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Best Hunting Spear

Spears have been around for the last 400,000 years. Our ancestors used them for survival, and some native societies still use them to date. Over the years, spear design has dramatically improved. Now, you don't have to carve out a stone and attach it to a stick as our ancestors did. All you have to do is walk into a store and buy one.

Unfortunately, having a spear, even the best one, doesn't guarantee you success in hunting game. You need to perfect a skill that has been in use for thousands of years. Sounds easy, right? I mean, how hard could it be?

Ever since humans discovered cultivation and domestication of animals, we have relied less and less on hunting. As a result, our skills have deteriorated severely. In fact, in this day and age, the population of the world that can wield a spear and use it correctly to bring down a target is less than 2%.

Some people still prefer using a spear for hunting, as opposed to shooting the animal. Although using rifles to hunt is more efficient and saves on time and energy, it does not provide the kind of thrill and intimacy with the prey as spear hunting does.

Also, you can use a spear for hunting almost anything you can think of, from big game to fish and birds. Another advantage of spear hunting is that you get to experience first-hand the kind of emotion and thrill and satisfaction our ancestors felt when hunting. You also get a chance to know and understand your prey.

If you are thinking of buying a spear and have no idea where to start, don't worry, you're in the right place. On this guide, we are going to review five of the best hunting spears on the market. To top it off, we are also going to provide you with a buying guide with tips on the things you should look for when shopping for a good, high-quality spear.

Once you purchase your spear, remember to check the hunting laws in your states since spear hunting is illegal in some states. You can do this by asking state officials or by searching the internet.

Five of the best hunting spears on the market reviews

After thorough research and consulting expert spear hunters, we managed to compile this list of five of the best spears we found.

If you want to hunt boar, then you should consider buying this spear. As evidenced by the name, it is specially designed for boar hunting.

The Cold Steel 95BOASK Boar Spear with Secure-Ex Sheath comes with a spearhead that is 18.05 inches long, 3 inches wide, and a thickness of 3.03125 inches.

It is made of forged medium carbon steel; hence it is very flexible, sturdy, and less likely to break than other brittle steels. The handle tappers from the handle socket at 1.5 inches and tapers down to 1 inch near the end.

The tip of this spear is chipped razor-sharp hence it is guaranteed to cause significant damage to your prey. That, coupled with the shape of the spearhead, gives you a very useful hunting spear.

The combined length of the spear and handle gives it a total length of six feet and 10 inches. The staff is crafted from American ash wood; hence it is durable. It weighs only 4.25 pounds; therefore, it does not require too much effort to throw it at a decent distance.

As a safety feature, this spear comes with a secure-x form-fitted covering (sheath) that is buckled on the head. This ensures that you don't cut yourself or others accidentally when handling the spear.

This spear is seamless for large game hunting and comes with many advantages over using a knife. Its long length-almost seven feet is ideal for hunting big game at a safe distance. You can also use it as a walking stick to support yourself when hiking.


  • Its length gives it a long reach thus making it a very efficient and durable spear
  • The significant spearhead is sharp and very lethal to prey
  • Can be utilized for walking
  • Comes with a fitted sheath for added safety
  • The carbon made tough head clutches edges well
  • Has a sturdy handle that is great for throwing


  • Its weight (4.25 pounds) can make it a bit too heavy to throw a considerable distance if you are not strong enough.
  • Its long handle makes it impossible to carry on a rucksack.

The stuff of this spear is made from a great mixture of composite material to make it both durable and light for maximum efficiency. It has stainless steel, razor-sharp head, and is compact enough to carry in your backpack.

The M48 Kommando Talon Survival Spear has an eight-inch long head that is 1.5 inches wide. It is made of 2cr13 stainless steel; hence it is very strong and corrosion-resistant. Its total length is 44.45 inches. This makes it perfect for killing game in close quarters.

The handle is made of 30% fiberglass and is reinforced with nylon, thus making it strong while keeping it lightweight enough to throw over a considerable distance. It also has a modeled finger grip beneath the handle to provide you with a solid grip.

The spear handle and head combined weigh a total of 2.5 pounds hence making it pretty easy to throw and carry. The head is bolted to the staff; therefore, you don't have to worry about the handle detaching itself.

The handle also comes with a TRP rubber sheath to protect you from injuring yourself or others when handling the blade. The rubber sheath also protects the spearhead from damage.

This spear is perfect for hunters who want a compact spear that can for on a rucksack and still have enough power to bring down hogs, buffalo, deer, and other game.


  • Stainless steel head which is resistant to corrosion
  • Easy to carry on a rucksack
  • Has a fingered rubber grip for controlled thrusts and more comfortable throws
  • Durable fiberglass, nylon reinforced handle
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great for hunting buffalo, coyote, deer, bore and more


  • Shorter handle decreases accuracy and handling

​Its composite size, large spearhead, and compact size make it a favorite for many spear hunters. It is pretty affordable, too, given all that it has to offer.

The Cold Steel Assegai Spear Long Shaft is perfect for use as a primary and close-range backup weapon for hunting hogs, raccoons, rabbits, deer, coyote, and other similar game.

It has a 13.33-inch long head with a 2mm thick blade and 2.5-inch wide blade. The head is made of SK5 medium carbon steel, thus making it malleable and resistant to breakage. Instead of breaking, it bends and returns to shape. The spearhead comes chipped razor-sharp, thus making it very deadly.

The total length of this spear is just over 3 feet (38 inches) with a tarnished ash wood handle that offers a strong yet lightweight handle that is perfect for strong pokes, lunges, and throws.

When you consider its large spearhead and deadly power, this spear is pretty light. It weighs only 1.7 pounds and is very portable and easy to carry in your backpack or hand.

As a safety feature, it comes with a secure-ex form-fitted sheath to protect you from injuring yourself or others. The sheath also protects the spearhead from damage.

Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry in your hand or backpack. You can also carry multiple spears if you want since they are light and don't take up much space. Its lightweight and compact design come as an added advantage since this spear does not restrict your movement on any terrain.

If you want to buy multiple spears at once without having to spend too much, then you are in luck because these spears are very affordable.


  • Sharp and deadly and is suitable for hunting any size of game
  • Easy to carry since it is short and lightweight
  • Great for carrying in your rucksack as an emergency weapon for close encounters with dangerous game
  • Easy to throw
  • Quite affordable


  • Not efficient for use as hiking spear, unless you are very short
  • The short handle limits its reach

The Condor Tool and Knife long spear is an excellent alternative to the Cold Steel Boar Spear. It is also 18 inches shorter, thus making it less cumbersome to carry - it is 5 feet in length.

The head of the Yari spear is 14.5 inches long, 2.5mm thick, and roughly 3 inches across. This blade is truly a monster to be reckoned with. The spearhead handle is also replaceable. The handle starts at 1 inch and tappers into the socket.

The spearhead comes razor sharp out of the box and has an epoxy black powder coating to offer a sealed metal finish and protect it from rust and corrosion. The spearhead is also very durable, as it is made of 1075 carbon steel. 1075 carbon steel offers excellent hardness and durability, making it perfect for use in spearheads.

The overall length of the spear is 64.5 inches, making it perfect for big game hunting due to its reach. The long length coupled with added paracord handle in the middle facilitates great throwing and grip, respectively.

For protection, it comes with a handcrafted leather sheath that ensures safe handling and also protects the spearhead from mechanical damage.

This long spear is perfect for hunting big game due to the stopping power the head possesses. The American ash wood handle provides excellent balance, and the Paracord handle gives good grip for throwing and thrusting.

Its long length makes it perfect for use both as a spear and walking stick during hikes.


  • The long staff provides long reach for large game
  • Can double as a walking stick
  • Lightweight (weighs only 2.8 pounds)
  • Paracord handle provides extra grip
  • The 1075 carbon steel handle holds the edge well
  • It is large hence perfect for taking down massive game


  • Its length makes it impossible to carry on a rucksack
  • Slightly more expensive than the long cold Steel Boar Spear

​If you are looking for a simple yet effective spear, then this is the spear for you. Its design makes it look more like an enlarged surgical needle. It is perfect for distant stabbing and Olympic throwing.

Its aerodynamic design makes it suitable for piercing even the toughest of hides. It is six feet, eight inches long, and is made of 1055 carbon steel, which is ultra-tough and resilient.

The simple design includes a 64-inch ash wood staff that leads to a 16-inch cornicle tapered spearhead that weighs 12.2 oz. The overall weight of this spear is 46.6 oz, with a total length of 80 inches.

Its length makes it suitable for doubling as a walking stick. In terms of game, this spear can be used to hunt snakes, fish, and even big game- although it is more effective when used as a tool for slowing down the animal when distance and accuracy are required.


  • The extra length makes it safer to carry
  • The spearhead is specially designed for quick penetration and release
  • It is an excellent choice for hunting small game and slowing down big game
  • It is a perfect throwing spear due to its length and accuracy
  • Can also double as a walking stick


  • You need to be experienced to handle this spear effectively
  • It cannot fit on a rucksack; hence you have to carry it by hand always

Hunting spear buying guide

Purpose – what do you want to use it for?

You should consider the size and nature of the game you will be hunting with it. For big game, you need a spear with a relatively broad blade. It also needs to be lengthy to maintain a safe distance between you and the animal. For large game, you should also consider carrying a firearm as a backup weapon.
For smaller animals, you should pick a spear with a narrow blade. It should also be shorter and lighter.

If you plan on buying a spear for practicing purposes, choose one that is light and without wings. Short spears are perfect for practice.

If you plan on using your spear for decorative purposes, we recommend the Cold Steel Wing –we have not reviewed it here- Spear due to its resemblance to those used in European battlefields.

Materials the spear is made of

Material plays a significant role in determining the thrusting and throwing qualities of a spear. Ashwood is a durable staff material. However, some hunters prefer wood shaft or oak due to their slim and sturdy characteristics that enable them to fit nicely in your hand.

If you prefer a modern feel, you can go for nylon and fiberglass staff. They are strong and durable and perfect for a survivalist.

The material also affects the aesthetics of the spear. It can determine whether the spear is suitable as a decoration or hunting/practice spear.


Spearheads usually come razor-sharp out of the box. These sharp edges can cause injury to self and others if not handled properly. You should go for a spear that comes with a protective sheath to prevent accidental cuts or stabbings. A protective sheath also protects the spearhead from mechanical damage.


The weight of a spear dictates its throwing distance and the size of the game it can take down. Heavier spears are perfect for bringing down big game but come with a disadvantage in that they cannot be propelled over a large distance. Heavy spears also require experience for optimum hunting efficiency.

Lighter spears, on the other hand, are perfect for bringing down small game and slowing the down bigger game. They are also the best for use when practicing your throwing technique.


Like any other investment, you want your spear to last. You should, therefore, go for one that is made of durable materials that are resistant to corrosion and breakage.

A good example of durable spearheads are those made of steel. You should not go for a spear with an iron spearhead since iron is susceptible to rust.

Conclusion - Which Spear Is Best for Hunting

Spear hunting has been around for millennia. That alone is enough to signify its effectiveness and popularity. It, however, requires excellent skills and the right spear for the job. Above, we have reviewed some of the best spears in the market to help ease your search.  Cold Steel 95BOASK Boar Spear with Secure-Ex Sheath is the best.It contains all the requirements a hunter would want.

If none of the spears we have reviewed match your requirements, you can always shop for one at your favorite store, when shopping for a spear, remember to consider the factors we have provided on the buying guide.

Before buying a hunting spear, you should also remember to check state laws on hunting since it is illegal in some states. That being said, we wish you luck in your hunting adventure.

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