts many customers. This is one of the few yellow-colored sights available in the market. Desert hunters and those who want an alternative to the black-colored sight can buy this.

The product has a field of view of about 15.8mm at 100m with an aperture of 22mm. It weighs only 310g, which is light and ideal for combat operations. The pack comes with the sight, storage box, 2 hex wrenches, instruction manual, and a cleaning cloth.

You will need to purchase batteries separately for the BeamQ holographic sight. The night vision feature is not available. You cannot expect the same luxury features you would find in other leading brands. However, BeamQ offers the best value for your money, and we recommend it to first-time buyers.


  • 8 reticles.
  • Wide brightness adjustments.
  • Cheap and durable.
  • Yellow sand-colored sight.


  • There is no night vision.
  • There are no multiple sight functions or adjustments available.
  • Separate batteries should be purchased.

5. EOTech HHS II

EOTech is the most popular and trusted manufacturer of firearm accessories and sights. All of their products are designed in-house and manufactured in the United States. This company invented the holographic weapon sight, so they are so well-known. If you want to shoot accurately under any circumstance, you need a holographic hybrid sight.

This will assist you in swiftly acquiring your target and properly transforming your shoot. The Holographic Hybrid Sight II from EOTech is great for tactical shooting situations. Just like a long range rifle scope, this sight can be used for short and long-distance shootings, transitioning quickly between the two.

The magnifier is suitable for shooting from a long distance. The Switch to Side mount can be used to turn it off. People who are hurting and need to hit a moving target will understand what this means. Using the magnifier, you will see things from a longer distance, which can be very useful in the field.

The EXPS2-2 has a design that does not lose much rail space. This allows for open-eyed operation and handling all kinds of situations. The sight also has a reticle with a 68 MOA outer ring and 1 MOA center dot, which ensures accuracy and precision under different encounter ranges.

The magnifier on the G33.STS can help you shoot long distances more accurately. The 3X magnification is perfect for most situations. And if you need to switch to a different type of shooting range, the Side (STS) mount will make it easy for you to do so.

The HHS II sight comes with quick release mounts that let you quickly mount or re-mount the sight. The sight is also submersible, which means you can use it for underwater adventures. The sight base is raised by around 7mm, which lets you mount other iron sights and accessories. The illumination buttons on the EXPS2-2 can be easily adjusted from the side.

The 123 lithium battery is mounted across the car and provides enough power. The G33.STS magnifier is powerful while still being small and light. You won’t need any more tools because you can make all of the modifications by yourself.

The diopter adjustment on the HHS II makes it easy to focus on your target. You can also adjust the magnification using the STS. No other tactical holographic sight offers as many options and flexibility as the HHS II. The Holographic Hybrid Sight II may be heavy and pricey, but it is a complete accessory for a tactical shooter. The quick detach mechanism and revolutionary STS mount make it one of the best hybrid sights in the market.


  • 10 feet waterproof.
  • 30 brightness settings.
  • Eye relief is unlimited.
  • Anti-glare.
  • Shatter resistance optics.
  • Auto power source indicator.
  • Auto-shutoff options.
  • STS mount.
  • Durable and accurate.
  • Crystal clear magnifier.


  • 23.1oz makes it considerably heavy.
  • Pricey.

Holographic Sights Buying Guide

A scope is a tool that helps you shoot better. It makes it easier to hit what you are aiming at. There are two types of scopes: optical and holographic. Optical scopes have a regular view, while holographic sights show a green image of what you are shooting at. Most people prefer holographic sights because they are more accurate. Whether you are looking for a great scope for your Ruger 10/22 or a simple optics for your AR, understanding the specifications is important to make the decision.

A holographic weapon sight is a gun sight that does not magnify. It was created in 1998 by EOTech. With this kind of sight, you can look through an optical glass window and see the reticle image superimposed on what you are looking at. This means that the reticle will move when you move your gun, always on target.

The reticle goes to the left when you move your rifle to the left. This means you have greater control over precision and accuracy than ever before. These weapon sights are becoming increasingly popular as technology progresses, allowing them to be made smaller and less expensive, making them more accessible to a wider range of users. However, counterfeit and low-quality devices are also on the market, so buyers need to research before purchasing.

Some Facts About Today’s Holographic Weapon Sights:

1. Today’s holographic weapon sights are designed to be lightweight and compact.

2. The process uses laser light to project a holographic reticle onto the target plane.

3. The products often include space on the rail for other tools, such as rear iron sights or magnifiers.

4. The holographic weapon sights need a battery to work. You can use a lithium battery or an A.A. battery.

5. They cost, on average, between $400 and $600.

6. Holographic weapon sights are not the same as Red Dot sights, despite their resemblance. The aim point generated by an illuminated red dot distinguishes a Red Dot sight. Holographic firearm sights are more expensive and complicated than Red Dot sights, as they entail more than just a red dot.

The Pros and Cons About Today’s Holographic Weapon Sights


  • 1. A holographic weapon sight uses a circular reticle which is superior to a Red Dot because it gives you more control and precision. With a Red Dot, the shooter aims at a single red dot.
  • 2. These are high-tech devices. This means they have a streamlined design, are lightweight, and are small. People want and expect holographic weapon sights to look like this.
  • 3. People want these devices because they are faster than anything else. They also have more precision and control than anything else. Plus, the functionality keeps getting better over time.
  • 4. The reticle on holographic weapon sights is easy to see. You don’t have to worry about eye damage with these sights. The reticle is also very powerful and adjusts easily to different lighting conditions. These devices have a larger field of vision than other devices, such as Red Dot sights.


  • 1. One of the biggest problems with holographic weapon sights is that they use a lot of battery power. Lasers use a lot of electricity, so these sights drain batteries quickly. Make sure to turn everything off when you’re not using them, or you’ll end up spending more money on batteries than you need to.
  • 2. Some functionality requires memorizing button commands to work well. People who do not like having to remember commands may find this challenging.
  • 3. Although the holographic weapon sights are famous, they are more expensive than Red Dots. You must be willing to spend up to $1,000 on the devices. The usual device costs between $400 and $600. Discounts on certain products, however, can be available on specific websites.
  • 4. Some people say that the Red Dot sights are better at longer distances than the holographic weapon sights.

Why EOTech Sights Are The Best:

Many companies make holographic weapon sights. One of the most well-known companies is EOTech. They design, manufacture, and sell electro-optic products. Their holographic weapon sights are designed for small arms and military and law enforcement weapons.

EOTech is the best brand of holographic weapon sights. They have products that have been tested and proven to be better than other brands. When looking for these devices, be sure to look for the EOTech label to ensure you are getting a quality product. Because there are so many fake EOTech items on the market, it’s critical to be aware of them before making a purchase.

Reviews for the EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights:

User One is a former army soldier who served in the 101st Airborne Division. On his AR-15 9mm, the holographic weapon sight fit snugly and straightly. He was able to zero in on the target in fewer than 20 shots. The customer discovered that the device’s brightness could be changed and that it automatically turned off after four hours. This saves battery power.

User Two found that they could find a good deal on an authentic model if they researched first. Mounting the model was easy, and it only took seconds, with either the regular hex nut or oversized thumbscrew.

A U.S. Army Infantry rifleman, User Three found that the EOTech was more reliable than the Aimpoint. The user found that Aimpoint was hard to keep parts together, such as screws. The user found that EOTech was reliable and easy to operate. The user also found that EOTech was sturdy.

The EOTech devices are used by law enforcement and the military. They have many benefits, such as a wide field of view and simple ease of function. The devices are suitable for close combat, and they are easy on the eyes. The user also indicated that the EOTech is easy to install. The user had to slide the device onto the rail and lock it down with the set screw.

There are many different types of holographic weapons sights. The EOTech devices are the best ones to buy. They can be found online at authorized dealers. Users need to do their research to avoid purchasing counterfeit devices.

For more information about various rifle sights, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Holographic Sights

What Is the Point of a Holographic Sight?

A holographic weapon sight, also known as a holographic diffraction sight, is a form of firearm sight that displays a holographic reticle picture in the field of view. This helps you aim better when shooting.

Is a Holographic Sight Worth It?

Overall, holographic sights are the greatest option for someone looking for a high-tech sight that never loses focus.. If your front lens is broken, it will still work. And it also allows you to find your target faster.

What Is a Better Red Dot or Holographic Sight?

Red dots use power-saving LED lights, while holographic sights need lasers to create holograms. This is why red dots have up to 50,000 hours of battery life. Compared to holographic sights that usually offer 500 to 1,000 hours of battery life, red dots are the clear winners because they last longer.

Do Holographic Sights Work With Astigmatism?

Holographic optics are often a good choice for people who have astigmatism. This is because the reticles in holographic optics are often clear and easy to use. The EOTech EXPS2-0 sight is an example of a holographic optic with a good reticle design.

What’s the Difference Between a Red Dot and a Reflex Sight?

A reflex sight encased in a tube is known as a real red dot sight. They have a more luminous reticle than open sights. A larger field of view and infinite eye relief are provided by open reflex sights. Tube-style red dot sights are perfect for rifles, shotguns, and other long guns and target shooters.

Which Is Better, Aimpoint or EOTech?

Aimpoint is a good choice for shooters who want a lighter optic. If someone has astigmatisms in their eyes, EOTech might work better. Aimpoint has a 3X and 6X option for magnifier usage, while EOTech has a 3X and 5X option.

Is There a Holographic Pistol Sight?

The HWS 552 is the most popular night vision-compatible holographic weapon sight. It is available globally and uses A.A. batteries. The mount is compatible with 1″ Weaver and MIL-STD-1913 rails and includes a hex cross bolt and thumbscrew.

What Is the Difference Between a Holographic and Reflex Sight?

Reflex or red dot sights do not magnify what you see but use a fixed red dot that you can quickly sight onto your target and then shoot. Holographic sights use a dot or some other reticle floating in the optic as you are aiming. It’s the dot, circle, or slight v shape that lights up when you switch the power on.

What Optics Do the Navy SEALs Use?

The Aimpoint and EOTech red dot sights are extensively used by the United States’ top military divisions. These sights are frequently used by Navy SEALs and other special military organizations. The Aimpoint Comp M2 & M4 and the EOTech 553 Holographic Sight are two examples of these sights.

What Is the Best MOA for the Red Dot?

The 6 MOA dot is the best choice for close and fast-moving targets. The dot is big and easy to see, so you can quickly find your target and take the shot. This is perfect for IPSC disciplines, dog handlers, etc.

What Is the Best MOA for the Red Dot?

The main difference between green dot and red dot sights is your preference. Some people like green better because it is easier to see in the daylight. Low-light conditions make red easier to see. In the daylight, green may persist longer than red.

Do Marines Use EOTech?

The U.S. Special Operations Command, Army, and Marine Corps buy holographic weapon sights and ship them to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Eotech holographic weapon sight projects an illuminated reticle pattern directly on the target, making it easier for soldiers to aim their weapons accurately.