What are the Best Night Vision Scopes?

1) Firefield NVRS 3x42 Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope

The Firefield NVRS 3x42 Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope comes ready to use with a lightweight, durable titanium body that clips easily onto your rifle. The scope is IPX4 water-resistant and has a quick detach weaver mount so you can take the scope into the wet outdoors and put it on your gun or take it off quickly.

The scope comes with a built-in high powered IR illuminator, which you can incrementally adjust to get the right degree of brightness. The design on the scope is ergonomic, and you can quickly power it up whenever you need it.

The scope features a forty-two-millimeter lens that allows you to capture more light and produce three times the magnification so your shot will be accurate and precise. The NVRS three by forty-two feature gives you a clear, bright picture of your target for a medium to long-range target. While not in use, the protective cover closes to keep your lens from scratches.

When you flip up the cover, you see the multi-coated optics and the sight adjustments for brightness so you can adapt the scope within seconds to your location. Quick adaption to your environment helps you sight your target quickly and accurately within seconds.


  • The scope is IPX4 water-resistant so that you can hunt in all weather without damage.
  • The body of the scope is lightweight and durable titanium.
  • Your new sight will come with a forty-two-millimeter lens.


  • The scope can be difficult to mount to some rifles.
  • The battery compartment can become hot while in use.

2) Sightmark Photon XT 6.5x50L Digital Night Vision Riflescope

The Sightmark Photon XT 6.5x50L Digital Night Vision Riflescope is a digital riflescope and daylight sight scope. You have the option of selecting between six different views. The scope comes with a built-in IR illuminator to help you view long ranges in the darkest of nights. The scope uses 4.6/6.5 optical magnification so you can see every detail.

The scope has twilight and nighttime sight capabilities that use CMOS array to enhance low-light visuals. The scope works well in the daylight hours to so it is easy to switch settings as your light changes. The lens cap holds a light filter, which improves the picture you see through your scope.

The built-in technology allows the scope to have a long operating time of up to five hours. An extended power supply is also available for emergencies. The technology also provides you with easy brightness adjustment, video output, and resistance to light exposure when you are setting your scope to get just the right view.


  • You have up to five hours of operation time and an extended power supply.
  • You can easily adjust the amount of light exposure to fine-tune your sight.
  • You have a built-in IR illuminator to help you view everything in the dark as well as the light.


  • The sight turns off once you take a shot.
  • The scope could have a better night vision.

3) Yukon Digital Sightline N455 Night Vision Riflescopes

The Yukon Digital Sightline N455 Night Vision Riflescope comes with a high definition sensor of 1280 x 720 that you can increase in sensitivity. The sensitivity can increase up to sixteen times to capture every night detail it can.

The settings for sensitivity include three different levels of settings including, regular, medium-range, and night observation. The zoom zeroing can reduce the distance between you and your target by a range of three hundred fifty meters. The distance adjustments are easy to adjust with the one-button control feature.

The scope comes with scalable ballistic sighting marks to give you high-precision accuracy every time you aim using the "Frame in frame" mode. You can adjust the mode for the degree of clarity you require for every shot. The scope includes a wide-angle eyepiece, so you see everything you sight.


  • You can increase the sensitivity of the lens up to sixteen times.
  • The scope has a zoom zeroing feature to produce a high level of detail.
  • You have three different levels of settings, including night observation.


  • The scope is very sensitive, so you need to be extremely careful with it.
  • The Yukon Scope is not cost-effective.

4) Armasight Nemesis6x-SD Gen 2+ Night Vision Rifle Scope w/6x Magnification

The Armasight Nemesis6x-SD Gen 2+ Night Vision Rifle Scope w/6x Magnification reduces the distance between you and your target. The rifle scope produces a high-quality visual image through the intensifier tube that you can adjust with the push of a button for windage and elevation. You can also change the level of brightness in the reticle so you can see up to the degree of crosshairs for the perfect shot.

The Nemesis comes fitted with a Picatinny/Weaver mount that makes your shot not only accurate but gives you the option of mounting in three different places with the mounting accessories. The scope has long-range IR illumination so you can see everything the night has to offer.

You can adjust the magnification of the lens six times with 6.5 degrees of FOV magnification. The light controls have ABC (Auto Bright Controls) to illuminate the center red cross reticle for simple, easy adjustments. The scope is water-resistant and comes with battery indicator lights and a CR123A battery requirement.


  • The scope comes with light levels you can adjust using ABC controls.
  • The scope has a resolution of up to fifty-one millimeters.
  • You can magnify the scope up to six times with 6.5 degrees FOV.


  • The scope is not lightweight at
  • The scope is not cost-effective.

5) ATN Gen CGT Night Arrow 2-CGT Night Vision Weapon Sight

The ATN Gen CGT Night Arrow 2-CGT Night Vision Weapon Sight comes with two times the magnification and automatic brightness control for every time you aim. The scope is perfect for sport shooting or varmint hunting as it comes with a "red on green" reticle system so you can see crosshair illumination.

The automatic brightness feature allows you to see a high level of detail through the protective tube. You can adjust that brightness using a single knob for perfect illumination. A built-in infrared illuminator ensures you will see everything in great detail over one hundred yards away.

The scope is lightweight and durable with a rugged, nitrogen-sealed scope that water and fog-resistant. An objective lens, an eyepiece, and a power supply come with the phototube scope to help you adjust your sight and shot for the right light and angle. The resolution of the scope goes up to fifty-four millimeters with a field of view of seventeen degrees.

The battery lets you know when it is running low and requires charging. It will turn on after up to thirty hours of use for one of the longest-lasting battery systems on the market.


  • You can automatically adjust the brightness using the single-button control feature.
  • The scope has a resolution of fifty-four millimeters.
  • The scope is water and fog-resistant.


  • The scope does not fit on all kinds of rifles perfectly.
  • The scope is not light.

6) ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

The ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope uses Smart High Definition Optics Technology so you can aim your gun day and night with perfect vision. The scope comes with extra features for a full, unique hunting experience, including the Recoil Activated Video (RAV) feature that will record every shot you take so your friends and family can see the exact moment in action.

The zero range vision gives you day and night clarity in full color up to one hundred yards with the high-range optics so you can adjust your field of view at one thousand yards to at least two hundred forty feet. You can calculate each shot using the ballistics calculator so you can quickly determine the range and angle of every shot.

The Smart Range Finder feature helps you located your target with only two clicks. Once you have your distances, the point of impact adjusts automatically to up to twenty percent magnification using the Smooth Zoom feature. The built-in 3D Gyroscope and E-Compass help you keep your bearings and follow your target at the same time.


  • A built-in ballistics calculator helps you determine everything about the shot you will take.
  • The scope has a Smart Range Finder feature, so you don't need to do much to keep your target.
  • The scope comes with Recoil Activated Video (RAV), so you can record every trip you take.


  • The scope batteries die quickly.
  • The recoil of the rifle adjusts the scope.

What should You Look for in a Night Vision Scope?


When you start looking at scopes, the clarity of the picture you see is essential. The clarity rating is in or LP/MM degrees, meaning Lines Per Millimeter. The higher the LP/MM rating, the more definition you will see every time you aim your new scope. The higher the number, the better the optics of the scope is.

Optics and night vision determine how clear your view is and how consistently you see it that way. A very high-end night scope will have a sixty or seventy LP/MM rating. When you look at the rating, you also have to consider the level of distortion created by the manufacturing materials. Distortion is not a problem when you have a target at close or medium range though it becomes a factor when your target is small or far off.


Determining the range of your target is more difficult at night, even with night vision. You might see your target moving, but be unable to determine what it is. You need to consider the full night vision range when you purchase your scope, so you know you can recognize what you are shooting at making an accurate shot. The quality of the optics in your scope will help you determine whether or not you can see your target and know what it is.

Weight and Design

The scope you purchase needs to be light enough that it does not affect the way your barrel feels. A heavy scope on a lightweight rifle will be too heavy to carry for long distances and be more likely to see damage by accidental knocks or dropping it. A scope does need to have some weight to ensure you have purchased a higher-quality product that will hold together over time.

The design of your scope needs to fit your file. Not all scopes with latch smoothly onto the barrel, so you need to double-check the design of your rifle against the design of your scope. A scope that blocks the operation of other features of your rile needs avoiding as it will reduce the effectiveness of both scope and rifle.


When looking at the quality of the scope you need to know how you might damage it. A high-quality scope will be made of sturdy thick plastics and metal to ensure it will operate as it should. The moving components, whether they are twist lenses or buttons, must be solidly in the scope they won't come off while you hunt.

The same durability needs to extend the quality of your lens to resist scratches and wear to the mounting brackets, so they stay tight and keep holding your rifle without slipping as they and the scope age. The higher the quality of the materials, the better they will hold as you hunt.


Generational systems indicate what generation of night vision is available on your scope. The higher the number for generation, the newer the model is. There are currently four generations of night vision scope available for the general public to purchase. From generations zero to four, you get higher levels of quality and range. Generation zero is not on the market anymore, as it weighs about as much as the rifle itself.

Generations 1

The first mass-produced generation of night vision rifle scopes required ambient light in large amounts to function correctly. If you're using them at night, that meant hunting with moon and starlight for the scope to be beneficial. They were very limited in when you could use them and where because of the light requirements.

The optics for the first generation of scopes are not high-quality, and the IR illumination needs to be very high. The higher the IR illumination, the better they work. They are still available on the market and are an excellent place to start if it is your first rifle scope as they usually do not exceed eight hundred dollars.

Generation 2

The second generation of scopes is a significant jump in clarity and quality. They produce a broader viewing range and are a lot smaller than the first generation of scopes. They have a very clear IR illuminator that allows for you to be able to distinguish minute animal characteristics at a moderate range.

Second generation scopes are the best for price and clarity of sight. They are low-light sensitive so you can use them with limited moon and starlight and provide a very superior range. Their optics will give you at least seventy LP/MM for depth and perception.

Generation 3

The third generation of scopes uses a modified film barrier to provide a long-life to the optics. Gallium is a chemical that the photocathode has a coating that helps give a clearer picture of what you are targeting. You also have a higher resolution and a reduction in the signal to noise ratio.

The step between generations two and three is not a large one. The main difference is the degree of noise and the ability to read small text using the scope. They require less light to be fully effective, and the picture is still amazingly bright. With built-in IR illumination, your night vision quality is near the top, and you have a much longer range.

Generation 4

The most up-to-date night vision offers near perfection in picture quality but is extremely expensive. The jump in clarity from generation three to four is almost twenty percent greater. The optics that comes in the scope is nearly silent and requires very little light to be fully operational. The scope uses an ion film barrier for added quality and depth, but if removed shortens the life of the scope.

Digital Night Vision

Digital night vision takes light from your environment to turn it into a picture using a signal. The image displays on a screen that currently looks like the quality of up to a second-generation scope. They usually have a long battery life, are smaller, and are lower in weight than a regular scope.

Final Thoughts

The best scope for your needs is the one that fits your file, matches your hunting style, and will last you for many years. There are many different scopes you can select that will give you what you need without breaking your budget. The best scope for most hunters is the Armasight Nemesis6x-SD Gen 2+ Night Vision Rifle Scope w/6x Magnification.

The Armasight Nemesis6x-SD Gen 2+ Night Vision Rifle Scope w/6x Magnification is a powerful scope that is easy to adjust and comes with high-quality weatherproofing that prevents fog and moisture inside the scope. The scope is easy to mount and has auto-brightness control, so you will always see your target.

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