Mountain Hunting Backpack: The Ultimate Guide

Mystery Ranch Metcalf Hunting Backpack

The goat hunting season in Southeast Alaska is not easy. The weather can change quickly from mild and clear to cold and snowy in a few hours. The goats hide on high cliffs. Unless you have a helicopter, you can only get to them by walking.

The Mystery Ranch Metcalf backpack survived slides down rocky cliffs and through the coastal rainforest terrain. The pack stayed dry when testers went through rainforests and were perfectly balanced on their backs. Although the color choices could be better, our Alaskan testers had no other complaints.


  • Belt with five points for even weight distribution
  • Excellent storage space
  • tenacious attachment sites
  • Expandable load sling for packing more weight down your spine between the frame and the backpack.


  • A $500 bag is only available in three colors, one of which is camo.
  • ARMY PANS Tactical Hunting Backpack
  • This backpack is perfect if you need to bring snacks, a change of clothes, or ammunition with you somewhere. It’s an excellent backpack for under $50. You can fit many things in it, like extra clothes or sighting scopes.

Badlands Diablo Dos Hunting Backpack

The Badlands Diablo Dos Hunting Backpack is an excellent backpack for people who want to carry many things. It is comfy to wear and includes many functions that will make your life easier. This backpack was perfect, and the designers ensured it had all the right features.

The Diablo Dos backpack uses a system that keeps the air flowing. It helps keep you cool and prevents sweat from building up. They also use straps that are pressure-free and comfortable. Finally, they have a padded belt that takes the weight off your shoulders and puts it on your hips.

This pack is comprised of material that has been coated with C6 Durable Water Repellent (DWR). It means that rather than being absorbed, water will bead up and roll off the pack. The material is reinforced with ultra-reinforced thread at significant stress points, including the rear compression straps.


  • Water resistant material C6 DWR-treated
  • Bow, rifle, and pistol compatible
  • 3L hydration systems are compatible.
  • For airflow, ventilated foam and strong mesh are used.
  • Every stress point is reinforced with a 100lb reinforcing thread.


  • A little pricey for 31L

Badlands Pursuit Hunting Backpack

The Badlands Pursuit is a lightweight backpack perfect for chasing your game. It is less than 2 pounds and can hold up to 1500 cubic inches of hunting gear. This backpack is ideal for a shorter trip into the woods or deer hunting, where you must carry your equipment on your back.

The Badlands Pursuit is constructed from the same durable and water-resistant material as the Diablo Dos. It also incorporates reinforced stitching at stress spots and load-bearing cross-sections for added durability and assurance. The hydration pocket can contain up to three liters of water, and the airflow-driven suspension keeps your torso dry towards the conclusion of your trek.


  • Water resistant textile with DWR treatment
  • One of the lighter hunting bags.
  • 3L hydration systems are compatible.
  • For airflow, ventilated foam and strong mesh are used.
  • Every stress point is reinforced with a 100lb reinforcing thread.


  • There isn’t much room for packing meat out.
  • Only one color is available.

ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Day Pack

This backpack is perfect for hunting. It’s affordable and of good quality. The hip belts and shoulder straps are padded, making them comfortable to wear for long periods. Additional features, such as a hydration hose slot and large mesh side pockets, facilitate access to your items.

This camouflage hunting backpack has the finest elements of lightweight gear with the durability of robust construction, weighing only about two pounds when unpacked. The spacious main pocket and front accessory allows you to keep track of your things efficiently. Still, there are additional attachment points on the back of the bag, just in case. It is an excellent backpack for keeping you on the trail for a low price tag.


  • Weighs 2.1lbs
  • Padded hip belt
  • Adjustable sternum straps
  • Side-compression straps


  • It could use more compression straps.

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Hunting Backpack + Pack Bag

It is the type of backpack that you would use for traditional hunting. It is made from durable materials and is comfortable to wear for long periods. The backpack also has room to add more items if necessary.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Backpack with Frame has a lot of space. Including a pocket for a spotting scope, a place to put your rifle or crossbow, and an extra flap that keeps your trophy safe. This backpack weighs just over two pounds when empty, which isn’t too heavy to carry. Your search is over if you desire the finest of both worlds in one bag. With the External Frame and Internal Frame design, then the OutdoorZ Commander might be perfect for you.


  • 17-23 inch torso range
  • Hydration pocket and port
  • Durable Nylon Ripstop fabric
  • Internal horizontal divider
  • Webbing loops


  • Not waterproof
  • oud material
  • It doesn’t include Commander Freighter Frame

Eberlestock F1 Mainframe Pack

These packs are not intended for casual hunters or bargain-seekers. They are designed for people who want something that will last a long time and can carry a lot of weight. The F1 Mainframe has zippered attachment points that work with other Eberlestock products, like duffels and drybags.

This frame’s webbing helps attach rifle and bow scabbards, ammo pouches, and other bags. It keeps the weight of the items closer to your body, making it easier to carry them. The compression straps also help to keep everything in place.

It’s completely customizable, my friend. You can add or remove whatever you require for your chosen hunt. You can arrange your compartments to suit your build and strength better. Add more bags for extra meat. It is the most pleasing way to go if you’re serious about your hunt.


  • It has been tested to withstand 700 pounds.
  • The frame weighs little more than 4 pounds.
  • Taller versions are available.
  • Three horizontal compression straps are included to attach additional packs.


  • Pack systems and bags sold separately
  • Pricey

Eberlestock X2 Pack

This backpack is excellent for people who love organization and like to have a lot of space. This backpack contains one large compartment and two smaller side sections that may be unzipped to provide additional storage space. It also has a cover for your brain and a special place to put your meat if you’re hunting. If you need extra space, there are numerous locations where you may attach more items to the backpack or keep your shotgun or bow.

This backpack is strong and light because it has an internal tubular aluminum frame. The oversize compression straps keep what you want in the backpack safe. We think this backpack might be too strong for a day’s hunt, but it is a great quality backpack from good company.


  • Storage options until the end of time
  • Meat transport compartment
  • Scabbard attachment points for rifles and bows


  • It could be too involved for a one-day pack.


The Exo MTN Gear K3 Frame is an excellent frame-only pack if you want something lightweight and adjustable. It is made with a titanium frame and 500-denier Cordura fabric. The zippers and buckles are also very tough. This pack is also built to be flexible, so you can move around quickly while hunting.

This backpack’s back and shoulder straps were designed for maximum airflow to keep you cool on your trek. The padding also makes it more comfortable. Adjustable compression straps and hip belt straps prevent slipping when carrying heavy loads. This backpack is similar to the F1 Mainframe but a bit more expensive.


  • Weighs 3lbs
  • Compatible with your movements on unlevel ground.
  • No-slip hip belt
  • Ventilated shoulder and back straps
  • Asymmetrical compression straps


  • Pricey

Features to Look for in Hunting Backpacks

There are many different hunting backpacks available on the market. However, they are not all the same. Before purchasing a backpack, consider what you require the most from it. Your ideal hunting trip might involve traveling through rough mountains.

Do you need a lot of space, or do you want a low profile? Do you need tough fabric, or do you need to be quiet? Choose from the options below the precise qualities you’ll need most for your dream hunt.

Water Resistance

It probably won’t surprise you, but no one wants to put on their extra clothes or shelter if they’re going to get wet. If you’re looking for a backpack for a few days, the conditions probably won’t be perfect. Look for backpacks that have water-resistant or waterproof materials listed as features.

Weapon Holders

You can save energy and focus while hunting by packing your firearm or bow on your back. Some packs have detachable “butt boots” to make it easier for you to walk. Others have a strap-to-the-side sheath to hold your weapon. Look for a pack that is good for you and that fits your weapon of choice. If you use firearms, search for a backpack with a gun holder; Look for a pack with a holder compatible with a compound bow if you use a bow.


If you’re packing out an elk from the Colorado high country, you’ll need a big backpack. A 90L+ backpack should do the trick. If you’re going pheasant hunting in Wyoming, a 30L pack should be enough for snacks and an extra layer. REI has a beautiful post on the subject if you need additional assistance determining whether the size is sufficient.


Different backpacks are designed for various purposes. Some are smaller and meant for day trips, while others are larger for week-long trips. You must establish the journey you will go on and then find an appropriate backpack.

“Mute” zipper and material

The best hunters are the ones who make the least noise. It is because they don’t want to scare away their prey. You can be a good hunter by looking for minimal noise equipment. It includes zippers that don’t make much sound, clothing made from soft materials, and frames on your equipment that won’t create rattling noises.


What are your plans for the backpack? What is the total amount of time you have spent hunting for a backpack? Do you require a holster for your rifle, bow, hunting knife, or pistol? Will a meat shelf be required? Is it watertight? You should ask yourself these things when shopping for a backpack.

Fit and adjustability

The fit and adaptability of the backpack are essential for a successful hunting expedition. You need to make sure the backpack fits your body well. You should try it on with a full pack and see how it feels on your shoulders, hips, and along your torso. If there are any problems, adjust the backpack until you are happy with how it fits. If your pack doesn’t have a lot of adjustabilities, consider getting a new pack.


What do you need to pack for your hunt? Will it be able to store all of your gear? Will there be space for water, food, and first aid kits? Can you easily reach your rifle if you need it while walking around? What kind of hunt are you going on – plains or woods? These details may appear insignificant, yet they can significantly impact your hunt’s success.


When selecting a backpack, there are two weight factors to consider, the weight of the pack when it is empty and the weight of the pack when it is full. You want to find a pack that is light enough not to cause any problems with your shoulders or back when it is full. However, do not sacrifice comfort for shaving off a few extra ounces. It is very important.


High-quality materials, like reinforced stitching and sturdy frames, will ensure that your hunting pack lasts for many years.

Internal/external frame pack

Internal frames are more comfortable and famous, but external frames can carry more weight. It is ideal for big game hunters who need to take a lot of equipment with them. When unsure which frame is better for you, consider the size of the wildlife you intend to hunt and the terrain. An internal frame would be better if the game is accessible by ATV. An external frame might be preferable if you want to hike up and over a few ridges.

Best Hunting Backpacks

Almost every hunter takes a pack when they go out hunting. This is because you need a lot of gear when you’re hunting and must carry it with you. The type of hunting you do will determine the type of pack you need.

Designs for packs have changed a lot in the past few decades. Hunters now have packs that are lighter and more comfortable to wear. They are made with stronger materials. The design of these packs can be changed to fit different hunting situations. For example, if you need to carry a lot of meat, the pack can be expanded to include that need.

Even though there is not one perfect hunting backpack for all situations, we have made some recommendations for packs that fit a few common types of hunting.

Kuiu Icon Pro 1850

The Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 Hunting Backpack is said to be very versatile. It has a horseshoe-zip main compartment, four internal pockets, four external pockets, and two side pockets. The pack has four removable accessory straps, compression straps for even load distribution, and a zippered hydration port.

The water-resistant backpack can hold up to 150lbs of gear. If you want a backpack that can carry a lot of weight, this is the one for you. It’s also essential to have a good suspension system to help with the weight. You can get that with the Kuiu Carbon Fiber Frame and Icon Pro Suspension.

Kuiu Taku 9000

The Kuiu Taku 9000 hunting backpack is built to be very tough. It is made from 420D nylon double ripstop fabric coated with TPU. This will protect your gear no matter where you go. The backpack has a capacity of 9,000 cubic inches, and it is designed to help you organize your gear, including optics and compact accessories.

The Taku 9000 backpack is designed to help reduce the strain on your back when you carry gear. The backpack has rounded edges and removable, reversible shoulder straps. It also has ergonomic foam padded handles. This makes it a lightweight option that is easy to travel by car, plane, or boat.

Slumberjack Carbine 2500 Highlander

This rifle is perfect for minimalist overnight deer and small game hunts. The Kryptek SJK Carbine 2500 has a compression system that can be used to secure your gear or as a trophy carry system. It also has three small pockets on the front for quick access to your essentials and two large side pockets for bipods and optics.

This pack can hold a lot of things and has a lot of features. It has a built-in rifle rest to help you stay steady while shooting and a tough suspension system to help you carry heavier loads. This will be helpful for your next hunting trip.

Tenzing TZ 2220

This backpack is excellent for carrying hunting gear. You can put a bow or gun in the fold-out boot and webbing straps to hold extra gear. The backpack has a high-quality air mesh suspension system to keep you comfortable, plus Robic ripstop fabric for added strength. It also has an internal, fluted aluminum frame stay and a fold-out rain cover.

Badlands Clutch

The Badlands Clutch hunting backpack was designed to be the perfect carrying solution for any terrain. It incorporates a T-6 aviation aluminum frame, a removable hydration system, an integrated rain cover, and molded foam suspension for comfort and balance. It can haul a lot of equipment, including your bow or rifle, and it is easy to get to what you need. The backpack also comes with a detachable day pack and zippered back-panel access.

Kifaru 22 Mag

The 22 Mag backpack is perfect for carrying heavy loads and can handle rugged terrain.500D DWR-coated Cordura fabric organizes ammo, optics, medical supplies, and other accessories. Two horizontal compression straps and bottom straps stabilize the load. It contains an internal water bladder with two hose connections to keep you hydrated.

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X

On a distant wilderness expedition, the ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X will let you carry all of your gear and meat. The main pack detaches from the frame, so you can use the structure to haul meat or attach a game quarter. It is made from lightweight but tough ballistic nylon and Robic nylon.

This backpack also has heavy-duty zippers, a fleece-lined pocket for your spotting scope, side pockets, and a gun drop-down pocket. The top pocket on the backpack can be turned into a fanny pack to keep your gear close by.

Eberlestock G4M Operator

The Eberlestock G4M Operator Backpack is perfect for extended use in the backcountry. It is made from 1000D Cordura nylon, which makes it very strong and durable. The backpack also has internal and external PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing, which allows you to attach various MOLLE attachments.

This backpack has a weatherproof storage compartment that can be turned into a fanny pack. It also has a rain cover to protect your gear from the rain. If you are still unsure, this backpack has a lifetime warranty.

Mystery Ranch Marshall

The Mystery Ranch Marshall backpack is perfect for stalking. It has a lot of features that make it easy to use. The frame is reliable and will help you carry heavy loads without problems. The pack is also made with solid materials like 500D Cordura and TPU-coated nylon. You can store gear in the bottom Speedzip section and the full-length side zip. This will help you stay focused while you’re looking for shots.

Sitka Mountain Hauler 6200

The Sitka Mountain Hauler is a backpack for people who like to go hunting in the mountains. It can carry a lot of weight–up to 5,000 cubic inches. That’s enough to hold an elk quarter. The frame is made from solid aluminum, so it can have a lot of weight without being too heavy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mountain Hunting Backpack

Why Do Hunters Use Game Bags?

If you are butchering, it is a good idea to have a game bag ready. It will keep the dirt and bugs off and make it easier to hang the meat to cool down. If you are hunting in the early season, it is important to use durable and breathable meat bags not to spoil the meat.

Is It Legal to Hunt Deer in the UK?

You need to follow the restrictions on when you can shoot deer. Specific times and types of firearms and ammunition are allowed for deer hunting. You need a hunting license to be able to shoot deer during the closed season.

What Is a Battery Backpack?

A battery pack is a collection of identical batteries. It can be helpful when you need to use them for a device or machine. You can put the battery pack together in different ways to create different voltages, capacities, or power densities depending on what you need.

How Is Cold Too Cold Backpacking?

It is unsafe to hike in cold weather unless you have experience hiking in cold weather. Hiking in cold weather requires specialized knowledge of wilderness survival, including how to stay warm and avoid hypothermia and frostbite.

How Big of a Hunting Pack Do I Need?

To figure out the size of bag you need, estimate 1,000 cubic inches per day. If you are going on a three to five-day trip, you will need a bag with around 3,000 to 5,000 cubic inches.

How Heavy Should a Hunting Pack Be?

Begin with about 40 pounds. Actual hunting and camping gear is the ideal choice for this weight; an otherwise empty bag with a 40 lb dumbbell will not sit the same as a full pack, giving you a false fit.