How to Hunt Deer from the Ground

How to Hunt Deer from the Ground

Ground hunting may be just what you’re searching for if you’re seeking a different kind of hunting experience. Ground hunting is an exciting way to hunt Deer that can provide hours of entertainment and excitement.

Many hunters have more success at ground level because the Deer do not see them as easily as they would if the hunter was on top of a tree stand. Deer are also more likely to feed near their bedding areas or water sources when they are on the ground. Making it easier for hunters to get close enough without spooking them off. If you want to learn how to successfully ground hunt deer this fall, read on!

Several Reasons to Use a Ground Blind When Deer Hunting

Blind netting has steadily risen in popularity among deer hunters during the last ten years. They can be put on and taken down rapidly, keeping you more hidden than ever before, and let’s be honest. You can hunt much more comfortably when you don’t get hit by another deer.

Even though ground blind technology is growing in popularity over time, many individuals are still unfamiliar with its usefulness. Ground blinds might assist you in avoiding going onto the field for longer, allowing this large mature buck to appear on your field at last.

Hunt Deer Travel Corridors

Most people think of a strip of forest enclosed with grassland when you mention road routes and deer hunts. It is an avenue, to be sure. On the other hand, Deer may use considerably larger pathways than this. Deer frequently utilize a little fenceline as part of their journey across open terrain.

Occasionally, people will go to country roads or open fields with a little grass strip about 2 feet high. Deer stand at an elevation of just over three feet. There may be a traveling corridor and an irrigated lane in an irrigated region near a farming field. This might simply be one of the barren tucks on the lawn. You’ll have some chances for hunting, as well as finding a means of transportation through the area.

Hunting From the Ground: No Movement Allowed

Whitetail deer are usually seen when they are walking. If a buck hunts from a tree, it can be on the same level as Deer. That’s where they live. Deer know that there are the largest predators in the area. Deer oversee the ground, which makes it easy to hunt them if you remain stationary in your area. This works well for deer hunters sitting on trees, but not as much as it sounds like. While hunting for Deer, sometimes you will move around quite often, making it hard to see them before they see you because people cannot see 360 degrees of vision on land while hunting for Deer.

Hunt at the Right Time

This one will be important because Deer move a lot. When it is light out, they move more, and when it’s dark, they don’t move as much. Always hunt at night because that’s when they do most of their movement. It was a fun hunt because I got to stay all day and night watching them using a night vision scope.

But there are other reasons to hunt Deer besides staying up late or getting up early. At Whitetail breeding season, bears also change their behavior from before, so you will have a better chance of seeing them if you go during this period. Find out if your area has ruts and go during this period for even more success!

Sit on a Stool

Hunting in bushes and fallen trees is very hard. Bowhunting is also difficult. You must sit still and decide when to shoot. Some parts of the Whitetail deer’s country are desolate, with not many trees. Most deer sleep in cattails or in seagrasses on deserted prairies.

Scent-Free: The Way to Be Scent Free

Deer hunters need to be careful not to smell bad. If they do, deer will be scared away. But there is a way to make sure the person does not smell. They can prepare their car and walk 100 meters from it, or walk two kilometers in mild weather without sweating. They may need a little bit of scent, but it doesn’t have to be a lot – just enough so that the Deer don’t get scared away by their scent when they’re hunting them in the sky or in water.


Open land animals such as Deer and antelope can be found with spots and stalks. Whitetail hunting is common for people who want to hunt animals from trees. A lot of people don’t have a problem with this.

Use Ground Blinds

It’s frequently neglected, and it can be deadly if left untreated. When you’ve always seen Deer on your land or predicted their habitat usage via habitat works like food plots and dense bedding, this might seem obvious. You may construct one out of natural materials or install a manufactured blind in any location you choose. If you want to put it in a cornfield, that’s fine! Avoid planting anything 50 yards from the track where the Deer are likely to travel. We all know that trees aren’t without flaws!

Keep the Wind & Deer in Your Face

The first thing in deer hunting is to get it. When deer hunting, there are several reasons to use a ground blind. Whitetails Deer can see well most of the time, but they cannot detect us when the wind blows into our faces and when they are close to us. This is especially important if you hunt from ground level because your scent will be below ground level, where the Deer’s nose is.

Camo Up for Ground Level Success

Whitetail deer cannot see all colors but can see some. If you want to get the buck out of the ground, you have to do so by not noticing them. You need to wear camouflaged clothes, so they won’t notice you. Wearing a face mask on top of your clothes will help too because it will make the outline of your face disappear.

See Long Ways

Sit and take a walk around the area where there are many Deer. By walking, you can hunt for Deer that might contact them. Hunting for Deer on the ground is different than hunting from a rifle because of the vegetation and terrain. You don’t need to go hunting in an area with 500 acres if there are 500 acres all around you. If you see deer crossing or eating in bushes on any of these acres, then go.

Ground Hunting for Whitetail

Whitetail deer hunting is a good option. People usually hunt standing on the ground. It’s one of the best methods to get to Deer, but it doesn’t always work. If trees are small or in wide-open spaces where hunters need to have good eyesight, there are better ways for people to hunt Deer. Bring the monkey down from the tree! Here are 8 tips for hunting deer.

Ground Hunting Means No Silhouette

When hunting Deer, you don’t need a natural cover to your head, arms, or legs. Whitetails can spot blobs that stand there. Quick. Avoid sitting on bushes when hunting unless a rifle is aimed at a distance of 100 yards or longer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hunting Deer From the Ground

Can You Bowhunt From the Ground?

Bowhunting off the ground is a good way to hunt on a property. You should not do it on private property, but you could do it in larger areas. This technique can be used for different things. For example, you will not need trees or bare ground blinds to hunt from here.

Is It Better to Hunt in a Stand or on the Ground?

When hiking in a new area, you need to have the proper gear. Sometimes people don’t have this when they are hiking. Ground hunting isn’t for everyone, but it is good when hunting a particular deer or no shade on view.

Can You Bow Hunt Whitetail From the Ground?

Bowhunting on the ground is not a good strategy for hunting large private land. You need no trees or ground blinds. It is good to hunt on public property or at large private land.

Can You Bow Hunt Without a Blind?

When you hunt without a stand, look for places that never have a stand before. These are the places where Deer are often found.

Is It Hard to Bow Hunt on the Ground?

The first step is to get onto the stool. It can be hard to find an empty cabin because there are so many trees. But when you do, you need to bow hunt. You need to stand very still and wait for the right time for your arrows.

Why Do I Never See Deer While Hunting?

If you miss Deer, you can try sitting in tree stands late or go out late. You should do this an hour before the Deer’s movements. That means that you need to be there before sunrise and at dusk.

How Long Does It Take a Deer to Get Used to a Blind?

Blinding is something that Deer cannot see. You should not go into these areas. Deer are sensitive to this, so you need to start early and keep it for three or six weeks if you want to do it.

Can Deer Smell You in a Blind?

Even when trying to cover up the human smell, a deer can find it. A good hunter should always stage near the prey so that the animal doesn’t notice its smell. Use sprays on drapes and furniture to help hide your aroma from being noticed.

Do Deer Pay Attention to Ground Blinds?

The bears can be seen by predators because of the blinds on the ballasts. Blinds can be covered and made to look like they are not there. The bears can use their surroundings as camouflage around them.

How Long Does It Take for a Deer to Get Used to a Ground Blind?

You need to install this deer feeder in advance. Put it up 3-4 weeks before the season starts so that Deer have time to get used to it.

Do Deer Like High or Low Ground?

Deer like to go to places where they can see very far. Try to find the most challenging places and travel there when you plan a trip.

Can You Crossbow Hunt on the Ground?

The movements of a weapon are different than other weapons. They are much less likely to reach the intended target. Crossbow hunting is becoming popular among older people because they can use it, and it doesn’t scare them as guns do.

Can I Bowhunt From the Ground?

The hunters in the soil can find big, mature bucks that other hunters might not notice. You will find many opportunities to hunt this way.

Will a Crossbow Drop a Deer?

It is hard to hit branches and grass when shooting with a crossbow. Strong wind direction can even push your arrow to the left of the target, so it misses. You want to shoot Deer when you are 10-30 meters away from it for maximum efficiency.

How Far Is Too Far to Shoot a Deer With a Crossbow?

A strong crossbow can shoot up to 400 yards. For an experienced hunter, 70-80 yards range is possible. But you should only try 30-40 yards if you want to be more confident.

Can You Hunt Without a Blind or Stand?

When you hunt from the ground without a blind, you are bowhunting. You might not reach some areas, yet Deer are present.