Best Hunting Release Reviews: Top 8 List with Buyer’s Guide

A bow release aid can significantly improve your hunting performance by making your shots accurate. Adjusting a bow release is super easy, and you do not have to be an experienced hunter to do it. But choosing a bow release is not as easy as it sounds, simply because there are numerous options to choose from.

The goal of this post is to help you make an informed decision when you choose the best bow release. We will discuss the best options, and the discussion will help you learn more about them. Here you will also learn about the mechanism of an ideal bow release. What should you look for in a hunting release aid? Read this post to learn.

Top 8 Best Hunting Release Reviews

1) Tru Ball Max Hunter Release 3

If you are looking for a hunter release that can easily pull back heavyweights, Tru Ball Max Hunter Release 3 can be a great choice. For hunting, feel free to use this handheld release.

It has a 360-degree pivot, which means it can be rotated towards any position or side. The bearings are well-greased and sensitive. With an adjustable trigger tension and sensitive screws, this hunting release aid is a trigger. You can use the set screws to adjust the trigger tensions and stroke.

It has smaller jaws and a three-finger release. It enhances your bow speed even if the bow weighs 70lb. You can also let up the trigger and close the jaws.


  • No slipping off, smooth attachment to the D-loop
  • Compatible with many different types of hunting bows
  • 360 degrees rotation


  • A bit pricey
  • Screws could be more subtle

2) Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release by TRU Fire

This is one of the best wrist releases, in spite of the fact that it does not come with an ergonomic design. The right gear can significantly improve your hunting experience. This versatile wrist strap release is lightweight and easy to use.

With an adjustable padded nylon strap, this wrist release is very popular among hunters. The strap is dependable and durable, thanks to the tough material. You can easily control the sensitive trigger travel. Between the strap and the trigger, it allows a 1-inch length adjustment.

The firing mechanism is great. The bow release is reliable, thanks to the hard metal construction. The design involves a dual caliph that makes the shots more accurate. You will find this bow release very helpful even if you are just getting started with archery.

Here are the pros and cons of this hunting release aid:


  • Effective firing components
  • Weather-proof padded nylon strap
  • Cheap price
  • 1-inch adjustment between the strap and trigger


  • Lightweight Velcro straps are not tough
  • Dual caliper jaws could be better

3) TruFire Hardcore Buckle Compound Bow Release

With this adjustable hunting release aid, you will enjoy more comfortable shooting. It has some amazing features. First, it has a fold-back strap. The strap is made of leather, and it comes with camouflage prints. These prints are very helpful when you are targeting close-range animals.

The trigger travel is adjustable, and you can use it whether you are a left or right-handed user. It also has a locking option. This bow release can be easily secured to the wrist.

Another great thing about this hunting release is that it has the TruFire Center technology. This amazing technology can effectively eliminate torque levels. The bearing is built-in, and that is why its rotation is smooth.

Feel free to attach this bow release when you are in the wilderness. Thanks to the firm trigger hook, you will never lose this hunting release aid.


  • Comes with adjustable strap buckles, a hook and a swept-back trigger
  • 20-degree rotation in both directions
  • Equally suitable for left-handed shooters


  • Around the strap, no double thread stitch
  • Trigger assembly could be sturdier

4) Carbon Express TruFire Hardcore Compound Bow Release

If you have already fallen in love with the TruFire brand, this bow release will make you happier, partly because it is a low-priced product. If you have smaller wrists, you will find it easier to use this bow release. The wrist strap has a camouflage buckle, and it is adjustable.

A few amazing features have set it apart from other bow releases. This is an ambidextrous bow release, which means you can use it whether you are a right or left-handed shooter. No special tool is needed to adjust the length.

It is very easy to use this bow release. The heat-treated jaws can be easily opened and closed. The caliper mechanism makes the process super easy.

It also comes with a sensitive and free-floating trigger trip. The length adjustment is almost intuitive, which means you will be able to do it even if you have no experience using a hunting release.


  • Between the trigger and the strap, it allows one-inch length adjustment
  • Camouflage buckle strap


  • Very sensitive trigger travel
  • Minimum draw weight is 70lbs

5) Archery Caliper Grip Release by SCOTT

This T-handle release has a finger trigger. It has a special side screw that can be used to adjust its sensitivity. Now we will take a look at other amazing features of this hunting release.

First, it has a solid design. The aluminum frame is covered by a rubber grip. For attaching a loop, the construction has some space. The release also has a unique orientation, and this is the reason why it is categorized as a hybrid bow release.

For archery target practices, this hunting release is great, partly because it is suitable for torque-free shooting. The release has very sensitive built-in bearings. The arrow is supported by the trigger as you take a shot. To regulate the sensitivity, you can use the Allen keys.


  • Adjustable curled trigger
  • Seamless operation of the handheld release


  • Calipers need to be lubricated
  • The screws used to regulate the sensitivity are too small.

6) Edge 4-Finger Hand-held Bow Release

If you are a tournament archer or hunter, consider using this handheld bow release, because it can greatly improve your shot accuracy. The camouflaged covered handle of this bow release aid will make the job a lot easier for you.

One of the best things about this hunting release is its sturdy construction. For easy portability, it has a sleek aluminum handle. The metal body is free from moisture and corrosion, thanks to the camouflage cover.

Because of the 360-degree rotation, you can enjoy torque-free shooting. This flexibility allows you to pivot it to any side. The bearings are well-lubricated and sensitive.

It also has a sensitive trigger trip that provides comfort and maximum performance. For fine-tuning, this trigger travel is very effective. This hunter release aid is also known for a very user-friendly thumb knob. Here are the pros and cons of this bow release:


  • Adjustable trigger travel
  • Adjustable knob activator
  • Sturdy design
  • 360-degree rotation


  • Calipers need to be oiled regularly
  • Not a very good choice for seasoned hunters

7) Scott Archery Shark Double Caliper Release

This leather release is especially known for its effectiveness and durability. Scott has some amazing models, and this is one of them. Although it is a low-priced product, its performance is noteworthy. Even if you are an experienced hunter, you can trust this hunting release.

It comes with a Swivel connector made of solid metal. The Swivel connector makes the entire release smooth and accurate. With this connector, you can achieve a reasonable level of draw strength. Archers love this bow release mainly because of this strong Swivel connector.

The knurled trigger has a perfect position, which contributes to the performance of this bow release. You can easily remove and adjust the leather strap buckle. Thanks to the smooth leather, you will not have to deal with skin irritation.

Whether you are a right or left-handed shooter, you will be comfortable with this ambidextrous bow release. Yes, you can wear it on either wrist. No additional tool is required for length adjustments.


  • Metal swivel connector
  • Leather built
  • Ambidextrous
  • Durable


  • Not a good choice for an inexperienced hunter
  • Strap buckle could be better

8) Wrist Release Buckle by Spot-Hogg Wiseguy

This is a simple-looking accessory, but it has a unique forward trigger design. If you are looking for a lightweight release, this wrist release buckle can be a great choice. You can use Allen keys to adjust the trigger. There are some other amazing features that make this accessory versatile.

This release is lightweight, and its trigger is adjustable. You can expect amazing draw length and speed, thanks to the trigger’s sensitivity. But this trigger is not like the spring-loaded triggers.

The length between the trigger and the strap is adjustable. The strap will fit your wrist, whether it is thin or fat. Both left and right-handed shooters can use it. The release aid is very easy to set up. It also makes your shots accurate.

Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced hunter, you will fall in love with the unique craftsmanship of this hunting release. Expert hunters praise the lightweight design of this accessory.


  • Lightweight
  • Forward-trigger design
  • Ambidextrous bow release


  • Not for those who prefer heavier triggers

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Bow Hunting Release

When you are going to choose a hunting release, you have to know what to look for in a hunting release. The problem is, there are numerous options to choose from. For an inexperienced hunter, it is a bit hard to make a choice.

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision. Hopefully, you will find the following discussion helpful. Here are a few things to consider:

Length adjustment

All bowhunters and archers are not the same types of physique. So, when you are going to buy a hunting release aid, make sure the trigger tension, pull force and trigger angle are easily adjustable. Length adjustment is important because if it is not adjustable, you will not feel comfortable with a bow release aid.

From time to time, you will have to adjust the length of your bow release aid. Also, make sure the Velcro straps and buckles are convenient for your bow’s setup.


When it comes to choosing a hunting release, there are basically two styles to choose from. As a hunter, your success to some extent depends on this choice. As a prospective buyer, you have to know whether to choose a hand release or a wrist release.

If you are a beginning hunter, a wrist release is probably a better choice for you. You can easily draw and release it, and it requires fewer adjustments.

An advanced archer usually prefers a hand release model. With this model, to release tension, you have to use your thumb.

When you pull back, it will give you a smooth feeling. Although it requires some adjustments, this model is lightweight and small. On the other hand, if a wrist release is not properly folded, it becomes a bit clumsy.


If you end up choosing an uncomfortable accessory, you will not be able to shoot the arrow accurately. When choosing the best hunting release aid, comfort is an important factor to consider. The wrist strap has a certain amount of padding, and this padding determines your level of comfort.

If a hunting release aid is not padded, probably you should look for another model. Remember, choosing a wrong accessory can spoil a long shooting section. Properly check the handle when you are buying a handheld release aid.

Make sure it is well-constructed and sturdy. You will not have to worry if you choose a high-quality hunting release aid. And when you do not worry, you will be able to focus on what really matters to you.

Build Quality

It is good to invest in a high-quality bow release aid because these accessories are not usually cheap. If you invest now, you will not have to worry about the quality in the future. So, make sure it is sturdy and well-constructed.

Bow release aids are made of many different types of materials. Make sure the accessory you are purchasing is made of good material. When choosing a wrist release, pick a leather strap. Strong materials will be able to withstand harsh treatment. You will have a really bad experience if the release suddenly stops working.

Final Thoughts on the Top Hunting Release

Choosing a good hunting release aid is not as easy as it sounds. But if you are equipped with the knowledge, making a choice is not that hard. We have tried to discuss everything you need to learn about these accessories.

Now the choice is up to you. However, you may have to try a few hunting releases before you find the best one for you. Now you know more about hunting release, and we hope you will be able to make an informed decision.

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