Best Upland Hunting Pants – Top Brush and Briar Pant

You probably have heard this discussion previously: Chaps or upland hunting pants? At the point when you're out in the brush of the wild stalking winged creatures or perhaps on an all-around oversaw game homestead, you're going to need something that works.

Strolling around in similar pants you are wearing to an organization conference won't generally make out in the field and the best upland hunting pants are unquestionably an extraordinary purchase if you are not kidding about this game.

The best upland pants for hunting don't need to be excessively costly on the off chance that you comprehend what to search for. The four pairs recorded underneath accompany an astounding value/execution proportion and our quick surveys let you understand what's in store from them.

The rigging you pick can - a ton of times-represent the moment of truth on your outing. Regardless of whether you're managing issues of solace or usefulness matters, you need something that works for you in all cases. At the point when you are out in the wild and not on some extravagant green, you need to be confident you can depend on your apparatus.

Upland pants are your best approach to remain dry and safe while out trekking through the wild and hunting on a crisp morning or evening. You'll need to look into on fits, on styles, and brands. Now and then even the sewing can be the contrast between a pair of upland hunting pants and another that bombs you.

Even though there are vast amounts of various alternatives out there, your hunting experience ultimately relies a great deal upon your inclinations. How you wear your pants, your size, what sort of textures you like best, etc.

In contrast to a modest pair of socks, there is not a one size fits all with regards to an outfit, and your upland pants are no particular case; however, certainly something you need to purchase consummately right the first run through. This isn't just about looking great (however they can unquestionably include that factor) yet about ensuring you're having the best, generally agreeable, and best hunting experience.

Best Upland Pants for Hunters Reviews

1.) Wrangler Men's ProGear Upland Jean

The one of a kind planned weaving on the front makes these upland chasing pants extremely crude. Structured and tried in the forested areas, in the thick bramble, and brier patches, in addition to the fact that they keep your legs safe, yet they do it more than once, and they look entirely great while doing it.

The upland hedge boards on the front are built with 1000D Cordura texture (a similar texture found in military apparatus and different dynamic wear), so it's intended to withstand a wide range of difficulties you could look out in the field. The mainstream YKK zippers are known to outlive nearly all that they get joined to, and the ample pockets offer far more space than you would discover in customary pants.

The since quite a while ago slice creases likewise assist with getting a degree of solace and they fit splendidly over each pair of chasing boots we tried them with. Since most of the texture, past the Cordura framing, is made out of Wrangler's mark denim jean, it wears like any some jeans, complete with comfort. This is a two-for-one if you need agreeable development and guaranteed insurance from the wild while you are out hunting, climbing, or working.


  • These pants have a high-quality material consisting of cotton
  • They can be washed in washing machines
  • There is a signature leg design on these pants with embroidery
  • There is proper closure with a snug button at the waist


  • You may need to order a size bigger than what you are used to wearing,
  • No belts that are wider than 1.5 inches since these pants have tight belt loops

2.) Browning Upland Pheasants Forever Chaps Pants

These are pants that might not have the everyday solace of the Wrangler jean, however positively accompany a brilliant broken in fit. With their structure for any sorts of open-air movement, they can fit almost any need.

The texture is sufficiently overwhelming to withstand the attack of thistles yet not all that substantial you feel yourself burdened with crafted by strolling in them. They additionally try to adjust the vibe of solidness and solace to hit that sweet spot of agreeable wear and reliable capacity. These are the one-size-fits-all pants (figuratively obviously).

They accompany deep front pockets, fold back pockets and an instrument pocket where you could fit in a bigger blade or comparable. The texture itself is somewhat more water safe than cotton yet if you need the best assurance against the wet, we prescribe utilizing a waterproofing splash every once in a while. This will seal the pores keeping water from getting in and making them by and large more stain safe.


  • These pants are made of quality materials based out of the US.
  • These pants have a high durability fabric
  • These pants are designed for many outdoor activities outside of hunting.


  • These pants may run a little small
  • The material of these pants may be slightly less promising than Wrangler's

3.) Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex Upland Field Pant

At the point when you are pursuing your objective in the wild, you need a gasp with quality materials to secure your legs. Furthermore, that is the thing that you are taking a gander at, a gasp that has spandex, cotton, and polyester presented in it. Presently, such a mix of materials recommends that it will extend for additional solace.

You will like the catch put on the abdomen. What's likewise cool is that you can wash the gasp utilizing a machine. Additionally, the stretch innovation will offer you adaptability during hunting. Additionally, the groin comes pleasantly gusseted. What's more, regarding water repellence, it will carry out the responsibility brilliantly.

Every one of these highlights makes it extraordinary compared to other upland fowl hunting pants. Presently, there are a few issues with the gasp. It won't ensure your legs when the territory includes such a large number of thistles.

Additionally, the midriff is by all accounts somewhat little, cutting in a bit. What's more, it would've been extraordinary if the abdomen extended a piece.


  • These pants have excellent material for moving through tall grasses
  • These pants also have a high water repellence with the ability to dry fast
  • They are fairly comfortable
  • These pants are also a great fit over boots since they are not too narrow nor too wide


  • The waist on these pants may be smaller than described
  • The waistband on these pants is not very elastic

4.) Gamehide Briar Proof Pants

To wrap things up, this is another pair of upland hunting pants with an astonishing value/execution proportion. The sewing and creases are intended to be as agreeable as could reasonably be expected and function admirably with overwhelming measures of development.

The fortified seat territory helps handle the issue of over the top growth and enables you to sit, any place you have to take a rest, without stressing a lot over your dress. A mix of 300D and 1000D nylon for the zones that face harder difficulties gives surely enough insurance against anything you could look in a hunting situation.

The nylon is amazingly sturdy up to that point that we attempted to cut it with a crate shaper and fizzled! Notwithstanding that GameHide utilized a waterproof covering to keep out thistles brushes as well as downpour and day off.

The sleeves and legs on this upland hunting pants are intended to be sufficiently long to cover your boots, giving added insurance to the lower leg region while trekking through the wild so that briars won't be an issue.

While they will keep you warm and dry, the huge draw here is how they oppose to tearing from briar catches and don't gather bunches up them on a stroll through the forested areas. They can take on any physical test the outside needs to toss at them and just for a genuinely decent value contrasted with enormous brands.


  • GameHide has been making upland hunting pants for a very long time
  • These pants are made for exceptional performance in any environmental condition
  • These pants have excellent crotch stitching that is reinforced
  • These pants are an excellent fit for all hunters
  • The nylon layer on the exterior of the pants gives the pants extra protection


  • These pants are a little long on the inseam
  • These pants do not have as high of durability as other pants on this list.

The Best Upland Hunter's Pants Buyer's Guide

There are a couple of things I need to cause you to notice, so you don't turn out badly with the purchasing choice. How about we talk about them to sum things up.


The main thing you need to look at is the degree of security the gasp can offer. Presently, not every person needs the gasp to be impervious to thistles. For, various territories accompany various difficulties. However, if the landscape where you are going to chase accompanies thistles all over, the gasp should be reliable.


Once in a while, you have to chase throughout the day. What's more, those are the occasions when a gasp with an inappropriate fit gives the client trouble. You should ensure that you have the fit right. And afterwards, check if the gasp will extend when you need it to.

We've run over pants that have stretch or flex innovation. These could be incredible for adaptability.

Water Repellence

The gasp should accompany legitimate materials that will fend the dampness off. You can envision how completely awkward it will be on the off chance that you need to chase with wet pants on. Presently, polyester and nylon are the materials you should search for in your pants if you need to be an upbeat purchaser.

FAQs about Upland Hunting Pants:

What to wear under hunting pants?

Wearing a bib, insulated pants, and long johns are typically preferred when wearing upland hunting pants.

Where to buy hunting pants?

You can buy hunting pants, specifically the ones on this list, via Amazon. You can also buy hunting pants in stores such as Dick's Sporting Goods and Field and Stream.

Can you wash hunting pants?

Most pairs of hunting pants can be washed in washing machines. Be sure to know the material of your pants though, since the material of the upland hunting pants can dictate the washing settings that you use.

Best Upland Hunting Pants

There is nothing more important to an upland hunter than the proper equipment. That includes clothing that protects you and fits your needs while hunting.

Our list of hunting pants can help keep you safe from briars while you're hunting. The pants will also help you stay comfortable and perform better than other hunting clothes.

What Makes Pants Great For Upland Hunting?

For upland hunting, there are a few things to keep in mind. Well-constructed pants will make you more comfortable while hunting and also offer features that help them work better than other types of pants, like denim.

When choosing pants for upland hunting, look for waterproof and wind-resistant fabric. Additionally, the fabric should have side vents to allow your skin to breathe. Choose pants with an extra layer of fabric over the knees, thighs, and back of the calves to protect your legs from thorns, briars, and other sharp objects.

The pants' cut and design are also important. Depending on this, the pants will either be tighter or looser in the appropriate places. Upland hunters need pants that don't impede movement and fit snugly over hunting boots.

Many pants styles also have extra features like D-rings or reinforced belt loops to attach leashes or other accessories. Other common features include zippered pockets, flaps, and larger openings that don't necessitate the removal of your gloves.

Best Upland Hunting Pants Reviews

1. Prois Pradlann Upland Pant

These pants are a great fit for most buyers. They are generously cut for people who wear boots when they hunt. The pants are also stretchy, and the adjustable waist allows buyers to get a good fit.

These pants fit a woman's body well and have many features that make them good for upland hunting.

The fabric on this jacket is designed to allow you to move easily, and the zippered vents will help keep you cool. The fabric is also very tough and can resist wear and tear.

These pants have wider belt loops that are perfect for clipping accessories. The contoured legs and adjustable waistband keep them in place. The pants are also machine washable and have additional zippered pockets on the back for secure storage.

The Prois Pradlann pants are designed to fit a woman's body well and are durable. They are also made to be resistant to abrasion and water. They're a great option for those looking for pants that are both comfortable and easy to move in. Additionally, the side vents ensure breathability, making them perfect for any climate.


  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable waistband
  • A feminine cut for optimal fit
  • Zippered vents for added airflow
  • Blended with spandex for extra stretch


  • Not waterproof
  • Not completely snag-proof

2. Orvis Men's Toughshell Waterproof Upland Pants

Tough shell Upland pants from Orvis have received positive reviews. People like that they are waterproof and that the fabric is quiet. The venting is also a big plus. They are also very durable, and the pockets are helpful.

Orvis's pants have all the features you need as an upland hunter, as well as great construction that ensures optimal comfort and performance. The fabric is whisper-quiet, and the seams, zippers, and other materials are truly waterproof even in more extreme conditions.

These pants have very useful features. The side vents help with the temperature. The zippers on the ankles make it simple to put on and take off the boots. The gusseted crotch allows for more freedom of movement. The double snap helps keep the waist in place. And the fit of these pants is roomy, so you can layer clothing over them.

Orvis has high-quality materials that will keep you dry and warm. The pants are waterproof and windproof. They also fit well and have side vents for comfort. The zippered pockets keep your belongings safe.


  • Waterproof
  • Extra roomy fit
  • Zippered pockets
  • Windproof yet breathable
  • Strategically reinforced legs


  • Difficult to hem
  • Could use two pockets on the back

3. Sitka Timberline

To start, your pants should be comfortable. Thanks to the four-way stretch in Sitka's fabric, your pants will move with you when you do. But this material is also strong enough to resist tearing. Sitka designed the knees (and seat) with double-reinforced polyester and removable knee pads to help you push through bushes, cactus, and anything else that tries to grab you.

These pants have been created to withstand harsh weather in the middle or late parts of the year. They have Gore-Tex, which means they will repel water and keep you warm and dry when it is cold outside.

The Timberline is available in four different camouflage patterns to help it blend in with the environment where you hunt. If you are wondering about fit, they are mostly true-to-size but order a size up if you need to layer with long johns.

Because of their many features and ability to keep you warm, Timberlines are some of the best hunting apparel available.


  • Comfortable
  • durable, waterproof, and windproof, yet soft and pliable


  • Sizing can be off

4. KUIU Kutana Gale Force

KUIU made these pants with seriously high-tech water and windproof system. The new waterproof material keeps cold winter wind out while maximizing breathability. This means you won't get that steamed feeling on your legs that's common with less breathable gear.

But don't worry, they'll keep you warm thanks to their advanced breathability. Insulation from KUIU's 3DeFX+ is included in the Kutanas, so you won't have to worry if the weather turns nasty.

There are a lot of satisfied customers who have purchased KUIU pants. Some say they're the coziest pants they've ever owned. Sitka's Timberline pants might be a good option if you're looking for a versatile pair of pants.

KUIU's high-end hunting clothing is ideal if you're looking for the warmest pants to get you through the cold.


  • Extremely warm
  • very breathable
  • high-tech
  • exceptionally well made


  • Expensive

5. Nomad Stretch-Lite

These pants from Nomad are less insulated than the Sitka or KUIU pants above. They are designed for hot weather and early-season hunts.

These pants are perfect for early-season hunting. They are lightweight, so you won't get too hot, and they also dry quickly if you get wet. The material is strong enough to resist sticks, tree limbs, and thorns.

The Stretch-Lites are designed to help you stay undetected while hunting. The scent-suppression material helps keep you from smelling bad, so you can move around undetected.

The pants have been treated with an antimicrobial agent to stop bacteria from making bad smells. The pants also have a moisture management system that takes sweat and water away from your skin.

These pants are breathable and affordable. Six different camo patterns are available, so you'll have no problem finding a pair that matches your current gear.


  • Inexpensive
  • very comfortable
  • soft
  • come in many designs


  • Light for anything other than early season

6. SHE Outdoor Insulated Waterproof

Many hunting apparel companies make clothing for men. But it's a shame because not all people who hunt are men.

Hunters will be happy to know that SHE, a women-specific brand, created pants specifically for women. These pants are insulated and waterproof, and they also have ThermoLite Insulation to help keep hunters warm when temperatures drop.

These pants are designed with thoughtful features, like zippers on the knees so you can take boots on and off easily and hook and loop ankle closures to keep heat in a while, blocking out mud. We also love the magnetic back pockets, which keep your belongings secure while you're bouncing around in the backcountry.

A few women complained that these pants were too heavy to wear while stalking wild game, but most reviewers found them comfortable and easy to move in.

The SHE Outdoor Insulated Waterproof pants are a good choice for women who want to stay warm, dry, and comfortable while hunting.


  • Women's knee-high zippered waterproof, windproof, and warm clothing.


  • Not the best for extreme cold
  • a bit bulky

7. Filson Shelter Cloth Brush

You need lightweight and breathable pants for upland hunting. The pants should let you move easily when chasing birds in thick brush. Filson makes good pants for this called Shelter Cloth Brush Pants.

These pants are made of medium-weight, water-repellent fabric and materials. You shouldn't have a problem walking through dense cover in these pants. Protected from wear and tear by Filson Shelter Cloth Fabric, the most important component is located in high-wear areas of the pant.

Filson calls this material Shelter Cloth because it is very similar to the tent fabric used by the US military in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. The military used this fabric because it was water-resistant and very durable. Filson chose to use this same fabric in their pants.

The overlay sections of the fabric have been treated with paraffin waxes and oils to make it water-resistant. This treatment also makes the fabric stronger, resisting thorns and other sharp objects. However, it is still flexible enough that you don't need to break it in.

These pants are a good option for hunting in solid colors. They are also a good choice for gloves when looking for something dependable.


  • Very durable
  • water-resistant
  • no break-in time


  • Sizing a bit off

8. Drake Guardian Elite

Let's move from the dry area to the wet and swampy area where ducks and other waterfowl live. You will need the Drake Guardian Elite High-Back Hunt Pant to hunt in these conditions.

This pair of pants is 100% waterproof and built to keep you warm. The seams are taped, and the zippers are Fowl-Proof, meaning they will keep water from getting in. You can explore ponds and marshes without having to worry about getting wet.

Some people might be worried that the Guardian Elite's waterproofing will make it difficult to breathe. But Drake made sure that you would stay warm and sweat-free.

These pants are built to last. The knees and butt have been reinforced in high-wear areas. They're also lined with Sherpa fleece, which will keep you warm when the weather gets cold.

The suspenders also come off easily, making them more versatile for different hunting conditions.

Drake's Guardian Elites will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable when the outside world tries to make you cold, wet, and miserable.


  • It's waterproof and warm, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • None we can find

9. Under Armour Stealth Reaper

If you are looking for lightweight hunting pants for bowhunting, Under Armour's Stealth Reaper Early Season pants are a good option.

The Stealth Reaper is designed for bowhunters to quietly stalk big game. This is done by using materials that don't make much noise with every step. The Stealth Reaper is also very durable.

For example, Under Armour uses a lightweight and breathable fabric called UA Storm Tech in various products, like their early and mid-season hunting gloves. This fabric repels water while still breathable, so your legs don't get sweaty and uncomfortable.

The UA Sealth Reaper pants also have a knife pocket on the right side, as well as hand pockets to warm your hands up. There are also zip cargo pockets and back pockets for your wallet or other belongings. The Sealth Reapers are available in two different camo patterns, so you can match them with your gloves, jackets, and other UA gear.

Overall, hunters who wear these pants are very happy with them. They work well in warmer climates, and the material is long-lasting. If you are looking for a less expensive option, Mossy Oak has you covered.


  • Excellent quality, soft, comfortable, and well-suited design


  • Not much

10. Sitka Traverse

Elk, deer, and big game can travel huge distances. For an elk herd, 500 square miles is a small area. So, you'll need a pair of hunting pants that are both light and durable if you want to keep up with them.

The Traverse pants are made of stretchy, quiet, and breathable fabric. They use a four-way stretch material that allows you to move easily when you're in the wilderness.

But it's not just the stretchy fabric that we love. Sitka also made the pockets of mesh increase airflow during warmer hunts. Plus, they double reinforced the knife anchor points and used the best zipper on the market: YKK.

These pants are of the performance variety. They fit snugly, and this eliminates any areas where heat can escape. Sitka's most popular camouflage patterns are also available, allowing you to match your existing gear.

What do the reviewers think? Most hunters say that the pants are very durable and comfortable. They also like that the material is stretchy and breathable.

The Sitka Traverse is a great option if you need a good pair of pants for early-season hunting in warm weather.


  • Very quiet
  • durable
  • extremely comfortable


  • Collect burrs

11. Cabela's Wooltimate

Cabela's has a jacket that will keep you warm and dry. The jacket uses two materials: Berber fleece and wool. Additionally, the jacket has a wind-resistant inner liner to stop wind in its tracks.

Hunting pants are important because they keep you warm and help you hide from your prey. The Wooltimates have Cabela's outstanding Outfitter Series camo to help you stay hidden in various environments.

To get into and out of your boots, side zippers make it easier to do so without taking your pants off.

People who have reviewed these pants say that they are warm. That can be a good thing, but it might make you bulky if you layer them. People also say that the inner liner can be noisy if you need to be quiet, like hunting.

These wool hunting pants are some of the best ones out there, but they might not be perfect for everyone. They might be great for you, but if they don't fit your needs, then you should find a different pair.


  • Very warm
  • comfortable
  • excellent camo


  • It might be loud for some during bow hunts.

12. Carhartt Rugged Flex Rigby

They are best known for their workwear, Carhartt. When the opportunity arises, the Rugged Flex Rigby pants are ideal for both work and a trip to the woods for some hunting.

It is possible to wear these pants every day. They have different patterns and a bit of stretch, making them comfortable to wear no matter which way you go.

Some features of this pair are a right-leg cell phone pocket and reinforced belt loops. This way, you will always have your phone ready, and your belt loops will not tear easily.

The Rugged Flex Rigbys are perfect for hunting in dry weather, working, and doing everyday activities where you need to be comfortable.


  • Flexible and durable are capable of doing double duty.


  • Non-waterproof but also non-specifically designed.

High-Quality Upland Pants Offer Several Advantages

There are many benefits of using specific upland hunting pants. If you invest in a good-quality garment, your pants will last for several years. A good-quality pair of pants is more likely to be waterproof and windproof, rugged and durable, and able to withstand frequent use.

If you want to buy a good pair of upland hunting pants, be prepared to spend more money. Higher quality pants usually have features like fully taped seams and zippers, reinforced belt loops, and fancier stitching like a gusseted crotch and reinforced seat.

Many buyers say that higher-quality pants fit better and have more room in strategic areas so you can move more easily. The sizing is also more accurate, which means the pants will fit you better.

Conclusion: Upland Hunting Pants - Which is Best?

The upland hunting pants that we've looked into accompany extensive security against thistles. Be that as it may, you should hold your desire in line, when the territory includes such a large number of briars and burrs.

The entirety of the upland pants above would function admirably for any number of employments. Recollect that no two outdoorsmen are indistinguishable and what will work best for you as far as upland hunting pants may fluctuate.

Regardless of in case you're searching for a couple that is particularly agreeable or pants that are eager to forfeit some solace for a decent, defensive execution, you have the best choices to look over above. Considering the value, the entirety of the is essentially a deal, and you can't generally turn out badly with any of those models. Picked one the one that seems like it meets your requirements and gets out there and have a ton of fun hunting!

A portion of these will oppose water superior to other people. What's more, some will be more breathable than the rest. Presently, I would advise you to look into Browning Upland Pheasants Forever Chaps Pants, for a large portion of the clients has enjoyed its highlights.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Upland Hunting Pants

What Kind of Pants Do You Wear for Pheasant Hunting?

Make sure you wear synthetic pants. This is because most people get cold. After all, they get wet. Traditional cotton, canvas, or waxed cotton pants will get wet and won't dry out. This means that you will stay cold all day long.

What Are Upland Pants?

Upland pants are a good way to stay dry and safe while you're out in the wilderness or hunting. You'll want to find a pair of pants that fit you well and that comes in different styles and brands.

Can You Hunt Pheasant Without a Dog?

Yes, you can hunt pheasants without a dog. You can also hunt other types of upland birds without a dog. Having a dog will make the hunt easier and more successful, but it is still possible to go hunting without one.

What Do You Wear for Pheasant Hunting in the Winter?

If you're shooting in thick cover, it's a good idea to wear a long sleeve shirt to avoid getting scratches on your arms. You can also wear chaps or brush pants to make it easier for you to move through dense vegetation.

What Is Considered Upland?

Generally speaking, the upland game includes the birds that people hunt, such as pheasant, grouse, and quail. In fact, if someone asks you what type of upland hunter you are, their first response will be to ask which bird you pursue. Birds are the most common type of upland species.