Shotgun Gauge: Everything You Need to Know

What is a shotgun gauge? Many people have this question but aren’t sure how to answer it. A shotgun gauge is simply the diameter of the barrel of the shotgun. It is measured in inches, and various gauges are available on the market. This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about shotgun gauges!

What You Need to Know About Shotgun Gauge

The most common sizes for shotguns used for upland hunting and clay shooting are 12, 16, 20, 28, and .410. The 12 gauge shotgun is versatile and practical for hunting most North American upland games and participating in sporting clays, traps, and shooting skeet.

Gauge is the weight of a solid ball of lead that might fit perfectly in the bore of a shotgun. The weight is measured in fractions of pounds. For example, the sphere of lead that perfectly fills the bore of a 12 gauge shotgun weighs 1/12th of a pound. In turn, 12 of these lead balls add up to one pound in weight. The lead ball that fits perfectly in a 20 gauge bore weighs 1/20th of a pound.

This measuring system is true all the way down to .410. That number actually means that the diameter of the bullet is .41 inches. Gauge measurements stemmed from cannons when they fired a ball that weighed 8 pounds.

There are different degrees of effectiveness when it comes to gauges for hunting. To understand how well it will work, you need to consider the other specifics, like its length and shot size. A 12 gauge gun can be lighter in your hand and less punishing than a 28 gauge gun. It can also be better for hunting small and thin-skinned birds. That said, a 12 gauge shell will have more pellets than a 28 gauge shell of the same length and shot size. You should check your shotgun choke tube and pattern them based on the type of shooting you are after.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shotgun Gauge

What Is a 12 Gauge Shotgun Used for?

The 12 gauge shotgun is a popular choice for hunters of all types. It can be used for hunting small games like rabbits, big games, as well as shooting turkeys, waterfowls, and upland games - you just need to pair it with the best choke tube for turkey hunting. It is also a popular choice for military and law enforcement use for home defense.

What Gauge Shotgun Should I Get?

Most hunters looking for a versatile shotgun will choose a 12 gauge or a 20 gauge. A 12 gauge is heavier but can shoot more types of ammunition. A 20 gauge is lighter, but you can only shoot limited types of ammunition.

Which Is the Bigger 12 or 20 Gauge Shotgun?

The smaller the number of shotshells, the larger the bore of your shotgun. A 20 gauge will take 20 balls to equal one pound of shot. But 12 is bigger than 20 because the individual pieces are bigger in 12 than 20.

Is a Shotgun More Powerful Than a Rifle?

Shotguns are the best way to deliver energy to a soft target. They can do this by using a standard load of 12 gauge defensive buckshot. This ammo has close to 1,500 ft/lbs of energy. In some cases, this is more than what you would get with a 5.56 rifle with around 1,300 ft/lbs of energy.

What Type of Shotgun Does Police Use?

The 12 gauge shotgun is the most practical shotgun for police use. It is available in different styles, such as the slide-action. The article also lists and describes other shotguns, such as models made by Remington Arms, O.F. Mossberg and Sons, and Smith and Wesson.

What Is the Difference Between a 12 Gauge and 16 Gauge Shotgun?

The 16-gauge shell generally has a lighter recoil than the 12-gauge shell. This means that it is easier on your shoulder when you are shooting many times in a day. This is beneficial for activities like target shooting, duck hunting, and other sports where you need to shoot many times.

Is a 16 Gauge or 20 Gauge More Powerful?

Although the diameter of a 16 gauge shell is bigger than a 20 gauge shell, they both hold the same shot. The Kent Fast Lead 20 gauge shells travel faster than the 16 gauge shells.