Quick Picks:  The Best Hunting Sleeping Bags

10 Best Hunting Sleeping Bags

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1. NEMO Disco 15

The NEMO Disco 15 is the best overall sleeping bag for people who sleep on their sides. It has extra room in the elbow and knee areas to ensure you are comfortable. This sleeping bag is efficient, compact, and clever, so it will be easy for you to use when camping.

This 650-fill hydrophobic down bag can keep campers warm well into shoulder seasons. The Thermo Gill zippers help vent body heat when it gets too clammy. The bag can even be connected to a Women’s Disco 15 bag with a zipper to make a super cocoon.

The NEMO Disco 15 is an ideal bag for hunters, campers, and backpackers. People all over the internet love it because it has everything you need to catch a good night’s sleep.


  • It has extra room in elbow and knee areas for side sleepers. Vents allow for precise temperature control and can zip together with Women’s Disco 15. The internal zip pocket is handy.


  • 650-fill power isn’t super lofty

2. Mountain Hardware Bishop Pass

If you go hunting in the winter, be sure to bring a good sleeping bag. The Mountain Hardware Bishop Pass is perfect for cold weather. It keeps you warm even when it’s below freezing outside.

This bag is not as roomy as the Disco 15, but it has a more efficient design that will keep you warm. The insulation is spread so you won’t get hot or cold spots. It’s very cozy and comfortable.

The Mountain Hardware Bishop Pass 0-degree bag is an excellent option for hunts in cold weather. If your old winter bag isn’t keeping you warm enough, this is a perfect option to consider. It will work well in the extreme temperatures you will likely encounter during the late season.


  • It has extra room in elbow and knee areas for side sleepers. Vents allow for precise temperature control and can zip together with Women’s Disco 15. The internal zip pocket is handy.


  • 650-fill power isn’t super lofty

3. NEMO Riff 30

The NEMO Riff 30 is very similar to our top overall choice for mid-seasons, the Disco 15. It will work well in early elk and deer hunting seasons and warmer climates. It has higher 800-fill power and an integrated pocket to store your down jacket.

The Disco 15 and Riff 30 are suitable for side-sleepers who feel constricted in traditional mummy-style bags. The Disco packs up very small, has down that is treated with DWR to keep it from getting wet and has Thermo Gills to let heat out when you get too hot.

The Riff 30 backpack is an excellent choice for outdoor activities like hunting. It is comfortable and has many features that make it a good choice for lightweight packs.


  • Side sleepers will appreciate the extra space in the elbow and knee areas. The vents and 800 fill-power pillow pockets are smart and valuable.


  • None that I can think of

4. RAB Expedition 1000

Some hunters like to put themselves through very tough conditions when trying to hunt elk, deer, moose, and other animals. If you’re one of those hunters, you might consider the RAB Expedition 1000 -20-degree down bag to keep you warm as you sleep.

Suppose you are hunting in cold places like Canada, Alaska, Northern Minnesota, or other areas where temperatures can go below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. In that case, you will need a bag to keep you warm. The RAB Expedition 1000 is a good choice because it has 850-fill-down insulation, keeping you warm. It’s not a fancy bag, but it is durable and perfect for extreme winter.


  • Incredibly warm, high fill-power, very efficient design, highly lightweight, compared to its temperature rating, it is very light.


  • here is too much heat for anything other than winter.

5. Katabatic Gear Sawatch 15

The Sawatch 15 is a lightweight and compact quilt that would be useful for elk hunters who cover a lot of ground. This quilt is essential because it helps keep me warm while saving weight, which is very important when backpacking.


  • Very small and light, it uses hydrophobic down with a lot of fill power, and it’s easy to adjust the clips to get the right temperature.


  • The lack of a mummy hood could be an issue for some, pricey.

6. Enlightened Equipment Revelation 0

The Enlightened Equipment Revelation quilt is similar to the Sawatch 15. Still, it is available in a 0-degree version for cold-weather hunting trips. It is one of the lightest and most compact bags on the market.

The Revelation is a very customizable bag. You can choose between 850 and 950 down fill power, four different lengths and widths, and four different colors. The Revelation is also available in 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50-degree versions if you’re looking for a mid or early-season bag.

These ultralight sleeping bags are comfortable. You can adjust the foot box to make it fit you better. If it’s warm outside, you can open it up and use it as a blanket. It’s a good choice for hunters because they can relax at camp.

This backpack is perfect for late-season backcountry hunters who need to keep their pack weight down in those cold winter hunts. It’s very efficient and versatile.


  • Very lightweight and compact, extremely customizable, adjustable foot box is handy, can be used as a flat blanket.


  • The lack of a mummy hood could be an issue for some, pricey.

7. The North Face Cat’s Meow

Elk and deer hunting sleeping bags do not have to be pricey. We wanted to recommend some good, affordable options for the 2023 market. Our first option is The North Face Cat’s Meow, a 20-degree synthetic bag popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

This mummy bag is a great deal. It has a full-length zipper, efficient Heatseeker Pro insulation, and a durable nylon ripstop shell. It is not as light or roomy as some of the more expensive bags on this list. However, for the price, it remains a viable alternative.


  • Affordable, very durable fabric, comfortable, well-reviewed


  • Not as efficient or lightweight as a down sleeping bag,

8. Marmot Trestles

If you want to save money on a cold-weather sleeping bag, the Marmot Trestles 0-degree bag is a great option. It’s about one-third the price of the Bishop Pass sleeping bag we recommended earlier; even in cold temperatures, it will keep you warm.

The synthetic insulation in this bag means that it is not as lightweight or compact as the Bishop Pass. However, suppose you don’t care about counting ounces and measuring the cubic inches in your backpack. It could be a viable solution for you. It has good reviews and is one of the most comfortable budget sleeping bags today.

The Marmot Trestles is a good choice for cold-weather hunters who camp close to their trucks. They won’t have to carry their camping gear very far. Hunters who hike in might want something more compact and lightweight, as this will take up space in their pack.


  • The storage pocket is inexpensive, warm, comfortable, and well-reviewed.


  • Although not as light or compact as down sleeping bags, some customers complain that it is too tight around the legs and feet.

9. OneTigris

This OneTigris bag is a good choice if you need a lightweight and compact bag that can keep you warm down to 32 degrees. It uses 90% down filling, making it a better choice than other less expensive bags.

Another appealing feature of this bag is its smooth camo ripstop nylon outer shell. It will come in handy when trying to air out the bag without being seen at camp. People say this is a good sleeping bag for hunting.

Some people like the jacket, while others say it is not as warm as they thought or made from cheap materials. Keep this in mind before purchasing, and be prepared to return it if you have any reservations.


  • For the price, it is pretty inexpensive, lightweight, and compact. Down stuffing, camo shell


  • On Amazon, there are mixed ratings, and the 10% cotton stuffing raises concerns.

Guide Gear

It is not a very futuristic material, but it is comfortable and can keep you warm all day. It is made to serve multiple purposes. Many people would instead not leave their warm sleeping bags at dawn to wait for deer in a cold tree stand.

This camo suit is excellent gear because it can keep you warm at camp and when you’re hunting. It’s not a fascinating item to wear, but it’ll keep you comfy and focused on your goal.


  • Affordable, functional, and built specifically for hunters, the camo pattern is valuable and water-resistant.


  • Bulky and heavy for a 30-degree bag, it’s not exactly a female magnet.

What Temperature Rating Do You Need?

Temperature ratings can be confusing. Let’s figure out what they mean. A sleeping bag’s temperature rating is the temperature at which people will feel comfortable in the bag. Companies have their bags tested and rated by independent labs to ensure consistency across the industry.

Everyone feels different in a sleeping bag. Some people feel warm and toasty, while others don’t. People’s bodies also self-regulate heat differently, so what one person finds comfortable might not be comfortable for someone else.

Some people feel warm when they sleep in a bag that is 30 degrees, but others feel cold. My opinion is that if you want to stay warm in your sleeping bag. When it is only 20 degrees outside, you should buy a bag rated 10-15 degrees lower than the coldest temperature you expect. For example, if the lowest temperature you desire at night is 10 degrees, you should buy a bag rated 0-10 degrees.

Suppose you want to stay warm while sleeping; aim for a bag rated for the lowest temperature you expect. A 30-degree bag will work well in weather 30 degrees or warmer, but remember that wind and humidity can affect how warm you are.

Factors To Consider When Buying Sleeping Bags

Choosing the appropriate sleeping bag for an elk or deer hunt is challenging. There are many factors to consider.


Your hunting sleeping bag needs to be made from good materials so it will not rip or tear. The fabric, insulation, and stitching must all be high quality. That is why we have included bags made from top-quality materials.

Down vs. Synthetic Filling

When choosing a bag, it is important to understand the differences between down and synthetic filling. Down is better for cold weather, while synthetic is better for wet weather. Knowing these things will help you choose the right bag for you.

Down filling is typically more lightweight and expensive than synthetic filling. Down has a higher weight to warmth ratio. Still, it loses its insulation properties faster than synthetic ones once it becomes wet. The warmest and most high-end bags are usually made with down filling.

Synthetic filling is typically heavier and less expensive than down filling. It does not have the same warmth-to-weight ratio as down, but it will keep you warm better than down if it gets wet. We recommend synthetic bags when camping in wet and humid conditions.

Fill Power

It means that the sleeping bag will be able to trap more warm air, and you will not need as much insulation to keep warm.

Sleeping bags with a high fill power don’t need as much to keep you warm and weigh less. It is essential for hunters who hike into their camps because they have to carry everything on their backs. If you are a car camper, fill power doesn’t matter as much. However, synthetic sleeping bags are not rated according to supply power.


If you are a hunter who hikes deep into the wilderness to find a good campsite, you know that the weight of your pack is essential. That’s why we chose sleeping bags that are light enough for you to carry. But if you are camping a short distance from your truck, the weight of your sleeping bag won’t matter as much.


Most sleeping bags that tear easily or let insulation escape through their outer fabric won’t help you much. That’s why we’ve recommended sleeping bags from trusted brands that will withstand the harsh hunting conditions, season after season.


Hunting can be expensive, especially if you want the best equipment. It includes your spotting scope, GPS device, and boots. However, sleeping bags don’t have to be expensive.

Best Sleeping Bag for Hunting

If we use sleeping bags, It’s most likely because we’re on an adventure. This adventure will be challenging and take a lot out of us. We should be able to fall asleep easily under the stars with the sound of water in the distance and cold air blowing through our tent.

Most people had experienced a time when their backpack or bag was too hot, cold, heavy, or tight. It can be annoying and make it hard to sleep or do anything else. It isn’t perfect when you need to get out of your bag quickly.

You don’t have to spend much money on a sleeping bag. If you study sleeping bag varieties and climate, you can choose the right one. You can save money and find the right bag. Sleeping outdoors can be very refreshing if you have the right equipment.

Before you buy a backpack, know how much weight you can carry. Know your height and whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or back. Once you have that information, keep reading.

1. Kelty Galactic 30 Sleeping Bag

The Galactic bag is a comfortable and luxurious option for car camping trips. It is rectangular, so you can switch from side sleeping to stomach to back without feeling confined. The lining feels good against your skin. The baffling V-shaped design keeps the down from sinking the sides. Plus, the down fill means it packs up small that it doesn’t take up room in our vehicle with our gear. It’s light enough for casual backpacking trips when warm weather is expected.

The sleeping bag is rated for 30 degrees, but it’s best used in the summer when the temperature is unlikely to go below 50 degrees. You can also use a sleeping bag liner to keep you warm at night.


  • Great for side sleepers
  • Comfortable
  • It can be zip-locked with another bag.


  • Not as warming as comparable bags with a 30-degree rating.

2. Kifaru Slick bag

Kifaru’s Slickbag is created in Colorado. It is one of the most excellent hunting bags available. It uses Climashield Apex insulation which helps reduce or eliminate cold spots. The insulation is also resilient and compresses well for a synthetic bag. The “RhinoSkin” shell is exceptionally lightweight and durable, and the bag features a wide-foot box for those who get claustrophobic in a typical mummy bag.

It is a perfect bag for hunting in the backcountry. It is very reliable and can be packed up quickly. Even if it gets wet, it will still keep you warm. You can also wear your clothes inside the bag to dry them out.


  • Synthetic insulation stays warm when wet
  • Wicks moisture from your clothes and body
  • Center zip is easy to access
  • A passive baffle system eliminates cold spots


  • Heavier and less compressible than down bags

3. REI Co-op Magma Sleeping Bag

REI Co-op Magma is easy to use. It’s compact and light—very reliable zippers. The “mummy” design outside this sleeping bag is my favorite feature. It means it is tight around my body and keeps me warm all night. I took the 30-degree version of the sleeping bag backpacking for the first time, which was perfect for the cold weather!

This sleeping bag is not cheap but less expensive than other high-quality sleeping bags. It is perfect for summer trips.


  • For how warm it is, it is light and packable.
  • Foot box that is comfortable, spacious, and insulated


  • Expect to get chilled if you’re backpacking below the tested comfort temperature—best somewhat above temperature grade if you’re a cold sleeper like me.

4. Morrison Outdoors Big Mo 20° Down Kids Sleeping Bag

The Big Mo sleeping bag was created to help keep your mini adventurer safe while they sleep in rugged outdoor environments. They won’t be able to get their head stuck inside the bag thanks to the drawstring closure, and there aren’t any drawstrings for them to get tangled up in either. Even if they throw themselves over your legs at the bottom of the tent, the two-way zipper will remain in place for the night. The closed sleeves give kids enough mobility to shift into a comfortable position while they sleep, but not enough to get into trouble with the other gear in your tent.

After testing the bag on multiple nights on Mount Rainier, we are confident that it will keep you warm in temperatures as low as 20 degrees. The bag uses the same fill power as most adult backpacking bags, so it is lightweight and takes up little space in your pack.


  • Condenses to a compact size
  • It holds its position even in active children who “aren’t weary.”
  • reversible zipper to facilitate diaper changes in the middle of the night


  • The prohibitively expensive cost after only one or two years of use (there is an optional trade-in program)
  • Closed sleeves imply older children require help taking a drink of water
  • It can be too hot for midday naps

5. Wiggy’s Antarctic

Wiggy’s is a company that makes good sleeping bags. They are also known for their “colorful” customer service. People in Alaska like their bags a lot because they are hot. The Antarctic bag is the warmest one they have, and it can keep you warm at temperatures of up to 60 degrees below zero.

There is a warning that the weight rating of this bag, which is claimed to be 6.5 pounds, may not be entirely accurate. Because of its weight and average loft of ten inches, this bag is unsuitable for hiking. If you are camping in a warmer area, this might not be the best bag for you, but if you are camping in a colder area, this is a great bag to have.

6. REI Co-op Trailbreak 20 Sleeping Bag

The Trailbreak is an excellent option for people looking for an affordable way to stay warm while camping. This sleeping bag is made with water-resistant polyester fill and has a traditional mummy-bag design. The hood and drawstring closure help keep the warmth in; at 20L, the stuff sack volume is on the larger side. Before buying this bag, consider how much space you currently have available in your hiking backpack.

This backpack is unsuitable for people with a lot of experience backpacking. But it suits people new to the outdoors and who want to save money.


  • Warm in freezing weather
  • High-quality insulation and construction
  • Affordable compared to high-end down bags


  • This bag is enormous and heavy.

7. Coleman All-Weather Multi-Layer Sleeping Bag

This bag features three mix-and-match layers—first, a fleece blanket. The inner bag is next. Third, a blue outer bag. Depending on the temperature, you can utilize one, two, or all three available layers. If it is warm outside, you can lay down on the bag and drape the fleece blanket over your shoulders to keep warm. If cold outside, you must dress in three layers of clothing simultaneously to stay warm.

Coleman claims that this sleeping bag system may be utilized in temperatures as low as 0 degrees but advises that it not be brought camping. It will be chilly for you. The only other drawbacks of this bag are its size and the amount of weight it has. It is about equivalent to ten Big Agnes V Notch sleeping bags, even though it is significantly heavier. Because of the importance of the bag, it comes with a carrying case roughly the same size as a sizable soft-sided cooler.


  • Spacious as well as cozy
  • When it becomes cold, put on more clothes, and when it gets hot, take some of them off.t


  • Super heavy
  • Not waterproof
  • Not for severe outdoor cramping

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleeping Bag Hunting

How Many Liters Is a Hunting Backpack?

The ideal backpack for hunting is between 30 and 45 liters. This size is big enough to carry a lot of gear but not so big that it becomes difficult to move through rough terrain. A backpack with multiple pockets and pouches is often better than a backpack with one large compartment.

What Type of Sleeping Pad Is Best?

The best type of foam pad to use is a closed-cell foam pad. A lot of people who hike long distances choose a “short” or “3/4 length” foam pad so they can save weight. If you’re camping in the cold, you’ll want an insulated air pad with a high R-value.

Are Backpacking Sleeping Bags Smaller?

There are three main differences between backpacking bags and camping bags:

  1. Backpacking bags are lighter in weight.

  2. They take up less space when packed.

  3. They provide more warmth for the weight.

Is It Worth Getting a Sleeping Bag Liner?

A sleeping bag liner is a great way to stay warm. It also helps to protect your sleeping bag from getting dirty. You can buy liners made of different materials, like cotton or fleece.

What Is the Warmest Sleeping Bag?

The Snowy Owl sleeping bag is the warmest sleeping bag on the planet. It was designed for use in polar expeditions. The 900+ fill down in the head and shoulder regions keeps you warm and comfortable.

Is a 30-Degree Sleeping Bag Too Hot for Summer?

Knowing the temperature ratings and what they mean can be an excellent first step in picking the right gear for your trip. A sleeping bag rated at 30 degrees will usually be comfortable in the summer. On average, only the hottest climates on the hottest days would be too hot for a 30-degree bag.