Best Hunting Gloves 2020 – Top Gloves for Hunters Reviewed

Best Hunting Gloves

A good pair of hunting gloves can keep a hunter's hands warm. Hunting gloves can also improve the surface grip of a bow or a hunting rifle. Hunting gloves with a camo design can help you blend into the environment and hide you from your prey. Every hunter requires a good pair of hunting gloves.

The best way to find the right pair of hunting gloves for you is to think about what you need. Do you need cold weather protection for your hands? Is camo important? Do you need textured palm pads for a secure surface grip? Choose the criteria for the right pair of gloves before beginning your search for the right pair of gloves.

Best Hunting Gloves Reviews

The following list has the specifications for hunting gloves from different brands. We are confident that one of these hunting gloves will meet all your requirements.

The form-fitting text to touch hunting gloves from ScentBlocker comes in a camo design to help you blend in with the environment while hunting your prey. The gloves have a 6% spandex and 94% polyester blend that wicks away moisture.

These Scentblocker hunting gloves use the Trinity scent control technology to keep your hands fresh. Trinity technology absorbs up to 40% of human odors and helps you avoid detection from the prey that you are hunting.

The honeycomb palm pads ensure that you have a secure hold on different surfaces. While the text to touch fingertips, let you use any touchscreen device with ease. These lightweight gloves are perfect for mild weather but not cold weather use.

The Hot Shot hybrid hunting gloves have a camo design polyester shell and 80g of Thinsulate insulation. The Odor X polyester lining prevents odors. The textured palm helps with surface grip. The pro text forefinger lets you use touchscreen devices and text.

The "Predator" Pop-Top Mitten hybrid hunting gloves combine cold weather protection and manual dexterity. Keep the gloves with the mittens on for ultimate hand protection in cold weather. Remove the mitten section when you need to use more manual dexterity.

Magnets hold the mitten closed and out of the way when opened. The gloves have a zippered pocket on the back of the mitten for a hand warmer. These gloves are not for arctic temperatures.

The Predator Pop-To Mitten hybrid gloves exceeded many expectations and functioned well, but some people found that the magnetic closure easily opened.

The SC Primer gloves are available in three camo designs. These Under Armour gloves take advantage of scent control technology to suppress and trap odors for efficient hunting. Your prey won't catch your scent with these gloves.

The SC hunting gloves aren't insulated. Under Armour uses the ColdGear infrared lining to retain body heat. The UA Storm Finish technology repels snow and rain. These gloves protect your knuckles with light foam padding over the knuckle area.

The tech touch fabric on the thumb and forefinger lets you use touchscreen devices without removing your gloves. The gloves run small, so purchase a size up for a good fit.

There is also the fact that the cuff is too small. Some users have found it difficult to insert the hand past the cuff. However, once their hand was inside the glove, they liked the fit.

The Aleutian fleece-lined neoprene hunting gloves are slim and form-fitting. These gloves aren't like some of the bulky gloves used for hunting. The 2mm of fleece-lined neoprene keeps your hands warm during mild and cold weather. These gloves are not for extreme cold weather.

These gloves have a seamless palm design with sharkskin textured palm for a secure grip on your weapon. The gloves are blind stitched and glued shut for a 100% waterproof result. While these gloves are waterproof, they have a breathable membrane.

The Glaciar Cove Aleutian hunting gloves are not for use in arctic weather. These gloves are best for milder weather. The gloves will keep your hands warm and dry during mild and cool weather. The gloves have low friction fingertips for shooting and casting.

The Aleutian hunting gloves come with a lot of benefits, but if you need something for cold weather, they won't hold up. However, they do well for the waterfowl season. Just keep a hand warmer with you if it gets too cold.

The lightweight Sitka men's Whitetail camo hunting gloves are perfect as-is for early hunting season. These gloves are worn mid-season with layering. These gloves should be worn with the fanatic series muff and hand warmers during the late season.

These hunting gloves are made from durable polyester fabric. The Whitetail gloves have a water repellent finish. The gloves will resist precipitation and stop the face fabric from wetting out. The gloves have half-fingers on the thumb and forefinger.

These gloves are perfect all-season gloves as long as you don't mind a bit of layering or wearing a muff. Achieve good manual dexterity with the thumb and forefinger half-fingers. These are great gloves who prefer to have fingers free for a gun or bow trigger.

The Sitka Whitetail men's lightweight gloves are a great option for hunters who don't mind layering and don't want to wear bulky hunting gloves.

The Huntworth Men's Bonded Stealth hunting Gloves are great gloves for hunters that prefer gloves with disruption digital camo to keep you concealed during hunting season. The digital camo works in combination with a Microban(R) antimicrobial treatment to reduce your scent.

The gloves have a 3% spandex and a 97% polyester blend. The back of the shell is woven and bonded to a soft fleece material with a waterproof layer of film. The palm has a silicone print for the secure grip of a gun or a bow. While thin and lightweight, these gloves will keep your hands warm.

These hunting gloves are thin enough that you won't lose manual dexterity. Plus, the conductive thumb and index finger let you use touchscreen devices and text while wearing the gloves. These gloves will keep your hands in colder weather of the high thirty degrees.

Lower than the mid-'30s and you should use a muff and a hand warmer. Protect your hands during cold weather.

These stretchy lightweight gloves are comfortable. You won't lose manual dexterity with the Primos like you would with other bulky brand name hunting gloves. The gloves are breathable and fit like a second skin. The snug fit helps maintain manual dexterity.

The Primos have an extended cuff. The inner palm and fingers have sure grip inch dots for an improved and secure grip. Though the gloves improve grip, they don't come with a conductive thumb and index finger. You won't be able to text or use touchscreen devices with these gloves.

If you don't mind not texting or using touchscreen devices, the Primos hunting glove may be a good fit for you. The gloves are lightweight, durable, affordable, and will keep your hands warm during high 30's degree weather.

However, the Primos hunting gloves won't protect your hands during icy weather. These gloves aren't meant for layering. If cold weather protection is your primary requirement, look for different gloves.

Conclusion - Which Glove is Best for Hunters?

The hunting gloves reviewed on this list are all excellent gloves that will work during hunting at different temperatures. Some of the hunting gloves are bulky and warm, while other gloves are lightweight. The lightweight gloves are suitable for early in the hunting season when the weather is still mild.

Though all of the gloves are great for hunting, they each fill a specific need. Before choosing a pair of gloves, think about what you most need in a glove. Do you need cold weather protection? Or lightweight gloves? The gloves that you choose should be for the type of hunting that you do.

The one pair of gloves that stood out among the rest was the Sitka Men's Fanatic Whitetail Camo Hunting Gloves. Stika has a great reputation for making well-made hunting gloves from high quality, durable materials. The Whitetail camo gloves have an optifade design pattern that confuses the vision of a whitetail deer. The gloves are thin, lightweight, and half fingers in the thumb and forefinger improve accuracy. They also let you maintain manual dexterity.

The Sitka Whitetail Camo gloves are versatile. Use the gloves as is during nice weather. During cold weather, pair the gloves with the front hand muff built into the Sitka Fanatic Series pieces. Sitka designed the front hand muff for use with these lightweight gloves. If added warmth is needed, just add a hand warmer. Don't hesitate to try Sitka's Fanatic Whitetail Camo Hunting Gloves.

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